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Grand Championship 3 Update!

In its third iteration coming to your screen, the Grand Championship Series is well underway! From the comfort of their own home, sixteen players have been battling towards a chance to claim one of the most prestigious prizes in the history of Company of Heroes. From titles like Sunday Night Fights, Operation Charlie Fox, and the World Championship, the Grand Championship Series has made an impressive mark on competitive CoH history. Not just for the quality of games and the tenacity of the crème à la crème of competitive CoH players, but for the engagement and involvement from the community along the way.


Tomorrow, 22 May, at 14:00 BST (13:00 UTC) you can catch Luvnest vs. Refero at A_E’s Twitch channel. Both players are fighting to get a shot at the grand prize. Both players will be competing at the live event in Denmark but only one will stay in the upper bracket. The loser will fight in a consolation bracket for bragging and heckling rights at the pub. They’ll also earn $100 and a trophy for fifth place! How neat is that?

?GBPirate:What makes this matchup so special, A_E?

!Well, you have the famous two time world champion facing off against a very game Refero who's put some good practice hours in recently. Both were at GCS2 back in September 2018, but who will make a major step towards winning the damn thing?A_E

Afterwards, you can watch Elpern battle for a place for the grand prize against contender GiaA. Stay tuned to A_E’s Twitch to catch the result.

?GBPirate:Why is this matchup so important?

!The number three seed, Elpern, takes on the biggest dark horse in the tournament. So much isn't known about what GiaA is capable of.A_E

?GBPirate:You’re saying that GiaA will be a fierce contender whose power and abilities are mysterious and unknown? Much like the opposite sex, yes?

!Yeah mate, exactly… But we do know that Elpern has been looking fearsome as of late and is knocking on the door of the worldwide top 5 players. Should be fiesty!A_E

Both matches will have Ed80hertz and Finndeed to assist in casting. If you happen to miss the livestream or you want to send the links to your friends, you can catch the recorded vod over at A_E’s YouTube channel.

Building the Hype

We all know how important the community is for Company of Heroes and for tournaments especially. The official GCS3 poster dropped yesterday (look at that beautiful thing right here) featuring mighty images of our contenders. Here’s my breakdown from left to right:
  • The Angry Dutchman is just excited to be here (and has CoH3 merch!)
  • Refero channeling Spartans at Thermopylae while wearing his nation’s official costume
  • HelpingHans looks as if it’s August 1914 and he's confident that the UK will beat back the Hun in six weeks
  • Luvnest reminds everyone else he’s the only bloke here that’s won the thing before
  • Elpern is ready for a Tinder date or to work from home
  • Orangepest looks tough but beatable;
  • Jibber will stab you for looking at him funny;
  • God really is an Astronaut

Via SEGA, Relic is sending out thirty CoH3 field tins that contain a plethora of cool trinkets and knick knacks that you can win! A pub quiz during the live event next weekend (28-29 May) with questions read by community members and competitors in Denmark will determine the winners.

For more information about the schedule this weekend and the quiz, you can check out this GCS3 update video.

The Main Event

The Grand Championship Series 3 will be livestreamed via Twitch May 28th and 29th. This eight-person event features a four player upper bracket and a four player lower bracket for the fifth place prize; a crisp $100 USD bill and a fifth place trophy. The four main contenders — two of which remain to be determined — will be fighting for the $1000 grand prize + trophy.

To see the GCS3 reveal trailer, go here. Further details were announced in this video. And for the most recent update, follow click here.

For updates and further details please be sure to follow A_E on Twitter, subscribe to his YouTube channel for GCS3 News, and join the Master League Discord server by following this link. GCS3’s funding is thanks to various community donors. If you’d like to contribute to future tournaments like GCS3, full access to the Discord server, and other perks, you can subscribe for $10/month over at Patreon. For the past two years, A_E and other members of the community have been hard at work bringing you terrific content based around competitive 1v1 tournaments as part of the Master League. We’ve seen new maps, alternative rule sets, and Patreon-only tournaments keep the competitive CoH scene going.

About the Master League

The Company of Heroes Master League is a community-driven project that showcases CoH’s competitive scene. It features frequent tournaments and is broadcast live on Twitch. The prize pool is funded by members of the community chipping in small dollar amounts every month. By becoming a patron, anyone can have the chance to vote on a variety of things that affect future tournaments and events via the exclusive Discord channel that brings together fans, players, map makers, and the organizers. In addition to the regular tournaments, the Master League is a living history of Company of Heroes. Detailed statistics of past tournaments are documented and results from the most recent events are used to seed players in upcoming tournaments. This is to ensure that the Master League stays as competitive as possible while providing an archive of past achievements. The best part about this is that the data is free to access and available to the public! Check it out in the Master League spreadsheet. For more information about the CoH Master League, read the announcement post and, if you’re interested in getting involved, visit the CoH Master League Patreon page.

Additional Links

  • Become a patron at the CoH Master League Patreon page!
  • Catch the best action of the Master League tournaments via Twitch.
  • Check out A_E's YouTube channel here if you’ve missed the live action.
  • For GCS3 brackets, view them here.
  • For a history of competitive CoH tournaments and current player standings click here
  • Join the discussion and interact with other community members on the Master League Discord.
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