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Mod Spotlight: Battlegrounds

Battlegrounds is a complete gameplay overhaul mod. It replaces the standard CoH2 design with a constantly changing battlefield.

With a third-party application, you will be able to design your own company and host games. Your companies will keep their progress. That means veterancy, unit upgrades, picked up weapons, and so on will carry over to your next battles. So you and your company can grow as you play. But be careful! This also means that if you lose a unit it is gone.

One thing that Battlegrounds keeps from vanilla is the damage model. So your transition from vanilla games will not be as drastic.


The mod offers several new features to the game, as it completely overhauls the way a match is played. The biggest feature of the mod is unit persistency. If a unit gains veterancy or picks up dropped weapons, they'll keep that level of veterancy or obtained item for the next match. If the unit is killed: they are lost forever.

Right out of the box, Battlegrounds comes with two new mechanics that you can add to your games. Environmental changes and logistics will now be part of your games if you wish so.

Environmental changes bring day and night cycles, but also rain and storms. Your gameplay adaptation will be key to overcome these new difficulties.

Logistics aim to immerse you even more in the role of a commander as well as raise the challenge of the game. You will now need to ensure your vehicles have enough fuel in them for your next big breakthrough. In addition to fuel, you also need to ensure that your units have enough ammunition for the tasks ahead.

Both of these mechanics are optional and can be turned off at any time.

List of Features:

  • Unit persistency
  • Enhanced unit design
  • Towing of Heavy Team Weapons
  • New gamemodes
  • New balance dynamics
  • And more ...

Development and Updates

CoH2: Battlegrounds released its Alpha on April 24th, 2022. As such, the mod is still in development. Currently, only the Wehrmacht and the Soviet faction are playable with the rest coming soon.

Updates are planned regularly and promise always something new to play with from new units to new gameplay mechanics.

Battlegrounds still have a long road ahead so you have always something to look forward to.

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