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Long, great game

by rumartinez89 20th February 2023, 21:12 PM
  • [00:00:12] adanosky: suerte gente
  • [00:00:17] ibn: have fun
  • [00:00:30] rumartinez89: thanks
  • [00:31:25] T.R. Keku: wow i like to use spotting scopes im suich a good playeu
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20 Feb 2023, 21:12 PM
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Went with AssGuards, worked out well enough. Lots of momentum swings, despite fairly even game they had us down to around 170 points at about 20mins. From there we stabalized and grinded our way back. Both teams ended up under 20 points by the end of the match

Low Lights:
Lost AssG to my own flames, pitiful.
Got shot at and triggered own mine.
Sniper play was OK, could have been better but did it job by the time I lost it.
Almost threw the game with a really bad push, lost 4 T34 for no gain.

Great Ele play by OST, had soviet Ally raging about spotting scopes (KV2 commander is a bad matchup)
Katy had decent kills but quite a bit of squad wipes
Both teams did good job of rotating and catching each other off guard.

After rewatch, it seems what got us the W was loss of vet on axis squads. They weren't replaced in timely manner so blob vs blob engagments heavily favored allies.

Was a great game give it a watch if you got time.
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