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Making the Comet Work-As Is

1 Oct 2019, 03:25 AM
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Hey all,

I've been experimenting with UKF and was intrigued by the "buff" to the Comet with September patch. I've been trying to go hammer tactics in my games with limited success.

Have any of you figured out how to make the Comet Work, what mix of units does it need to surround/support it?

It seems best held back a bit until it gets to 2, then use as executioner to Chase down and finish injured tanks or inf units...
1 Oct 2019, 13:51 PM
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Unless you get 2 comets, use it like a slightly better Cromwell, namely against infantry, it can hold its own against panzer 4 and panther if you got nearby AT guns however it is more focused at infantry still
14 Oct 2019, 01:11 AM
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I've been pretty successful with UKF over the last couple days and I've only gone Hammer tactics. Basically I build 3 - 4 infantry sections and an MG. Then Go AEC with a double PIAT equipped RE sqaud and an AT gun. This is usually enough to hold enemy vehicles at bay while you work toward your first Comet and the build order should allow for two. I find it to be a pretty decent tank. I think maybe they should lower the fuel cost down to 170 and leave it there. It easily outmatches either Panzer IV and can flank very well.
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