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Master League 2022: The Finals

Welcome to 2022, the most exciting year in the history of Company of Heroes. CoH3 has been promised to us by the end of the year, we’ve got two pre-alpha builds to play with already, and competitive CoH 2 is as strong as ever! Ringing in the new year for the community is the next Master League extravaganza

Master League Finals 2022

The Master League Finals 2022 is the most epic and competitive event yet. It is directly inspired from A_E’s Grand Championship Series 2, featuring four qualifying tournaments in January through February and one final, championship-determining tournament in March.

The rules and format will be virtually identical to GCS2. This means that each winner of the qualifying tournaments will make it into the final tournament as well as the three next top-scoring competitors. The eighth contender will be selected by a vote from the Patreons of the Master League.

Tournament Details

To cater to the truly global coh community, two of the qualifying tournaments will feature at the standard, EU-friendly time; one will start earlier in the day to accommodate players in Asia while another will start later in the day to accommodate NA players.

Qualifier 1 - 15-16 January
Qualifier 2 - 29-30 January
Qualifier 3 - 12-13 February
Qualifier 4 - 26-27 February

All start at 14:00 GMT

Grand Finals - 12-13 March

There will also be two wildcard tournaments where players of lower ranks can compete for a slot in the next qualifier cup! If anything, the past two years have shown us that even the mightiest fall from their perch from time to time. If you think you’ve got what it takes to compete, lay on the heat! Sign up today.

For more details you can watch the announcement below:

How to Participate

For players, you need to sign up using this form before 9 January 2022 21:00 UTC.
Please note that you need one allied (no UKF; SOV or USF only) and one axis rank (OST, OKW) so be sure to be active in the 1v1 ladder. Immediately after sign ups close automatch ranks will be captured for seeding purposes.

For viewers, you can catch the action on A_E’s Twitch channel or afterwards on his YouTube channel. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled as other community members will be streaming games live! You can monitor the front page of coh2.org or join the Master League Discord server to see who else is casting the action.

If you like what you’re seeing and want to be a part of the Master League you can head on over to the ML Patreon page and chip in your $10 USD per month. Not only will you get access to some great perks (including all Master League replays), you’ll be able to vote on the eighth contender in the final eight-player tournament!

About the Master League

The Company of Heroes Master League is a community-driven project that showcases CoH’s competitive scene. It features frequent tournaments and is broadcast live on Twitch. The prize pool is funded by members of the community chipping in small dollar amounts every month. By becoming a patron, anyone can have the chance to vote on a variety of things that affect future tournaments and events via the exclusive Discord channel that brings together fans, players, map makers, and the organizers. In addition to the regular tournaments, the Master League is a living history of Company of Heroes. Detailed statistics of past tournaments are documented and results from the most recent events are used to seed players in upcoming tournaments. This is to ensure that the Master League stays as competitive as possible while providing an archive of past achievements. The best part about this is that the data is free to access and available to the public! Check it out in the Master League spreadsheet. For more information about the CoH Master League, read the announcement post and, if you’re interested in getting involved, visit the CoH Master League Patreon page.

Additional Links

  • Become a patron at the CoH Master League Patreon page!
  • Catch the best action of the Master League tournaments via Twitch.
  • Check out A_E's YouTube channel here if you’ve missed the live action.
  • For rules, dates, and prizes, read them here.
  • Sign up for this event via this form.
  • For a history of competitive CoH tournaments and to see how seeds for the Master League are calculated, click here
  • Join the discussion and interact with other community members on the Master League Discord.
  • If you want to reminisce about old times, check out the playlists for GCS2 streams

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