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Ultimate Team Tournament: Volume 2

Hi all!

Currahee and Sturmpanther are honored to announce the Company of Heroes 2 Ultimate Team Tournament: Volume 2. We knew you wanted more after the positive resonance to the first Ultimate Team Tournament, which we held in the Spring of 2018. SO let's get right into the good stuff!

Tournament format

Instead of one large bracket, this tournament will feature two qualification rounds Each of the sub-brackets will include up to 32 teams, who meet the criteria to play. Both of the qualification rounds will take place on individual days, so if your team does not reach the main round on day one you might as well try again on day two of the qualifiers.

The four top teams from each qualifying tournament will find themselves in the main round of the tournament where they will compete for the ultimate victory. The seeding for the main event will be determined by the results of the qualification rounds. To keep it fair, the best teams from day two will be seeded lower than the teams from day one.

Sign-up procedure

Sign-ups are open from 14th of April untill 13th of May.

All teams that want to participate please please join the official Tournament Discord server.

1) Both team members must have completed at least one automatch game in 2v2 or 1v1 in the sign-up window.
2) Both team members must have at least one visible faction within the top 200 in 2v2 or 1v1.
3) Players must have at least 300 total hours in CoH2 on their Steam account.
4) All players must play only on their primary COH2 Steam account. Players must also register for the tournament under the nickname of this account.
5) Team nicknames are not allowed. All team names must be entered as “Player name 1 – Player name 2”

General Match Rules

  • Game mode: 2v2
  • Format: Earlier rounds will be BO3, Semis and Finals BO5
  • Win Condition: Standard 500 Victorypoint-Format
  • Fixed starting positions: Allies in position 1 and 2/ Axis in position 3 and 4
  • No double faction-setup
  • All bulletins and commanders are allowed
  • No mirror matches
  • Observer-Settings: 5 minute delay, no password

Map and Faction Selection

For the qualification stages of this tournament, the following will apply:

  • Maps have been predetermined for every game at this stage of the competition. There is no map selection process for players.

  • In a BO3
    Game 1: Coin toss winner chooses who picks faction first.
    (Players alternate Axis/Allies)
    Game 2: Coin toss loser chooses who picks faction first.
    Game 3: VP leader decides who picks faction (allies/axis) first

  • In a BO5:
    Game 1: Coin toss winner chooses who picks faction first.
    (Players alternate Axis/Allies)
    Game 2: Coin toss loser chooses who picks faction first.
    (Players alternate Axis/Allies)
    Game 3: Coin toss winner chooses who picks faction first.
    (Players alternate Axis/Allies)
    Game 4: Coin toss loser chooses who picks faction first.
    Game 5: VP leader decides who picks faction (allies/axis) first

For the Main-round the following procedure will apply:

  • In the main round, the maps will be picked by the teams, opposed to them being fixed as in the qualification rounds

  • There will be one coin toss at the start of the series.
  • The winner of the coin toss chooses to either perform the second map veto, or pick the faction.
  • If the winner of the coin toss chooses to pick the faction, the loser receives the second veto, and vice versa.
  • The team that picked faction (Axis/ Allies) must also declare factions first in the first game.
  • This team must again declare their factions first in the second game.
  • The team that picked faction (Axis/ Allies) must also declare positions first in the first game.
  • This team will get to declare positions second in the next game.
  • In a best of five series, there is no second cointoss for games 3-4. The result of the coin toss from games 1-2 is entirely reversed for games 3-4.


Other Details

Screen sharing (only for Main-round):

  • All players must have the ability to screenshare with referees in Discord.
  • Refeerees have the right to request this at any stage of the tournament and WILL be doing random checks.

Using bugs and exploits:

All bugs and exploits that a player wants to use must be in-keeping with current conventions as built up over time by the competitive CoH community.
Ghosting with defensive structures is banned. To clarify any other bug please contact a tournament admin before the tournament starts.


  • Players can take a maximum of 5 minutes in between a single game.
  • Players can take a maximum of 10 minutes in between a match (A match is the full series of games.)
  • However in fairness to viewers please start as soon as you're ready, and help us move the tournament on.
  • If the referees feel like players are purposely taking the maximum every time they can still issue a warning etc.
  • Tournament officials reserve the right to make alterations to the schedule based on player needs, special circumstances and other factors.

General Procedure:

  • All team captains are responsible for saving their replays and uploading them to the designated Discord channel. Link Failure to do so will result in penalization.
  • As a team you show respect to your opponents and to the referees. Bad behaviour can be punished.
  • The seeding is done by the organisers. The seeding is final, and will be done with great care and with the opinions of various people.
  • Tournament organizers reserve the right to change the map pool or modify the rules at any time during the Tournament.

Crash Procedure:

  • Player with bugsplat/ crash/ lost connection - Must screenshot the bugsplat, crash or lost connection message.
  • Player with bugsplat/ crash/ lost connection - Inform opponent and referee of the situation. The referee will make note of the situation.
  • Once video is authenticated the referees will specify to replay the game in the majority of occasions.

Unless the game is judged to have been clearly over, satisfying one of three 'win' conditions:

  • 50 population cap army advantage and judged strategic dominance within a minute either side of when the crash occurred (tanks and veteran units with no counter).
  • A victory point situation where it is literally impossible to capture and beat the clock, regardless of player actions.
  • A victory point advantage of 300 + for one team, where said team looks to be firmly in control of the match.


  • Sign-ups are open from 14th of April untill 13th of May.

  • Qualification round 1: 16th of May 3pm CEST, 17th of May 3pm CEST

  • Qualification round 2: 23rd of May 3pm CEST, 24th of May 3pm CEST

  • Main Round including the FInals: 6th of June 3pm CEST, 7th of June 3pm CEST


    The Prizepool is 2.000 USD atm. A big shoutout and Thank You to Rayford, Greyshot, Dorky3 and Ishtari for helping out with their donations that this Tournament can happen.

    1st place: 50% (1000$)
    2nd place: 30% (600$)
    3rd place: 20% (400$)

    Prizes may vary if more prize-money is donated

    If you want to help out to make the Prizepool bigger you can always contact Tournament Administrator Currahee via Steam for donation details. Every help is much appreciated.


    We are looking forward to an incredibly great casting team for this tournament:
    A_E, ed80hertz, HelpingHans, Stormless, Greyshot, Ciez, Momo4sho, Pompey, Kimbo, Olvaldi, Pilly and for our Korean friends 제101공수사단 .

    Please note that players, who take part in the tournament are not allowed to stream their games at any time during the competition.


    If you have any further questions then please feel free to get in contact with the Tournament Admins Currahee and Sturmpanther via Steam-Message.
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