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U.S. Forces Commanders

Fall in! Ten-hut!
Welcome to the U.S. Forces Commander Guide for Company of Heroes 2. This guide will describe the commanders available to the U.S. Forces, both "Common" and "Rare." Each commander has five "doctrinal abilities" that are unlocked by command points (CP) as you progress through a multiplayer game. The guide will be updated as new commanders are added or current commanders are changed.

Airborne Company

"Focus your strategy around Allied air superiority. Deploy elite infantry units from the air and support them with weapon drops from cargo planes. If the enemy deploys heavy armor, call in a P-47 Thunderbolt to strafe the target."
1CP - Pathfinders
"The Pathfinders are scout infantry who come in ahead of the main paratrooper forces to mark enemy positions and safe landing zones. A recon squad with excellent sight range and long range firepower. Can camouflage themselves when in cover."


!Pathfinders are a long-range support squad with two sniper rifles. When firing on enemies with low health, Pathfinders have a chance to instantly kill a squad member (100% chance to snipe entities below 40% hit-points on next shot). They have an 80% chance to hit at long range. Use Pathfinders to deploy an Airdrop Beacon that allows Paratroops to drop in safely, and reinforce.Tips from COH2.ORG
2CP - Paradrop .50cal M2HB Heavy Machine Gun
"The venerable and powerful M2HB .50cal heavy machine gun can tackle groups of infantry and has a round capable of penetrating the armor of light vehicles. Effective against massed infantry and light vehicles, but must be properly positioned."

260 7
3CP - Paratroopers
"Paratroopers are elite infantry that are often deployed behind enemy lines to tackle key objectives and sow confusion. Effective at medium range vs infantry. Can be upgraded for improved effectiveness at short or long range."


!Be careful about dropping Paratroopers into the fog of war, too deep behind enemy lines, into forested areas, or urban environments. Unlike in COH1, Paratrooper soldiers can die if they land in trees or other obstacles! Use Pathfinder beacons to reinforce in the field, especially after airdropping an MG or AT gun. Paratroopers can be upgraded with either Thompson SMGs or Browning LMGs, the latter of which are extraordinarily good at long range. So good, in fact, that we recommend you get LMGs every time with the current weapon profile.Tips from COH2.ORG
4CP - Paradrop M1 57mm Anti-Tank Gun
"The M1 57mm is the standard frontline anti-tank gun. Its combination of good penetration and excellent accuracy are needed against heavily armored enemy vehicles. Effective against tanks. Weak to infantry."

270 7
12CP - P-47 Rocket Strike
"A P-47 Thunderbolt will attack vehicles in the targeted area with its 5" High Velocity Aircraft Rockets."

!The P-47 Rocket Strafe is expensive, so use it wisely and in combination with other fighting units. See if you can prevent mobile targets from escaping by getting an engine crit first, then hit them hard with the rockets. The ability deals massive damage, but it is only good against vehicles.Tips from COH2.ORG
Infantry Company

"Infantry combined with artiillery support, hold the enemy in place while bombardin them to dust. Advanced weapons such as the M1919A6 help infantry to hold the line while mobile artillery units move into place to break the attack. When the enemy is locked down, time on target artillery ran rapidly destroy them."
0CP - Riflemen Field Defenses
"Riflemen are trained to build Fighting Positions, lay sandbags for cover, and plant "normal" mines. :snfPeter: "
2CP - M21 Mortar Half-track
"The M21 mounts the M1 81mm mortar on the chassis of a lightly armored half-track. The mortar can fire a variety of barrage rounds. Effective against light static targets and concentrations of infantry."

3CP - M1919A6 Browning LMG
"Provides access to the M1919A6 Browning Light Machine Gun at the base."

!Watch for grenades when in cover using these LMGs.Tips from COH2.ORG
8CP - Time on Target Artillery Barrage
"Calls down a co-ordinated artillery barrage on the target location. The shells land in quick succession."
9CP - M7B1 'Priest' Howitzer Motor Carriage
"The M7B1 'Priest' uses the proven Sherman tank chassis mounting a 105mm howitzer for long range artillery barrages capable of damaging or destroying almost any kind of target. Effective against light static targets and concentrations of infantry."


!The Priest is an artillery platform with a very long range. To protect itself, the Priest can engage targets directly using its 50cal HMG mounted on it, but it can just deal damage vs. infantry and not tanks.Tips from COH2.ORG
Armor Company

"Overwhelm the enemy with elite American armored vehicles and supporting infantry. Assault engineers can clear fortifications to allow vehicles to advance, while Sherman Bulldozers can be used to setup a roadblock or defensive line. The enemy's strongpoints can be bombarded with 240mm artillery prior to an attack."
0CP - Assault Engineer Squad
"Assault Engineers are tough combat troops whose primary tasks are creating or clearing battlefield obstacles and attacking enemy defensive positions. Effective against infantry at close range. No movement penalties when moving through rough terrain. "

280 7

!Assault Engineers are one of the few American units that are capable of being upgraded with flamethrowers, making them very important and useful on city maps with lots of garrison-able buildings. They can also plant demo charges and repair vehicles. Trade with your teammate and take their WC51 Truck for a Pseudo M3-A1 clown car.Tips from COH2.ORG
0CP - Elite Vehicle Crews Upgrade

"Allows Vehicle crews to upgrade to Thompson submachine guns."
8CP - M10 'Wolverine' Tank Destroyer
"The M10 'Wolverine' Tank Destroyer's 3 inch main gun has a decent armor penetration and its mobility allows it to flank the most heavily armored enemy vehicles. Effective against tanks and light vehicles. Weak to anti-tank weaponry."


!The Wolverine should not engage directly with tanks. Its low armor is made up by its speed, so use it as a Hit and Run vehicle versus enemy tanks, and aim for their rear armor.Tips from COH2.ORG
10CP - 105mm Bulldozer Sherman
"The M4A3 Sherman Bulldozer tank is equipped with a 105mm howitzer for engaging infantry and structures. Barriers can be created or destroyed with the bulldozer blade. Can engage infantry and structures, weak to enemy armor."


!The Bulldozer cannot engage armor effectively, but can provide support to tank destroyers and build barriers to provide cover and prevent enemy armor movement.Tips from COH2.ORG
12CP - 240mm Howitzer Barrage
"Call in a 240mm Howitzer barrage to level the target area."
Recon Support Company (Rare)

"Focused on intelligence and reconnaissance, this Company Commander relies on its ability to observe enemy movement and react quickly. This agile Commander will provide vital enemy intel using forward observers and high altitude recon sweeps while also being able to swiftly respond with light operation support in the form of M8 Greyhounds and Airdropped Combat Groups."
1CP - Forward Observers
"Riflemen squads now see further while in cover or garrisoned."

!Hop from building to building to take full advantage of the extra sight range, while also protecting your squad from hidden surprises.Tips from COH2.ORG
2CP - IR Pathfinders
"A squad of I&R (Intelligence and Reconnaissance) Pathfinders can be deployed to the battlefield. These I&R Pathfinders are authorized to call down artillery barrages." "

280 7
3CP - M8 Greyhound
"The M8 Greyhound is a fast armored car that can tackle light vehicles its 37mm main gun. Its canister shot is able to decimate grouped infantry. Effective against light vehicles. Weak vs. tanks and anti-vehicle weaponry."

4CP - Recon Sweep
"A recon plane will do a high altitude sweep of the battlefield."
7CP - Airdropped Combat Group
"Two squads of Paratroopers can be paradropped into the battlefield along with an AT Gun. These Paratroopers are deployed with a random set of equipment."
Mechanized Company (Rare)

"Light Vehicles provide valuable support to advancing American infantry units. Take advantage of a wide range of light US vehicles along with air support, as the battle escalates withdraw lighter units to replace them with more armored counterparts. Heavy artillery can be used to destroy infantry or provide a support role against enemy vehicles."

!Mechanized Company is a great for players who want to field armor early and often. Make your early game Riflemen even harder to deal with by deploying a WC51 Jeep to flank enemy MG-42s and Kubelwagons. Refund the cost of your light vehicles with Withdraw and Refit and use those resources to get heavier armor. When enemy positions prove too tough to break with armored assaults you can rely on the 155mm Barrage to crack them open. Mechanized Company creates a perfect double threat for the enemy: great US infantry and armored support at all stages of the game.Tips from COH2.ORG
0CP - WC51 Military Truck w. .50 cal HMG
"The WC51 Military Truck is a light vehicle with a mounted .50cal and capable of transporting a single squad of troops. Troop transport. Transport a single infantry squad."


! The Jeep has a vehicle crew just like all other tanks so it can repair itself when out of combat and capture points. A squad can ride in the back of the Jeep but they will die if the Jeep dies. An extremely useful unit that pushes the US early game to a new level. If in a 2v2+ with an Armor company teammate,disembark the crew and give it to your Armor Company teammate with flamer assault engineers for a USF clown car.Tips from COH2.ORG
2CP - Withdraw and Refit
"US Forces vehicle units can be withdrawn from the battle for a return of resources."

!Units that withdraw with this ability refund 75% of their cost back to your resources. The unit will move to the edge of the map and disappear. The process cannot be reversed. Replace your WC51 and other vehicles when the battlefield becomes too dangerous for them! Remember, the crew of the vehicle is lost when you Withdraw and Refit it. Save your best veteran crews by replacing them with cheap Rear Echelon squads.Tips from COH2.ORG
3CP - M3 Half-track Assault Group
"The open-topped M3 is spacious enough to carry two squads and its .50 cal heavy machine gun provides good firepower. Transports infantry. Transported troops can fire out of the M3. Light armor is easily penetrated."


!The Assault Engineers in the back can be upgraded with a Flamethrower and fire out of the back of the M3 Halftrack. They can also lay AT mines and battlefield defenses. Be aware that the M3 Half-track is lightly armored,and not durable,with only 200 hitpoints. -- small arms fire will hurt it, so be sure to repair it in between attacks.Tips from COH2.ORG
4CP - Recon Sweep
"A recon plane will do a high altitude sweep of the battlefield."

!Recon Sweep targets a line across the map and gives brief vision across that line. You can choose the direction that the plane will fly.Tips from COH2.ORG
8CP - 155mm Artillery Barrage
"Call in a 155mm artillery attack on the target location. These powerful shells will kill infantry and damage vehicles."

!This is one of the most well rounded artillery strikes that the US Forces get. The shells start dropping quickly and offer a strong payload. This is a solid barrage that is effective against all targets.Tips from COH2.ORG
Rifle Company (Rare)

"The Rifleman is the backbone of the American army emphasizing the American doctrine of versatility and individual firepower. Rifleman receive additional time in training to be more experienced against multiple threats as well as having access to more versatile weapon packages. Mobile vehicles and a smokescreen can be used to support the rifleman advance."
0CP - Fire Up
"Allow Riflemen squads to move faster for a period of time, but with a debuff to their speed afterwards."

!Use this ability to cleverly flank weapon teams and out-manuever to enemy squads. Squads cannot fire on the move while this ability is active.Tips from COH2.ORG
0CP-M4A3 Sherman 'Easy Eight'
"The M4A3E8 'Easy Eight' is the pinnacle of Sherman development. This mobile and accurate tank uses the smoother HVSS suspension and a stronger M1 76mm main gun than the standard tank. Can engage all targets, fires effectively while moving."

!The Sherman "Easy Eight" provides mobile firepower greater than the standard Sherman. It was nicknamed thusly because this version had the new HVSS (Horizontal Volute Spring Suspension) suspension type which unlike previous Shermans, gave a smooth, "easy", ride. This Sherman is buildable from the Battalion Command Post as a passive commander ability,meaning you can build it at any time(no command point restriction) as long as you have selected Rifle Company and have the Battalion command post unlocked.Tips from COH2.ORG
0CP- Flamethrowers
"Rear Echelon squads can be upgraded with a flamethrower."

!The US Forces lack a flamethrower in their base faction, and Flamethrowers add a boost to firepower and garrison clearing ability.Tips from COH2.ORG
2CP-Riflemen Flares
"Allow Riflemen squads to fire flares to reveal the target area."

6CP - White Phosphorous Smoke Barrage
"A white phosphorous smoke barrage is fired at the target area. This will obscure the sight of units and damage infantry over time."

!Use White Phosphorous to obscure an advance, or cover a retreat. The added bonus of doing damage over time against infantry can help simultaneously clear AT Guns, Machine Guns, and other weapon teams before an advance. If the opponent attempts to move out of the smoke they can be caught off guard by an assault. The phosphorous itself won't kill the enemy units, but it can take them down to 1 hit-point.Tips from COH2.ORG
Heavy Cavalry Company
0CP- Rifleman Field Defenses
"Riflemen are trained to build Fighting Positions, lay sandbags for cover, and plant "normal" mines. "
1CP- Offmap Smoke Barrage

"A smoke barrage is fired at the target area. This will obscure the sight of units. Blocks sight of weapon teams and is cheap and fast to recharge. "
!Use this smoke to obscure an advance, or cover a retreat. If the opponent attempts to move out of the smoke they can be caught off guard by an assault. .Tips from COH2.ORG
3CP- Ranger Squad

"Veteran and well trained Rangers are close ranged infantry who can fight everything from infantry to light vehicles when properly equipped. They are the badasses of the US Army. Ranger squad comes equipped with 5 carbine rifles and Can upgrade to 4x Thompson SMGs for 90 munitions. Effective at close and medium range vs infantry. Can pick up a variety of weapons from the Weapon Rack.when not equipped with thompsons. Rangers have a cooked grenade."
400 10
4CP-Combined Arms

"Vehicles and infantry within a radius of 30 ingame meters will coordinate together to improve their potency. Lasts 30 seconds,so time well."

!"Infantry: -20% Reload +30% Accuracy, +35% sight
Vehicle: +35% sight, -30% Reload, +5 range"Stats from COH2.ORG
13CP- M26 Pershing
"The M26 Pershing is the pinnacle of United States Tank development. This monster uses A strong M3 90mm main gun, the same used on the M36 Jackson.Can engage all targets."

!Definitely fight Heavy Tanks toe-to-toe. Use your range advantage(45) and/or a spotter vs other heavy tanks. Use the Combined Arms ability to further exacerbate this range advantage.Tips from COH2.ORG
Tactical Support Company

3CP- Browning M1919A6 Light Machine Gun
"Provides access to the M1919A6 Browning Light Machine Gun at the base."

!Watch for grenades when in cover using these LMGs.Tips from COH2.ORG
3CP- M5 Halftrack
"Light halftrack that can hold up to two squads which can shoot out of the back of the vehicle. Allows nearby squads to reinforce similarly to the HQ. Can be upgraded with anti-air machine guns that are strong against infantry, light vehicles, and aircraft, although it can no longer hold infantry. Best in a support role.More durable than the Mechanized Company M3 Halftrack."

!You cannot reinforce with the quad-mount upgrade.Tips from COH2.ORG
4CP- P47 Recon Loiter
"A recon plane will do a high altitude loiter of target area. Can be shot down unlike the Recon Sweep ability."

6 CP- P47 Strafing Run
"A P47 will perform a single high speed anti infantry strafe."
10CP - T34 Sherman Calliope
"An M4 Sherman fitted with multiple rocket launcher tubes. Munitions are not needed to fire the barrage. "Cannot fire its main gun.""

!The Sherman calliope is helpless to direct enemy assaults. Protect it with other units. It may look like a tank, but it is not a tank. It is a rocket launcher.Tips from COH2.ORG
At Ease! Fall Out!
The tools are at your fingertips. Get out there an use them. France, Belgium and the Netherlands ain't gonna liberate themselves! It's on you, noble young Commander. As in the motto of the mighty 101st Screaming Eagles, you sir, have a rendezvous with destiny.
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