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Streamers Cup Semis and Finals kick off Friday Feb.22


Streamers Cup - 1v1 Invitational Tournament

After a first round of blistering encounters, our eight combatants have become four. This weekend we'll see them meet in battle, in what's sure to be a ferocious series of engagements to decide the Champion. Who'll bite the dust, who'll fight the hardest, whose conviction will prevail?

The Story So Far:

Quarter Final One


pl3xy and Sandland duked it out over Langres in a grueling first round match as the iron fist of the PE met the hard steel of American armor in a one hour fourteen minute slug fest.

The following games saw pl3xy try to knock Sandland further off balance with his shock-tactic Brit play, but unfortunately for him, the clever Dane got the better of him.

Watch the games from pl3xy's perespective, or from Sandland's.

Replays: G1, hosted on mediafire as it's more than 1MB. G2, G3.

Quarter Final Two


Two titans of the game locked horns in an fast and furious display of CoH bravado. They both took a quick win of each other on Langres and set themselves up for a heated encounter on Semois.

The decider saw Tommy get the better of Symbiosis in the early game, knocking him into the ropes. Like Muhammed Ali of old, Symbiosis seems to relish the opportunity to soak up pressure, and then unleash it in a torrent of hellfire. This game was no exception!

Games from Tommy's perspective or from Symbiosis.

Replays: G1, G2, G3. - G3 casted by Imperial Dane.

Quarter Final Three


Unfortunately for Dane of Imperity, master of propaganda, Knights Cross holder with oak leaves, hero of The Reich, defender of The Fatherland, scourge of the Soviet rat - he got beaten rather heavily by Pepsi, who mercilessly looked past the Propaganda Minister's honours and smote him.

Games from Dane's perspective or from Pepsi's.

Quarter Final Four


Sepha tried to take Stephenn to Company of Heroes school in this encounter. The experienced veteran of a seven year campaign just had too much experience for the baby-faced Aussie to handle. That's not to disrespect Stephenn though, as he showed he had fighting courage and strength in abundance - but against the cold hard hand of battle tested veterancy, he couldn't get the edge over the wizened Brit.

Games from Stephenn's perspective or from Sepha's.


Semi-Finals and Final

The battle lines are drawn leaving us with our four remaining commanders, battle scared, war weary, but unbroken. The bracket stands with the competitors poised for battle.

  • The Semi-Finals will be a Best-of-Three with the first two games on Angoville and a possible decider on Semois.

  • The Final will be a punishing Best-of-Five series spanning Langres, Angoville and then Semois if needed.

Semi-Final One: Friday Night, February 22nd, 18:00GMT


The dastardly Dane vs. the devious Dutchman. This will be an intriguing and unpredictable strategical contest, between two of the game's greatest commanders. How will each player handle Angoville's unforgiving cut-offs and war uncompromising battlefield conditions - tune in to find out!

Semi-Final Two: Friday Night, February 22nd, 21:00GMT


A clash of battlefield personalities, two born and bred leaders of men, schooled in the tactics of war from a young age meet. Chivalry, honour and 'manner' will be thrown aside as both generals throw everything they have at each other. Will the Frenchman's fury be too much to handle or will the plucky Brit's barrage prove too strong?

The Final: Sunday Night, February 24th, 20:00GMT

What more can be said? The only thing left is war. Brutal uncompromising and fatal. There can only be two challengers and there will only be one victor - but what is to be sure, is that both Generals will have earned our respect.

See you in the stream chats!
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