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OKW 2v2 Ranked Random Guide - The Carry

Guten Tag and Welcome Kameraden! As you may know, not every General wants to fight alone. If there is no other who would fight with him, he has to decide to match up with a random allied General.

2vs2 Random Ranked (2vs2 RR)

Many players play this mode every day and favor it over playing 1vs1. Good 2vs2 stats can show that you are a skilled player, because in 2vs2 one little mistake from one of the teams can decide a game. If your teammate is below your and your opponents skill level they will likely make costly mistakes. When you are playing with OKW, it can be tough to overcome a weak teammate. This can be made worse by the faction design OKW which relies on specialized units (hard counters as opposed to generalists), expensive units, reduced fuel income, etc.

So you can't rise a blob of doom and kill everything?! Don't worry about that, in this guide we are going to show you a solid 2vs2 RR OKW strategy, with which you can even use to "carry" your teammate!
OKW 2v2 Basics
Before we start to talk about Build Orders and other strategy points, let us first cover basic information about the OKW in 2vs2.

The early game is one of the most important parts during a CoH2 match and if you lose map control the game becomes an uphill battle. The OKW is a little different, and it can overcome poor map control in the early game. The map control of the beginning doesn't decide the game, and neither does lost fuel points! The OKW faction is equipped to survive with less resources! OKW always gets Manpower, which doesn't depend on map control. This guide is designed to use manpower heavy game play to its advantage, and also builds up into MHQ (T3)/PBHQ (T4) to play on its strengths.
Early Game

Like I mentioned before, the early game is one of the most important parts in a CoH2 match, but like i said as well, as OKW you don't have to get map domination! You are saving your resources to tech fast, but you must still have a strong fighting force.

As soon as the game starts, send your Sturmpioneer squad directly to the nearest fuel point. Harass the enemy there and try to reduce their resource income. Sturmpioneers excel at medium range behind cover. Use good cover, and be careful about rushing straight at enemy infantry.

The Volksgrenadier, which will be produced in the meantime, is the so called "Connector." He is following your Sturmpioneer and capping territory points between your base and the fuel your Sturmpioneer is capturing. Capping will take some time, so during this your Kübelwagon will hit the field. Send it as direct support for you Sturmpioneers to the front-line. The Kübel will suppress and the STURMpioneers will sturm! That means, they will kill the enemy in medium-close quarter combat.
Right at this time you Volksgrenadier should be done with capping and joining in the battle, as well as the second Volksgrenadier approaching the battlefield.
Things to Keep in Mind
OKW units and the reinforcing costs are high for many units, and the resource income is the lowest of all 4 factions. Be sure to retreat your squad early instead of getting a Full Unit Kill = FUK

Volksgrenadier are the weakest regular Infantry of all four factions in the game, so keep them together like they would be brothers. As a group they get much stronger (like a 10 member squad). This gives them the firepower to fight against Rifles/Conscripts/Penal Battalions. Keep Volks at long range and behind cover for best efficiency, as other units generally have much better close range damage.

Up to this point you just concentrate on your side of the map, if you managed to get the fuel. If you can't secure your fuel, join your mate and work to cap this fuel. Doesn't matter which one you choose, you force your mate to defend the point with you and from there he should expand.
Breakthrough Doctrine

As soon as you hit 2 CP you choose the Breakthrough Doctrine and call in a Panzerfüsilier Squad and, if you saved enough Manpower, a Sturmoffizier as well. These two units in combination are a serious matter for your opponent.

The Panzerfüsilier, which are a long-range unit, deal a lot of damage to enemy infantry and in addition with the Sturmoffizier buffed accuracy they are like 6 men sniper squads. As soon as you hit 290 MP again, you will call in the second Panzerfüsilier Squad and that's enough!

In case of heavy enemy infantry call a third one, but don't begin to spam them, 2 are hard to handle, 3 are even harder!

Just like with the Volksgrenadiers, keep the Panzerfüsiliers like brothers, with the Big Daddy Sturmoffizier in the background, just there to give them the buff.

It is important to spread out into different directions with your Volksgrenadiers and Panzerfüsiliers, never combine them in a giant blob. Keep them nearby to support each other, but spread so one MG doesn't catch them all at once. There is no Sturmovik necessary to counter that blob, a single Maxim is enough. Don't blob!
Mid Game
Doesnt matter what you are playing against, with this carry strategy you are always going to tech into T2 the Mechanized Regiment Headquarter. All three vehicles from this structure can be used to counter a variety of threats, and more importantly, can hit the battlefield at the right time.

The next step is to react to the enemy tech choices, and choose the right counter.

VS. Double US Forces

If you are facing against double US it doesn't matter if you have a Wehrmacht or OKW mate, you are always going to build a fast puma (between minute 6 to 8).

The reason is simple: if you are facing double US there will definitely be fast vehicles in form of AA HT, Stuart, or M20 Utility Car (which is the easiest counter-able vehicle of the 3)

Things to watch out for:
  • If you see a Lieutenant, the US player teched onto his T2 and in most cases he is going to field an AA HT.
  • An AA HT is able to kill your Puma if you aren't careful, but you should still be able to handle the AA HT using hit and run or with support of a Schrek squad or Raketenwerfer.
  • Make use of your abilities, especially of the smoke screen, which can save your Puma in very dangerous situations.
  • The weaker vehicle from the Lieutenant could be the M20 Utility car. Very effective against your infantry, especially when it is close up. It isn't able to deal a lot of damage to your Puma, because of this he cant use the M20 very effectively.
  • But be careful! M20 is able to lay down AT mines and they are deadly for your Puma, so don't be too offensive and never chase the M20! He may have laid down a trap and want to lead you in.
  • If you see a Captain, use your Puma defensively. The Captain also gives the US player access to the Stuart and the AT guns. The Stuart, in combination with its engine crit/blinding abilities, is able to kill your Puma, without taking serious damage, if you are too offensive.

VS. Double Soviet

]A Flak HT is always a good choice against double Soviet. The Flak HT usually comes out around minute 5 with this strategy, a long time before the Soviet tanks hit the battlefield.
It is a good counter vs. Maxim spam with around 4-5 Maxims. Make use of the Flak HT from the second line, with a forward observer, e.g. the Volksgrenadier. He wont be able to deal serious damage against your Flak HT for a long period of time. If they went for a fast AT gun, expect about 3 maxims, which you can easily defeat by just some simple flanking (at this time you should have 5 to 6 squads). You have the advantage now!

If they went for Conscripts they might rush your Flak HT from different directions to kill your Flak HT with AT grenades (3-4 will be needed). This is the best situation which could happen, because at this moment he will get 4 Conscripts in most of the cases, at least one will be suppressed by your HT, so 3 left. You got 5 squads he got 3! Simple math gives the answer. In addition to a number advantage, you should be in a defensive position/standing behind cover, which will give you the needed advantage, the increased accuracy, and the win.
Against Mixed Allies

The build for this team depends of the situation. You have to "read" the game, get some experience against them. Most of the time the mixed team will play a heavy
Maxim game-play with a fast US AA HT. In this case I recommend to build a Puma, because the AA HT could deal more damage to you than the Maxims. Don't forget, you are in a 2vs2, so ask your ally to build something against these maxims (Wehrmacht: Mortar; OKW: leIG 18).

Your Puma will be able to handle against every early vehicle and later it is a really effective AT weapon against every kind of tank. In combination with Panzerfüsilier it is the best way to get pressure onto the enemy.
Late Game
Now we are up in the late game, but what to do now? I have met many players who did fine in early and mid game, but were clueless about the late game, despite they got the strongest late game tanks of all four factions. Anyway, there is a big BUT: The Resources!

OKW may have the best late game tanks in the whole game, but you aren't always able to build all tiers or even every tank, so you have to choose carefully! First of all, up to now you army contains 6 infantry squads and 1 vehicle (Puma or Flak HT). Now you are going to upgrade your 2 Volksgrenadier with Panzerschrecks!

As the next Tier you are going to build the T4 Truck, the Panzer Brigade Headquarter (around minute 9). Up to this point you should have saved some manpower, the next step is to build the mighty Obersoldaten.

The usage of this changes from player to player. Many people use them really offensive, some use them as support. Remember, this is a strategy to carry your ally (if necessary), so you are going to use it really conservatively and defensively. I use them as a "VP blocker." By that I mean they protect the VP you aren't taking care of. There is often one VP with little action, because there were no attacks or you are currently fighting at another position. In short, its just the VP where nothing is happening.

If the VP are ticking down against your enemy he will spread squads to capture these VPs, and most of the time it will just be a single squad. Many players wont take the risk and quit fighting with your core army. When the lone squad walks up, "ZAAAAPP BOOOM" - a stationary Obersoldat aiming with this MG34 into the enemies direction... This will be a painful experience for single squads, even against Shocks and Guards. This should effectively chase the squad off, or if the player is not watching, wipe it.
Get a Panther!

As the next step you are going to get a Panther onto the field. The reason is simple as well, it is a really good Anti-Tank Tank and supported by a Puma and 2 Schrecks its nearly unbeatable. Remember, never overextend the Panther! Even if it is one of the strongest AT Tanks, don't chase enemy low HP Tanks into their own lines too deeply or it could/will end deadly for you. Take advantage of the Panthers 50 range and thick frontal armor by taking pot shots at enemies, as well as hit and run tactics.
Building a Forward Base
The longer the game lasts, you should consider building a Battlegroup Headquarter(BHQ) between the front-line and your base to use it as a forward HQ + retreat point and to allow you access to the mighty King tiger! It is necessary? No! So why should I do it? Because when you are dominating the game it is always funny to call the big cat! :P

If you keep your units alive well, you can save fuel for a very long time in a tough game. If it drags on long enough, you may be able to build a King Tiger in the ultra-late game. Panther is easy to keep alive, and you may stay at or near pop cap long enough to field this unit if you suffer heavy losses unexpectedly.
Unit Overview

Learning to #Adapt
The main points of the strategy are done, now we, as Kamerad Jesulinn likes to point out: #Adapt. It means you have to look onto the enemy game-play, analyze it in a short time period and then decide to build the right hard counter.
Allied Defensive Warfare
The combination of heavy Maxims and a Anti-Air Half-Track of a mixed Allied combo game.

The best counter to this is building a Stuka after your puma. Use it defensively behind your lines to destroy the enemies one and always keep sure, that the Puma is close to it, to fight back potential vehicles like AA HT, Stuart, T70 or even T34. The Stuka is able to shoot every 90 seconds, so think about the use before you launch, and get think if you could use it elsewhere more effectively. It is also a good counter vs.. soviet snipers,, because you can aim the rockets into the snipers retreat path when he shoot and he has to care more about them, so more micro for him and that will show in his game-play!
Blob of Doom
Many players are afraid of the big blob of doom (3-4 Rifles, Lieutenant, Captain, maybe Paratroopers, etc..). But hey, there are uncountable number of counters to that, here are three:

Of course the Stuka is a counter. Trough his powerful weapon and the 6 rockets it shoots it gets pretty deadly for a blobbing US or Soviet player. Especially when he hears the sound of the Stuka some seconds too late he wont be able to retreat without loses (if you used the aim direction of the Stuka in the right way).

The Panzer 2 of the T4 Truck from the OKW is fast, cheap, powerful and it looks pretty cute! Always use this tank at long range with support of AT and maybe 1-2 infantry squads. If you feel safe enough, you can chase single squads to finish them on retreat.

If you didn't build a T2 BHQ before, do a back tech to it now and get out one or two leIG 18. They are pretty accurate and deal a lot of damage to enemy infantry, especially when they are walking in a blob. You force him to spread out or he will get a heavy manpower drain. It is also a perfect alternative for your Stuka, if you aren't able to build one or if you want to save the fuel!
Fighting Tank Spam

If you read the enemy game-play and you expect a Tank spam, such as Sherman, Easy-Eight, or T34s, the build is simple as well. When you got you 2 Volksgrenadiers with Schrecks and the Puma, just add 2 Raketenwerfer 48 to support them.

I can see in your face that you are thinking "WTF!!! Raketenwerfer are the worst AT ever!!!1111oneoneeleven"

Perhaps, but lets look at some facts:
  • Use them as support weapons behind your infantry/Puma and in case a Tank/Vehicle appears get them onto the direct frontline to attack the enemy tank. A little help here could be the Attack-move onto the key A, trough this they will go to the front and begin to stop and shoot onto enemy tanks when they got into range.
  • Raketenwerfer earns veterancy fast. Higher rate of fire, more survivability, more accuracy, and when they reach vet 5 they have the same range as every other AT gun in the game. They also get automatic camouflage and deal extra damage with the first shot to enemy tanks/vehicles.
  • They can retreat! That's awesome! you don't have to micro the way back home when the enemy is overrunning your position, just press T (or R) and lay back ... well maybe not lay back, but press T (or R) anyway.

The most important thing is to Adapt this guide to your play style! If you got too much manpower and you like to play with infantry, get a second Sturmpioneer, another Volksgrenadiers, etc, you just have to clear out, that you are able to micro them without blobbing. Get your own play style into that guide and try to do the best with it!

I hope i was able to help you a little bit and please leave a comment if you liked it ;)

Good luck Soldat and see you on the Schlachtfeld!
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