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Championship Title Fight Weigh In

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls - the big fight is looming and it is time for the contenders to weigh in!

In the Red trunks, representing Portugal, the menace of the machine-gun, the Jeep juggler, the fantastic flanker, DevM! DevM is weighing in with a 4-2 record this season of Sunday Night Fights and a previous seasons record of 4-1. He has accumulated a record number of early round knock-outs and knows how to land the big punches!

His opponent in the white, blue and red of his native Slovenia, the Wehrmacht wizard, the saviour of Semois, the fiercesome Fir3ball! Fir3ball weighs in with a 3-2 record this season and a previous seasons record of 2-1. Reknowned for his steady succession of body shots and his rock-hard jaw, he never gets knocked to the canvas.

Lets go over to our man on the scene and see how these guys are feeling about the upcoming fight.

COH2.ORG : Aljaz - you lost last time you faced DevM in Sunday Night Fights, do you think you will be able to beat him this time?

Fir3ball : Since the defeat to DevM earlier in the season I've practised against him a lot. He has won most of these practice games but I remain confident that I can beat him in the series. Well, I hope I can beat him... actually I'm scared of thinking about being able to beat him!

COH2.ORG : So Fir3ball is scared of you DevM! Are you confident you'll be able to beat him? Or has the loss in the Gamereplays tournament knocked your confidence a little?

DevM : I'm still very confident. The loss to Sandland didn't dent my confidence at all and I'd say it was mostly down to not being well prepared for Langres, but I remain confident in my ability to beat Fir3ball.

COH2.ORG : Well then Aljaz has good reason to be scared, a confident DevM is a fearsome force. You both had rocky seasons but you've managed to get the wins when it really counted, do you think you deserve to be crowned as the number one player in Company of Heroes?

Fir3ball : I don't think anyone deserves to be called number one. There are at least five players who can beat each other at any given time.

DevM : I don't know if I'm deserving of being crowned number one. I think Aimstrong is a very strong player and I'm not sure which of us deserves the title more.

COH2.ORG : Do you think your opponent deserves to be crowned number one?

Fir3ball : As I said I really don't think anyone deserves to be put above the other top five or so at the moment, so no I don't think DevM deserves that title.

DevM : I think any of the final four could potentially have won and no one really deserves to be above the others.

COH2.ORG : In DevM's Semi-Final series the Wehrmacht won all five games. Some people were expecting a similar result in the second Semi-Final but Aljaz out played Symbiosis with U.S. and took the win. Do you think that you showed you're a better U.S. player and strategist than DevM and Aimstrong, Aljaz?

Fir3ball : I don't think my play was of better quality really. I think Symbiosis just didn't play as well as he could and I took advantage of that.

DevM : I definitely think Fir3ball played a lot better with U.S. than either me or Aimstrong.

COH2.ORG : DevM is best known for his aggressive, devestating early-game with U.S. and Fir3ball for his extended Wehrmacht Tier One play. Which do you think will come out on top in your series?

DevM : I think it depends a bit on the map but my U.S. play is good and I think I have a good chance of coming out on top if I don't make any mistakes. Early mistakes against Aljaz can cost you the game.

Fir3ball : DevM is the only player who has ever perfectly countered my extended Wehrmacht Tier One so I really don't know who will win.

COH2.ORG : DevM you say that one mistake against Fir3ball can cost the game; are you worried about losing the Sniper battle, especially given Aljaz's counter-sniping ability?

DevM : I am a bit worried. I hate Sniper battles so I'll try to be cautious and not make any unnecessary moves.

COH2.ORG : Aljaz - the terror of many players has been DevM's Jeep, are you concerned about it?

Fir3ball : I think his Jeep is really annoying at times but I think I will be able to deal with it.

COH2.ORG : Does that make you less likely to build a Jeep now you've heard that, DevM?

DevM : Well the Jeep doesn't really work that well against Aljaz's extended Tier One playstyle so I might replace it with a rifle and just skip the Jeep entirely.

COH2.ORG : You have both had long seasons and a lot of time to study the other player's playstyle and strategies. Do either of you have anything special planned to throw your opponent off his game?

DevM : If I had anything special to beat Fir3ball he'd have already seen it in our numerous practice games.

Fir3ball : Same!

COH2.ORG : Ok so which of you will man up and use an Opposing Fronts faction?


Fir3ball : If I'm ahead 2-0 in the series then I'll use British or Panzer Elite but otherwise I won't.

COH2.ORG : A brave promise! If you guys had to pick a single unit or ability that will decide the outcome of the series what would it be? Snipers? Mines? Howitzers?

DevM : Riflemen and how well they flank in the early-game.

Fir3ball : Minesweeper Engineers!

DevM : Haha!

COH2.ORG : Well now we know Fir3ball's key unit. Any final words for each other before the big fight?

DevM : I will put an end to any suggestion that Aljaz will win based on last season of Sunday Night Fights!

Fir3ball : I hope DevM's power outages don't give him any excuses for why he loses!

COH2.ORG : Haha. Good luck to both of you and I hope we see some epic games.
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