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4V4 Seasonal Invitation Tournament


General Rules

  • Game Mode: 4v4; Separated into Professional group and Challenger group.
  • Format: Held monthly; Pro group Bo5; Challenger group Bo3, final BO5.
  • Win Condition: no mod, 250 victory points.
  • Fix Locations. Allies 1,2,3,4 Axis 5,6,7,8
  • All bulletins and commanders are allowed.
  • Observer-Settings: 3 minutes delay, no password

Map and Faction Selection

In the Best of 3 Rounds:

  • Game 1: Coin toss winner chooses faction, lose side chooses map.
  • Game 2: Game1 lose side chooses map, player faction switched.
  • Game 3: The team with more VP decides who picks faction (allies/axis) first, and the other team chooses map.

In the Best of 5 Rounds:

  • Game 1&2&3: Same as in Bo3.
  • Game 4: Whichever team falls behind decides who picks faction (allies/axis) first, the other team chooses the map.
  • Game 5: The team lost game 4 decides who picks the faction (allies/axis) first, the other team chooses the map.


  • Essen SteelWorks;
  • General Mud;
  • White Ball Express;
  • Nord Wind;
  • Road to Arnhem
  • Linne Forest(reworked)DOWNLOAD HERE!

Maps cannot be re-picked

Registration and grouping rules

1. The pro group invites the top four of the previous Zhongwang Tournament for high quality games.

Team list and members(name and team members could have been changed)

  • 1st:Toy Car.
    members: company of crashs + Nyx + Echo + Bigboss
  • 2nd: SoE.
    members: sturmpanther + areafild + stalingard + kasewerg
  • 3rd:MAGA
    members: DDF + Taylor Swift + 书包侠 + USE M246
  • 4th:Moron
    members:KUN + singledog + TomCat + Karl

The champion will take the bonus; 2nd dont have any bonus but will stay in pro group next season; the 3rd and 4th will no longer be eligible for direct invitation to the next invitational tournament. In addition, teams who want to directly register for the professional group requires lv20 in team of 4 (starting from the note being released, any time, any faction reaches the lv20 can meet the requirements, and send the screenshot of the rank and send to Jagdpanther). When the number of pro teams is less or more than 4, the champion (or champion and 2nd) of the current challenge group will be promoted to the pro group. Competition committee reserves the right to change the overall system, if necessary.

2. There are a total of 16 teams in the challenger group. The champion will get the bonus money of the challenger group. The champion and 2nd will be able to directly enter the professional group next time.

3. Each team can only sign in with 4 main players and only one substitute player. Sub player is optional, but there will be an automatic defeat if the team does not meet the player count (4 players) requirement.

4. Distribution of the prize money is up to the whole team.

To register, please provide your Team name and the list of players and potential substitutes.

For example:

Team name: Pigpanther Op
Team members: Jagdpanther, John, Jack, Lily
Substitute: None

The registration deadline is February 7. After the registration is completed, the organizer will release the group setting and competition time. Join the official Tournament Discord for sign up.

Dates and times

Exact match time will be announced once the group setting is finalized. In principle, the time cannot be changed or postponed, but the match can start earlier if both teams are available and agreed.

The challenger group: (All in GMT)

  • February 13th 10:00-18:00 is the first round, a total of 8 games;
  • 13th evening 19:30-23:30 is the second round, a total of 4 games;
  • 14th 10:00 -12:00 is the semi-final, with a total of two games;

The final will start at 13:30 on the 14th.

Professional group:

  • 15:30-19:30 pm on February 14th for the semi-finals, a total of two games;
  • 14th 21:00-23:00 for the final.

Players in EU or American time zone can inform the referee their own available time while signing in, so that we can set a fine time for every team. If you have any problem, please let us know when you sign in.

General Procedure:

Please be sure to remove all skins, marks and victory strike before entering the game room, so that we can avoid some players needing to download the file and waste unnecessary time. If the game cannot be started by then, the referee has the right to believe that the team that has not removed the skin is in violation, and judge them lost the current round.
All team leaders are responsible for saving their replays and uploading them to the referee.
As a team you show respect to your opponents and the referees. Bad behaviors could be punished.
The seeding is done by the organizers. The seeding will not change, and will take the opinions of various people.
Tournament organizers reserve the right to change the map pool or modify the rules at any time during the Tournament.
All players must sign in within 10 minutes before the starting time, and any team members who are late must inform the referee in time; members who still have not joined the game room 15 minutes after the start time will be unconditionally judged as lost.
Players can rest up to 5 minutes between each round; and can rest up to 15 minutes between each game. However, for the sake of fairness, please start the game as soon as you are ready. The time of the other players is also precious. Please don’t deliberately waste time. If the referee feels that the player is deliberately delaying the time during each break, the game can still be ordered to start.
Any form of replacing players which is not on the sign in list is strictly prohibited. Once discovered, the player and the team will be permanently banned from this tournament and notified.
It is strictly forbidden to use any form of cheating devices such as picking other faction commanders, map hacking or cheating aids. Once checked, the team will be disqualified.

Procedure for technical issues and crashes:

Please restart CoH2 before any tournament game activity, and close external programs before playing, to avoid crashes.

Crash Procedure:

  • Player with bugsplat/ crash/ lost connection - Must screenshot the bugsplat, crash or lost connection message.
  • Player with bugsplat/ crash/ lost connection - Inform opponent and referee of the situation. Once video is authenticated the referees will specify to replay the game on the majority of occasions.

Unless the game is judged to have been clearly over satisfying one of three 'win' conditions:

1. Start within 7 minutes;
2. Within 1 minute before the time of the crash, none of the player on the crashing side had two or more teams wiped;
3. The VP difference is less than 100.
If there are other more obvious conditions, there will be no rematch.
The referee has all rights to make the decision, and please obey the referee's decision under any circumstances.
If any win condition is satisfied, the win will more than likely be awarded to that team.


  • The prize for the challenger group champion is 400(all counted by Chinese yuan), which can be accumulated. If chooses to accumulate, player will not grant the current bonus. But the bonus will be doubled and can be accumulated in the professional group bonus calculation if the team holds the pro group seat for the next season. Bonus becomes zero if fails.
    (Example: If the champion chooses to accumulate and becomes champion in the next season, then 400+1000=1400*2=2800)

  • Professional group champion has 1000 per season and can be accumulated. If choose to accumulate, player will not grant the current bonus. But the total bonus will increase by 50% if the team successfully hold No.1 seat. Bonus becomes zero if fails.
    (Example: 1000+1000=2000*1.5=3000, can be accumulated up to 3times)

The opinions of the team must be unified, otherwise they will be issued directly at the time.

If you have any form of sponsorship, please contact Jagdpanther and indicate the sponsorship. We welcome anyone who joins us, and thank you for your support of our tournament.
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