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April's Fools: The April 6th Balance Patch

We have scheduled a patch to be released on the 6th of April.

New content/General Update

We will be adding 4 new EFA Commanders into the game that can be acquired via Warspoils and the in-game store.

Not One Step Back

  • No Retreat, No Surrender!
  • Commissar Squad
  • Manpower Blitz
  • Hold the Line!
  • Scorched Earth Policy

Overwhelming Armor

  • Repair Stations
  • Fire and Manoeuvrer
  • Green Soviet T34 Reserves
  • Red Banner Division
  • Allied War machine

Urban Assault Doctrine

  • Forward Supply Station
  • Urban Assault Panzergrenadiers
  • Incendiary Mortar Barrage
  • Munitions Blitz
  • Strategic Bombing

Urban Breakthrough Doctrine

  • Urban Assault Light Infantry
  • Defensive Tank Grenades
  • Breakthrough
  • Flammenwerfer 35
  • Command Tiger B 'Königstiger'

More about these commanders can be read soon during this week on a Know Your Commanders blog post.

New Intel Bulletins

  • Draw strength from me, intel bulletin for the Commissar added
  • There's more from where this came from, intel bulletin for the Green T34-76s added
  • We are the real aces, intel bulletin for the Elite T34-85s added
  • By fire be purged, intel bulletin for the Urban Assaul Panzergrenadier added
  • "The Dude" with stuff, intel bulletin for the Urban Assault Light Infantry added
  • Power overwhelming!, intel bulletin for the Command Tiger added

Community Map Spotlight Rotation

Rotating In:

  • (2) Verrieres Ridge
  • (4) Eindhoven Country
  • (4) Wolfs Lair
  • (4-6) The Scheldt
  • (6-8) Achelous River

Balance Changes

Oberkommando West

Our statistics showed that players always upgrade volksgrenadiers with panzerschrecks. To improve player satisfaction, we gave them the option to upgrade with a second panzerschreck after the Schwerer Panzer Headquarters is deployed.

  • Volksgrenadiers now have second weapon slot upgrade for additional panzerschreck after Schwerer Panzer Headquarters is deployed.

Infiltration Grenades
In order to be more consistent with earlier changes to volksgrenadiers, Infiltration grenades are now incendiary based.

  • Changed Infiltration grenade damage type to incendiary

With the recent overhaul of OKW, we found that the Jagdtiger was now underperforming. We want to encourage more players to use it.

  • Restored Jagdtiger ability to shoot through buildings

An error was found in Sturmpioneer damage values.

  • Sturmpioneers damage per bullet corrected from 5 to 7

Wehrmacht Forces

Due to survivability issues with 4-man squads all Wehrmacht bunkers now have a forward retreat point toggle.

  • Added retreat point upgrade to bunkers

222 Scout Car
Our recent trend of buffing the 222 has proved so effective that we want to continue this.

  • 222 now has additional 25% ROF and 30% line of sight

LeFH and Pak43 Emplacements
LeFH and Pak43 suffered from powerful ability counters due to their inability to move after firing. Half-tracks are now able to connect to these units and re-locate them for a small fuel cost.

  • 'Tow' ability added to half-tracks

British Forces

PIATs were not providing the required anti-vehicle role and were under-performing for their cost.

  • PIATs will now home in on their target
  • All squads can now switch between PIATs and normal weapons at any time

The Advanced Emplacement Regiment has proven so popular that we have decided to implement several of its abilities into the standard tech tree.

  • Emplacements near Forward HQ will now auto-repair
  • All emplacements can be fortified further

US Forces

Mechanized Company
Mechanized Company lacked the desired late-game strength. To fit better with its theme, we have replaced the 155mm Artillery Barrage with a group vehicle call-in. This call-in will produce up to 3 WC51 Doges, an ambulance, and a Sherman.

  • 155mm Artillery Barrage replaced with Armored Battalion ability

Major artillery was under-performing in several ways. We decided that it also overlapped with too many other artillery abilities.

  • Major artillery ability replaced with paratrooper call-in. Deploys specialized paratroopers exclusive to the Major with various infiltration abilities

Players were never building more than one ambulance. We have decided to make this unit more attractive as a result. It is now unlocked by the Major to compensate for these performance increases.

  • Ambulance speed increased 200%
  • Ambulance armor increased 60%
  • Suppresses infantry

Vehicle crew/decrew
To punish abusers of repair critical and popcap manipulation, there is now a risk of dropping models on crew members every time a vehicle is entered or exited.

  • 5% chance of model drop on enter and exit


We feel that the Soviet faction and play is very well-balanced and diverse at this point in time.


Due to player complaints about poor performance, we discovered that the game was defaulting to safe mode, which wasn't using the player's video card drivers. We have corrected this. Players can expect a 4x increase in performance or more. Note: This change may re-enable the explosive sound bug.

  • Launch_safemode_default="1" changed to "0"

For the full patch notes, head over to Relic's blog post.
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