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OKW vs Def Tactics down to 18 points

by rumartinez89 30th July 2021, 21:51 PM
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30 Jul 2021, 21:51 PM
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Started trying to use defense tactics for another MG option with T1 build. Went with standard penal/clown car/Penal x2. Early engagements went my way along with enemy making early Rak which gave me AI advantage. Usual decap and bleed. He decided to build a Flak track which I was able to destroy with PTRS clown/at satchel. At this point I knew I was ahead gas wise so I rushed Katy, which I barraged his Schwerzer with but couldn't destroy it before it finished being built. At this point, I keep trying to barrage his schwerzer to try and destroy it before it builds a tank. Even built a mortar and rushed my T34 in which I finally destroyed it but he got his P4 out. Now he has built up a sizeable point lead but I felt pretty comfortable that if I got his tank I could turn it around.
I slowly attacked him, poked here and there until I finally got his tank out of position for a tank rush and AT overwatch. Got the kill, but I am under 100 point so he build more infantry and Raks, which I use my katy to slowly bleed him until he finally gives up.
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