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Olvadi's Cash Games

Hey .org! There’s been a lot of love for 1v1s the past year, but how about some love for 2s? Even 3s and 4s?

Thankfully Olvadi and the TR clan are here to fill the gap! Have you heard about them? You might have read his post earlier this year or seen one of them streamed right from his Twitch channel.

Over the past few months there have been a lot of great teams featured in the games, winning up to $50 if they beat their opponents! Additionally, the games are on competitive community-made maps. Get a break from the automatch monotony and check out Olvadi’s stream!

Schedule and Upcoming Games

Typically there has been about one cash game per month but with enough interest there surely can be more!

This month, Olvadi’s got two matches lined up for us! On Friday, 22 January at 19:00 CET (UTC +1), a 2v2 featuring Scotch/Crossfire vs. Quiritz/Giaa will be livestreamed. On Saturday, 23 January, Olvadi will go live with a 4v4 cash game at the conclusion of the third day of ML4: Scorched Earth.

How to Join

There are many ways you can get in on the action! If you’ve got a little money lying around you can donate to the prize pool via this link.

In past games, some well-known players have participated such as Seeking, Kimbo, Isildur, Nicko, and many more! But you don’t have to be one of the absolute best to join in on the chaos! Generally, top 100 in the leaderboards is the preferred skill level, but teams will be of equivalent skill, so don’t worry if you’re just on the edge!

Are you a serious mapmaker looking to see your map in a competitive, high-level environment? Message Olvadi! Having new and balanced maps from the community is a great way to keep CoH2 feeling fun and new.


Olvadi is always looking for constructive criticism! If you want to speak about the maps, map pool, format, etc., that is greatly appreciated! Be sure to reach out even if it’s just praise, too. It’s great that we have such a strong community even after seven-and-a-half years of coh2! Suggestions and feedback will be considered for future games.

General Match Rules

  • Game mode: 2v2
  • Format: Best of 5
  • Win Condition: Standard 500 VPs
  • Fixed starting positions: Allies in positions 1 and 2, Axis in positions 3 and 4
  • No double factions
  • All bulletins allowed
  • All commanders allowed
  • No mirror matches
  • Observer-Settings: 5 minute delay, no password

Map and Faction Selection

The coin toss winner can either choose the map or pick their factions first.
Game 1&2: Coin toss winner either chooses between map or faction pick. The other choice is decided by the losing team.
Game 3&4: Coin toss loser chooses between map or faction pick. The other choice is decided by the coin toss winning team.
Game 5 VP leader decides who picks faction (allies/axis) first.
Game 5 will be on Eindhoven Country.

Other Details

All bugs and exploits that a player wants to use must be in-keeping with current conventions as built up over time by the competitive CoH community.
Ghosting with defensive structures is banned.
To clarify what is or isn’t allowed please contact Olvadi directly.



50$ for the winning team or more with generous donations!
Thanks for reading! All games are casted by Olvadi and T.R. members on Twitch.
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