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Summer 2021 Balance Patch

10 Sep 2021, 10:44 AM
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I'm really glad vickers pop was increased to 7. I mean the vickers spam was really out of control. Hopefully we will be able to see some tommies now.
13 Sep 2021, 14:46 PM
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Whoever came up with this change should not be on the balance team. That may sound harsh, but it is true given the incoherence of this change. It says that they are having the change "tested" but that implies it may not make it into the final patch, the patch is now final and this somehow made it in.


Snipers are having the following change tested to reduce their mobility to weaken their ability to soft retreat from fights when they are rushed by infantry squads.

Now take a -25% speed penalty upon firing for 2.5 seconds; this penalty does not stack on itself.
17 Nov 2021, 14:14 PM
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i agree it whiteflash its true loks like that going to a expencive sniper play will be punished ,
its just blobs blobs every were ,
just pls give me a - negative unit zeal wen more that 3 squads blob ! reduce speed or just -2% rate of fire but someting because its just sad ,there no way you can win vs 4/5 squads of blobs runing all over the map ! i truly hope that coh3 gets the best of 2 two worlds
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