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With new updates to COH2 and tournaments and events popping up like mushrooms after a spring rain, our favorite RTS is in its most refined and most exciting phase yet. With so many changes afoot, COH2.ORG is set to expand once again. We are looking specifically to add new strategists and new referees, but if you are interested in contributing to the COH2 community in another way, please send a PM to a department head or administrator. Everyone from the hardest veteran to the greenest rookie knows that COH2.ORG is the premier source for information on everything related to Company of Heroes 2, and we want you to be a part of our team!

Apply as a Referee

The referee position isn't an easy one: it requires time, passion and the will to work behind the scenes to offer the best support possible to our community, ensuring all the events and the tourneys run smoothly. The referee's role is not just overseeing an event; they have also two important jobs: the responsibility of making decisions when an issue between players happens and having the final word on tournament matters during events. Referees should have the motivation and imagination to design and propose new types of events and tourneys. Referees collaborate with the Admins and the Section Leader to set up the best rules for the game.

Your tasks:
As Referee you will be constantly involved in the design of new events, looking at new formats and rules to use, as well as helping the team as supervisor of the tourneys organized. To become a referee on COH2.ORG you will have to be able to:

  • Set up an event. Writing up the rules and thinking of new formats is one of the most important tasks. We are always looking for innovation and we evaluate in a very serious way any detailed proposal of a new event.
  • Administrate the sign-ups and help in keeping the spreadsheets and the forum thread about sign-ups as clean as possible.
  • Answer questions from players in the Q&A thread that will be opened as soon as a tournament is announced.
  • Ensure the team keeps the schedule as well as possible to prevent brackets being delayed during a tournament.

You think you are the right person for this role? Please apply by sending a PM to AmiPolizeiFunk. In your application, please provide us with some information about you and the reasons you want to become a referee.

Apply as a Strategist

Company of Heroes 2 is a deep, complex game that can be daunting for novices and experienced players alike. The COH2.ORG strategists are constantly finding new ways to give players and teams the information they need to get the edge on their opponents. Our strategists have provided in-depth unit guides, videos on how to improve your micro, and much more. Strategists work together with other departments to produce material that brings new players up to speed and that pushes the COH2 metagame forward.

Your tasks:
As a Strategist at COH2.ORG you work under the supervision of the Lead Strategist to answer questions on the COH2.ORG forums and to produce a variety of guides, from Tips of the Week to information on units and systems to mutliplayer strategy guides and everything in between. To become a strategist you will have to be able to:

  • Work together with Writers and Artists to produce strategy guides.
  • Keep current guides relevant and up-to-date with fresh information.
  • Answer questions from players in the "Ask the Strategist!" section.

You think you are the right person for this role? Please apply by sending a PM to Marcus2389. In your application, please provide us with some information about you and the reasons you want to become a strategist.

Apply as a Writer

There isn't a single piece of content that doesn't involve writing. Newsposts, announcements, strategy guides, and anything else published on this site has to be written, edited, and formatted to look professional and be understandable.

Your tasks:
From producing original articles for COH2.ORG, to reporting COH2-related news, to working together with other staff and community members to ensure that the content on COH2.ORG meets the most exacting standards of quality, the writers and editors of the Editing Room are directly involved in every project. New content is always welcome on COH2.ORG and anyone with original ideas for features is encouraged to apply.

If you have an eye for detail, a solid ability to communicate in English, a love of COH2, and a desire to get more involved with the community please send your applications to our Editor in Chief, ComputerHeat. Please include a small sample of your writing, whether it is a news report or an original story.
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