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Olvadi & 101st Airborne's International Classic Series

Announcing the first International Classic Series by Olvadi and 101st Airborne and sponsored by Toonation! Visit their website at toon.at to learn more!

From your favourite 2v2 caster Olvadi and our best Korean caster, 101st Airborne, comes a new thirty-two player, double elimination 1v1 event! If you think you’ve got what it takes to step onto the big stage, if you want to cast some great games, or if you just want to sit back and watch some amazing plays, then don’t miss out! The grand prize for first place is 3 million South Korean Won — nearly $1.500 USD — courtesy of the sponsor Toonation. This is definitely going to be an exciting tournament with competitive maps, a hearty prize pool, and the announcement of CoH 3 garnering so much attention!

Schedule & Signup

The tournament schedule is as follows:
  • Week one: August 14-15
  • Week two: August 21
  • Week three: August 28
  • Finals: September 4th

Check in each day starts at 13:00 BST / 12:00 UTC / 21:00 KST)
Matches start each day at 14:00 BST / 13:00 UTC / 22:00 KST

Sign up on the Master League Discord. Sign ups close 13 August at 20:00 CEST (18:00 UTC).
Your sign up should include your:

Steam name
17 digit Steam 64ID
— PM Olvadi your email to access the Battleplanner tool


  • 1vs1
  • BO3; semi-finals BO5; finals BO7
  • Standard 500 Victory Points
  • Fixed starting positions (Allies 1,2 | Axis 3,4)
  • All factions are allowed!
  • 5 minute observer delay
  • 16-32 players
  • Double Elimination
  • Tournament Mode mod (v2)

Map Pool

Seeding, Rules, and Coin Toss Procedure

Classical ML seeding

For general rules, consult the Master League Rules.

Unique Rules:
  • Osttruppen and Defensive Doctrine (Wehrmacht) BANNED
  • Rosbone’s Battle Planner used after Day 1 — first day’s maps are pre-selected
  • Faction elimination in semi-finals and finals — No faction choice repeat until the fifth game

Coin Toss Procedure:

Coin toss winner can pick first map veto or faction pick
players veto maps in alternating pattern until two maps are left
Flip another coin; winner of this coin toss decides the map.

Coin toss winner can pick first map veto or faction pick
players veto in alternating until 3 maps are left
Flip another coin; this winner can decide if they want to pick the first(g1 and g2) map or pick the second(g3 and g4) map. The remaining map will be the ace game map.

Coin toss winner can pick first map veto or faction pick
players veto in alternating until four maps are left
Flip another coin; the winner can decide if they want to pick the first map (g1 and g2) or if they want to pick the second map (g3 and g4). The third map (g5 and g6) will then be picked by the player who selected the first map. The remaining map will be the the ace game map

NB: In all matches the player with the most VPs has the faction pick in the ace game. Losses count as 0 VPs.

Prize Pool

KRW 3.000.000* (~$3,000 USD)

*Unfortunately, the total amount will be reduced by 4.4% due to tax reasons (down to KRW 2.868.000)
To be distributed as follows:

1st: 50 percent (~$1500)
2nd: 22 percent (~$ 650)
3rd: 10 percent (~ $300)
4th: 4 percent (~$130)
5th-8th: 2 percent (~$60)


Early rounds are open to all! Just message Olvadi via Discord that you want to cast. All casters are required to include in their streaming title, “hosted by Olvadi and 101st Airborne, sponsored by toon.at”.
Primary casting in Korean will be done by 101st Airborne
Primary upper bracket English casing by AE
Primary lower bracket English casting by Olvadi.
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