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Battle for Berlin

As we all know, the last days of the war were the bloodiest... The Russians closed in with Berlin in their sights. All that stond in their way was the battered remnants of the Wehrmacht. These men, however, would not go down without a fight. Now not for the Reich, but for their own lives.

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In this 2v2 event, you will see 16 teams (32 players) fight. There is no rank requirement; this tournament is open to all players!

The only restriction is: only join if you have the time to play all your games!

Sign-ups will open on the 9th of May and close on the 16th of May. From that point onwards, you will have one week until the 23rd of May to play your first set of games.


  • 2v2
  • 500 VP
  • BO3
  • All bulletins are banned
  • Only Soviets & Wehrmacht are allowed | No Commander bans
  • Fixed starting positions (Allies 1 and 2, Axis 3 and 4.)
  • Mirror matches are banned!
  • Observer mode: 3 min delay, no password

Map Vetoes and Faction Selection

Before picking the factions, the players will veto maps from the map pool. The top team in the bracket vetoes first and then the bottom team does the same. The first two games will be on the remaining map in the pool after the vetos. If there is a third game, the veto process is repeated.

After vetoing maps, the top bracket team will choose their faction first. Next game, the factions will be switched around. For the third, whoever has the Victory Point lead, from the two previous games, chooses first.

Map Pool

The order of the maps here is also how the maps will be seeded in the battleplanner.
  • Elst Outskirts
  • Vaux Farmlands
  • Rails and Metal
  • Crossing in the Woods
  • Alliance of Defiance

Other Details

  • Being late to your games may result in disqualifications or other sanctions. The decision rests, as always, with the referees.
  • As a team, you must show respect for your opponents and the referees. Bad behaviour may be punished.
  • The seeding is done by the organisers and it is final.
  • Match fixing - including not playing to full potential against clanmates - is disallowed and will result in a disqualification.
  • Please restart CoH2 before any tournament games and close external programmes before playing, to avoid crashes.
  • If somebody disconnects within the first 7 minutes, the game will be played again.
  • If there is any sign of cheating during the games, contact the referees.

Uploading Replays

The winners of a match must upload all games and link them into this thread. You run the risk of being banned from future events if you fail to upload the games! Do not forget.

Please upload the replays with this format:
BfB/ Round(R1, R2, etch.) / Game Number(G1, G2, or G3) / Your Name - Opponent's Name)

Here is an example of how you should post your replays in the thread:

Use the Insert Replay function in the reply editor to link your replays: that is the button to the right of the Twitch icon.

Time Table

The sign ups for the qualification round close at 24:00 BST, the 16th of May. A seeding will be made within 1 day and the brackets for the tournament will be released at the 17th of May.
The brackets will be made on Challonge. Big updates (such as the brackets) will be announced in this portal article.

  • 17th of May - 23rd of May (24:00 bst): Round 1
  • 25th of May - 30th of May (24:00 bst): Round 2
  • 2nd/3rd of June (time to be set): Semi-Finals
  • 9th/10 of June (time to be set): Finals

To convert time zones, have a look at this site.

Sign Up

If you want to sign up for the 2v2 tournament, you need to include the following information when you sign up on COH2.ORG:
  • Team captain name
  • Team captain's Steam ID
  • Teammate name
  • Teammate's Steam ID
  • Substitute teammate (optional)
  • Substitute teammate's Steam ID 3 (optional)
  • Playercards of all players

You also need to sign up on Challonge.

We strongly advise you to have a substitute player signed up, in case one of the players cannot play for a week.

Every team, no matter what rank you are, can sign up!

The first 16 teams to sign up will be playing in the tournament.

Click here to sign up on COH2.ORG! And here to sign up on Challonge!


The current prize pool is one 30 pounds Steam voucher for the winning team!

You can help to raise the prize pool for this tournament by donating via this link. 100% of the donations will be used for the prize pool of this tournament.


I, Legio_ix_Hispana, will be casting most of the games on my youtube channel! The semi-finals and finals will be casted live on twitch by FaHu with Stormless as Co-Caster! Updates on that will follow later in this thread, also keep an eye on the ticker of COH2.ORG!


If there is anything which is unclear during the tournament, speak with the organizers. They will look at the problem and make a decision. Be aware that their decision is final!

If you have any other questions, you can always PM Legio_ix_Hispana.
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