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CoH will Never Die Tournament II

After our first Company of Heroes 1 tournament we are now back with more experience and resources!
Welcome to CoH will never die Tournament II!


Participants will be chosen by their current Wehrmacht and US rank (Wehr + US, the smaller the sum, better the rank) on 20-02-2017, while legends will have their place reserved if they apply. So make sure you get the best rank you can!

You will have up to 2 days to arrange the matches. On the 3rd day, players have to play at 12:00 UTC, if they have not played within the 2 days prior. Day 4 will be a break day and there will be time to arrange the new matches. If you have not played your match in the first 2 days or arranged to play your match on the 3rd day at 12:00 UTC notify the referees in the Steam group. If your opponent does not show up and you have posted in the Steam group at 12:00 UTC, you will be advanced to the next round. This means every round takes 4 days in total.

Game 1:
The order of vetoes will be decided with a coin toss. The winner of the coin toss will choose the first map that he wants to veto. Then the loser vetoes. This process is repeated once more. Then the winner of the coin toss will choose the map for game 1 and 2 between the 2 remaining maps. The winner of the coin toss can choose if he want to play USA first, or Wehrmacht. If the winner of the coin toss chooses to play USA in the first game, he will play as Wehrmacht in the second game. Players will play on random locations.

Game 2:
Players will play on the same map as they played in Game 1. This time however the players will play on fixed locations. This means that if USA was on place 1 in Game 1, USA will go on place 1 in Game 2 as well. Same counts for Wehrmacht. Players will switch factions in Game 2, which means that the top player in the brackets will go Wehrmacht now, and the bottom player will go USA.

Game 3:
Game 3 will be played on Semois. The player who has the most VPs (only the VPs in the game the player won count!) will choose which faction he plays. Game 3 will again be played on random locations.

If you reach the finals, you will receive a PM from the Referees about how faction selection and map vetoing works.

The winner of every round has to send the replays to cohwillneverdie@yahoo.com. If you fail to do so, you risk the possibility of being banned for the next tournament!

Feel free to cast the replays live, or later.

All players are required to join join the Official Steam group.

If somebody accidentally disconnects within the first 2 minutes, the game will be replayed. Other situations will be decided by a Referee.


  • 1v1
  • 500 VP
  • Best Of 3
  • Finals are best of 5
  • Random locations for Game 1 & 3, fixed locations for Game 2
  • Standard Resources
  • 64 players (depends on check-ins and sign-ups)
  • Players can only play Wehrmacht and USA

Map Pool

  • Langres
  • Sturzdorf
  • Semois
  • Angoville
  • Ruins of Rouen
  • Flooded Plains

Time Table

  • 20th of February: brackets will be generated
  • February 20th - February 25th: deadline to join the Steam group
  • February 27th: round 1 begins
  • March 1st: round 1 ends
  • March 3rd: round 2 begins
  • March 5th: round 2 ends
  • March 7th: round 3 begins
  • March 9th: round 3 ends
  • March 11th: round 4 begins
  • March 13th: round 4 ends
  • March 15th: Semi-Finals begin
  • March 17th: Semi-Finals end
  • March 19th: Final and 3rd place match begin
  • March 21st: Final and 3d place match end

To convert timezones have a look over here!

Sign Up

Click here to sign up!

If you are not sure whether you have enough time to play, do not worry! You have 2 whole days to arrange your matches, with an optional third day!


The total prizepool currently is $525! However there is still time to donate! So do you want to donate? Click here or here! 100% of your donation will be used for the prizepool!

You need a valid Paypal account to extract the money from the prize pool. If you do not hold a PayPal account, then make sure to create one before entering this tournament!

The prize pool will be divided as following:
  • Winner gets 60%
  • Second gets 30%
  • Third gets 10%


The bracket generation on 20-02-2017 will be streamed live over here as well as some of the games of the tournament!

Fanatic and A_E will also cast some games on their youtube channels!


A huge thank you for donating to the following people!
  • timsk951 - $60.00
  • 1aveator - $25.00
  • iShootMedics - $50.00, tournament site
  • R3CKONNER - promo video for the tournament
  • Ulf/Patrick - advertising, 2 teaser trailers, $9.63
  • Fanatic - advertisement, casting
  • A_E - casting
  • pionr - $26.77
  • xIFir3fox - $21.39
  • anonymous - $20.00
  • JoeTheMofo - $179.25
  • BkModius - $95.80
  • Solan - $4.15
  • prosentti - $47.8
  • cluttzasaurus - $10.00

Here are some interesting links about our team, and our history!

You can always PM Kaos if you have questions about the tournament. And be aware! The Refs' decisions are final!
See you on the battlefield!
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