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SNF S04E11 Title Fight Devm vs. Fir3ball Jan.27

"Everyone has a plan 'til they get punched in the mouth."
— Mike Tyson

NVidia Corp., Relic Entertainment, THQ Inc. and COH2.ORG present...

Sunday Night Fights Season 4
The Championship Title Fight
DevM vs. Fir3ball Best-of-5

Games 1 and 2: Semois
Games 3 and 4: Langres
Game 5 (if necessary): Angoville

* maps selected by contenders in veto process 1 week prior to fight

Fightcard by SebHoggene * Click for fullsize

This is it, DevM vs. Fir3ball. It's been a long and hard tournament, but we are here at the final match, the Sunday Night Fights Season 4 Championship Title Fight. Both players have played through several qualifying bouts to get the chance to compete for the number one spot. Not only are these two gentlemen fighting for the SNF Belt, they are also fighting for the status of being the winner of what could be the last major Company of Heroes tournament. With everything on the line, both players will have to go big or go home!

Fir3ball is best known for his extended Wehrmacht Tier One play and the fact that he is extremely skilled with each of the four factions. Recently, we saw him fall in the first game against Symbiosis after having dominated for the vast majority of the early and mid-game. However, he came back with a fury, crushing his opponent, to achieve a 3-1 victory in the Semi-Finals. Fir3ball has had to fight tooth and nail, being knocked out in previous Quali Tourneys by Aimstrong and DevM. He now faces a rematch against DevM, but this time it's for all the marbles. Aljaz, as he is also known, has described DevM as the only player who can perfectly counter his extended Wehrmacht Tier One play. Could we see an OF faction as a result? Fir3ball will be aiming to show that he can break more than just a Wehrmacht win streak on SNF this Sunday.

DevM is a juggernaut, demolishing some of the best players in the game, as he barrels on through opponent after opponent. DevM brings fierce micro and energy to the game like no other, however, as we've seen during this season, his late-game decision making may prove his downfall. It isn't his lack of skill that could cost him a game but the single awkward mistake that can lead to a defeat, the kind of mistake Aljaz doesn't make. By virtue of having played the most matches, DevM has also won the most games; 21 to be precise. DevM has recently promised he will be put an end to anyone who claims Fir3ball will win based on the results of previous seasons of SNF. Even if he has to get through a sniper or two!

Both players have proven themselves this far and when it comes down to it, who really could consider either player better than the other? Both have had to fight hard to get where they are. They've expressed that their aim isn't to be number one outright, but to give one of the most entertaining series of match ups ever seen in Company of Heroes. They have faced off in six previous tournaments before, resulting in a tied record of three wins each. Now it's time to break the deadlock.

It's been four crazy SNF seasons of shoutcasting one of the most innovative Real Time Strategy games ever created. With the rise of Company of Heroes 2, SNF will be making the transition to the Ostfront. What better way to end an era than with a slug fest between these two titans of the game, DevM and Fireball.

Bracket image by AmiPolizeiFunk * click for fullsize

AmiPolizeiFunk and Yoink will be joined by 12azor this Sunday to cast the Grand Finalé of Sunday Night Fights for Company of Heroes. The infamous 12azor will be providing analysis and barbed comments to compliment the enthusiasm and manic ramblings of AmiPolizeiFunk, and Yoink will hopefully keep them both in line. The Sunday Night Fights crew is also very proud to announce a special guest interview with the Lead Designer of Company of Heroes 2, Quinn Duffy! Quinn is a keen military historian and has worked at Relic for over fifteen years. He worked on the original Company of Heroes and has said he is excited to be a part of SNF.

Quinn Duffy with a Thompson SMG.

So don't miss out on the chance to hear from COH2's Lead Designer, and be sure to bring a handkerchief with you if you're going to be sitting in the first few rows. Blood is gonna spill and a Champion will be crowned.

Stats desk says

  • Map played: 46 times (Most played map on SNF Season 04)
  • # of allied wins: 20 wins (43%)
  • # of axis wins: 26 wins (57%)
  • DevM's record - Games played: 10 / Games Won: 6 / Win ratio: 60%
  • Fir3ball's record - Games played: 8 / Games Won: 5 / Win ratio: 62.5%

  • Map played: 25 times
  • #Allied wins: 11 wins (44%)
  • #Axis wins: 14 wins (56%)
  • DevM's record - Games played: 1 / Games Won: 1 / Win ratio: 100%
  • Fir3ball's record - Games played: 2 / Games Won: 2 / Win ratio: 100%

  • Map played: 25 times
  • #Allied wins: 13 wins (52%)
  • #Axis wins: 12 wins (48%)
  • DevM's record - Games played: 6 / Games Won: 6 / Win ratio: 100%
  • Fir3ball's record - Games played: 2 / Games Won: 0 / Win ratio: 0%

Sunday Night Fights Season 4
The Championship Title Fight
DevM vs. Fir3ball Best-of-5

Sunday, January 27th, 2013, at 8pm GMT
SundayNightFights channel on Twitch.tv

Join AmiPolizeiFunk, Yoink, 12azor, Quinn Duffy and the rest of the SNF crew and send off Company of Heroes in style.
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