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Angry Dutchman's 1v1 Vanilla Deluxe Tournament

Ladies and gentlemen!

It is time for another epic non-meta event. Past August we had the first instalment of the vanilla series. It led to an epic 5 game series in the finals between Kimbo and Asiamint. In the end Kimbo managed to beat Asiamint and take the main prize home.

This time we are going for BIGGER and BETTER. The tournament format has been increased to a 16 player event. Who are going to battle it out over 2 days, to be able to call themselves the VANILLA MEISTER! For more information about the tournament setup/sign up continue reading.

Dates and Times

6th and 7th of February

Starting time:

  • Saturday 6th of February 14:00 CET R1, Quarter Finals & Semi-Finals (BO3)

  • Sunday 7th of February 14:00 CET Battle for 3rd & Grand Final (BO5)

General Rules:

  • 1v1 (Axis vs Allies)

  • 500 VP

  • Saturday BO3, Sunday BO5

  • Fixed positions ( Allies 1 & Axis 2)

  • Observer Delay: 3 minutes

  • Tournament mod: ON

The Vanilla Rules:

  • No commanders in loadout

  • No intel bulletins

The Deluxe Rules:

  • Faction elimination BO3: each faction can only be played once in a best of 3

  • Faction elimination BO5: each faction can only be played once G1-G4. G5 the acegame all factions available.

Faction Selection:

  • G1, coin toss winner decides who picks faction first

  • G2, switch of factions coin toss loser decides who picks faction first

  • G3 VP Leader decides who picks faction first

  • G5 VP leader decides who picks faction first


  • Seed 1-8 based upon ML rankings

  • Seed 9-16 based upon the average of Best Axis and Best Allies

Map pool:

Subscribe to and download the Tourney mode directly via Steam
Sign ups

Sign ups are opened till Monday the 1st of February 12:00 pm CET. To sign up head over to the The Official Tournament Discord!


The current prize pool sits at a whopping $400, already more than the first installment and the prize pool still has plenty of time to grow until February.

Any support to this tournament is greatly appreciated it is a community funded event!

Donate to prize pool via this link: https://tinyurl.com/yd8jjwhk

Furthermore, the tournament is classed as a standard 1v1 tournament according to the Master League. Which means ML points can be earned.

For more information: https://tinyurl.com/COHMASTERLEAGUE

Want to contribute to the tournament?

  • Looking for 2 non-participants to help referee the tournament

  • Looking for caster & co-casters for day 1 and co-casters for day 2, signing up for this is also in the discord! (Beware good mic and webcam required)

Youtube Vanilla flash series 1 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHEJMbqSPYjwa9m4_EXZKmxVww7Mu6UG0

Special thanks:

- Elpern (Art work)

- Flyerton99 (Generous Donor)
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