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Resource Modification in CoH2

Recently, Relic adjusted or deleted abilities in COH2 that allowed a player to manipulate their resources with little to no counter-play, which changed the overall pacing of the game. Only two such abilities remain. This article will cover them and their effectiveness.

Across The Rhine's West Spawn was used to gather the data.
Allied Supply Drop
This ability converts Munitions to fuel. A slow plane will carry these resources over the enemy base sector. It will be automatically attacked by Anti Air structures and units, this includes the Oberkommando's base defenses as well as their Schwerer Panzer Head Quarters.

In larger game modes this ability can be used by several players simultaneously, to increase its chances of success. However, additional enemy Anti Air will severely reduce the chances of a drop.

Due to the plane's poor flight path, ground forces need not be risked to counter the Allied Supply Drop.

  • Unlocked at 4 Command Points.
  • The plane is slow and vulnerable.
  • Delivers 30 fuel, 10 per crate.
  • The success rate of this ability is reduced against the Oberkommando West.
  • If your opponent builds Anti Air units, then this ability will no longer be practical.
  • Can be somewhat successful in smaller game modes, but narrow maps substantially increase chance of plane being shot down
  • In current patch, ability can cut the corner of the Allied base sector on certain maps
  • Currently, 222 scout cars will not engage the aircraft
  • ~27.85/~17.48 seconds to drop to north/south corner of the Allies's base sector, from the Axis map edge
  • One Schwerer Panzer Headquarters or Ostwind under the flight path of the aircraft will destroy it, unless those units are distracted.
  • Income on Across the Rhine with all points captured: 83 Munitions. With all points captured and strategic points Munitions cached: 128 Munitions. Possible to do a drop every ~72 seconds with the former, and ~46 seconds with the latter, but both limited by a ~100 second cooldown.
Axis Supply Zone Drop
This ability converts manpower to fuel. 5 aircraft will deliver crates over a period of ~57 seconds, the last crate is obtainable ~3 seconds before the ability ends. The planes spawn over friendly base sectors. The ability is practical at all game stages due to its direction of flight.

In smaller game modes, the drop creates pressure on an opponent, with ~12-15 seconds to respond and ~57 seconds to contest a defensive position. A position which is likely defend by S-Mines and Teller Mines, due to the ability's sole manpower cost.

  • Unlocked at 3 Command Points.
  • Drop on Munitions sector, 150 Munitions, 30 per crate.
  • Drop on Fuel sector, 50 Fuel, 10 per crate.
  • At present the aircraft are invulnerable.
  • Closest/farthest Fuel on Across the Rhine: first plane arrives in ~10.25/~11.75 seconds after dispatch.
  • In both cases the last crate is obtainable ~3 seconds before the ability ends, meaning that a defense of the point for 57 seconds is sufficient.
  • The Ability, currently, has no cooldown.
  • Even at maximum upkeep(150MP/Minute, Wehrmacht) and with zero manpower, drops are possible every 80 seconds.
The Axis Supply Drop Zone

  • Available 1 CP sooner
  • Provides more resources of either type
  • Manpower cost frees up Munitions
  • Majority of map designs allow fuel resource to be dropped behind friendly lines
  • Has no cooldown
  • Virtually un-counterable by Anti Air means due to the direction of flight
  • Invulnerable aircraft
  • Players may always stiffen defenses to ensure the drops remain practical at all game stages
  • Due to the ability's defensive nature, players are not likely to suffer Manpower attrition.

The Allied Supply Drop

  • Unlocked at 4 Command Points, although more restrictive in use, and providing less resources upon a successful drop.
  • Ability is fairly safe to use against Ostheer in 1's and up, provided all opponents are Ostheer.
  • Countered by a single Ostwind, 222 scout-cars currently do not engage the plane.
  • On certain maps ability cuts the map corner making it impossible to attack/counter it.

In the above video, the plane only escaped a single Ostwind 5 times out of 25 attempts made. This stands in stark contrast to the Axis supply drop, where the planes are invulnerable
The Axis drop forces an opponent to drop everything and begin a ground assault on the drop zone within ~12-15 seconds, needing to seize and control that point for ~57 seconds, which can be punishing. In small game modes, for instance, a player, having just lost an engagement around the 3 Command Point mark, may be additionally punished by calling in the drop. In larger game modes, multiple players may simultaneously activate the ability, defend the drop zone, and pick up the crates. This may change the resource pacing, extremely.

The Allied Drop is guilty of the same alteration of the resource pacing, but it cannot be said it is guilty of having little to no counter-play. On certain maps, this ability is in an unbalanced state due to a "bug" whereby it cuts through the corner of the map and disallows the opponent an opportunity to destroy it.

These abilities in themselves leave us in the same spot as before, where players can modify their resource income. The Axis drop by the nature of its mechanics, flexibility, resource trade ratio, lack of a cooldown, and invulnerable aircraft is currently in a very unbalanced state. The recent patch note: "German Supply Drop zone plane comes in from longest path so that you can shoot down the plane now" does not seem to be in effect, in terms of the flight path or vulnerability to the aircraft.

Both these abilities should be changed to be easily countered, provide similar resources, reduce impact on the game pacing, or like the previous mechanics, be removed entirely. The direction of the game balance taken by removing resource modifying mechanics has only made the game more enjoyable.
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