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Company of Heroes 3 Master League

The Company of Heroes 3 Master League is coming in 2023! A packed schedule, 14+ benefits for Patreon, and 3-tier tournaments are incoming! Welcome back Commander!

Company of Heroes 3 Master League

For all of the details, see the video announcement with a sweet CoH3 montage:

We're going to hit the ground running all guns blazing in 2023, with a new version of our beautiful non-profit collaborative community effort: The Master League.

CoH3 looks fun and well optimised, however it doesn't necessarily look like it's geared to be a competitive RTS at launch. We don't care! As a community we take pride in being experts at creating incredible CoH tournaments and have done so for decades.

Our New Tourney System

This the third version of the Master League is a big step up in professionalism and approach. We will now offer an ELO ranking for our players that will be earned during tournament matches. This will be a truly deep system that will allow more player mobility and more to play for each and every game!

To accomplish this we will have a three tier tourney system, where the top 8 seeds fight it out, and the rest of the players fight to establish a better rank. To aid the whole thing we'll have monthly tournies that take place over two Saturdays. To see a visualisation of this please see the following spreadsheet.

Patrons get More than Ever Before

Aside from funding great tournaments you now get over 14 features and benefits of your membership. You can see everything in the singular, $10 “Soldier of the League'' tier over at Patreon. Highlights include exclusive player interviews, tips and advice, and voting on what games the casters cover... it's all there!

Join us

Please consider becoming a patron or keeping your pledge active for 2023, we will have a fantastic season of tournaments, and help mould CoH3 into the game we want it to be. Love it or hate it, top players in tournaments can drive balance changes. Back in the day, DevM delivered some amazing USF plays with smoke grenades and what did Relic do? They took them away from riflemen and even hired the Portuguese Protégé so he couldn’t compete! With your support of the Master League you can help drive CoH3 forwards to success for years to come.

Cheers and have a Happy New Year!

About the Master League

The Company of Heroes Master League is a community-driven project that showcases CoH’s competitive scene. It features frequent tournaments and is broadcast live on Twitch. The prize pool is funded by members of the community chipping in $10 every month. By becoming a patron, anyone can have the chance to vote on a variety of things that affect future tournaments and events via the exclusive Discord channel that brings together fans, players, map makers, and the organizers. In addition to the regular tournaments, the Master League is a living history of Company of Heroes. Detailed statistics of past tournaments are documented and will inform seeding of future tournaments in order to ensure that the Master League stays as competitive as possible while providing an archive of our past achievements. The best part about this is that the data is free to access and available to the public! Check it out in the Master League spreadsheet. For more information about the CoH3 Master League, watch here. You can read the original CoH Master League announcement here and, if you’re interested in getting involved, visit the CoH Master League Patreon page.

Additional Links

  • Become a patron at the CoH Master League Patreon page!
  • Catch the best action of the Master League tournaments via Twitch.
  • Check out A_E's YouTube channel where most Master League content goes.
  • Watch the CoH3 Master League announcement on YouTube.
  • For the 2023 Master League plan, go here.
  • For a history of competitive CoH tournaments and current player standings click here
  • Join the discussion and interact with other community members on the Master League Discord.
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