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USF vs Ostheer 4v4

29 Sep 2019, 12:49 PM
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I am struggling to beat USF in 4v4. I will briefly describe how most matches turn out for me.
Early on I have a hard time against USF grenades. Usually my MG42s are intented to stop the USF Rifleman, because my grenadiers fail to do that, but any good USF just pops some smoke around my position and rushes me with multiple grenades.
If I manage to survive this assault the lieutenant and M20 hit the field, which greatly boost the early game power of my opponent. Getting down some mines usually saves the day for me.
However when the USF get their forward retreat point they usually wear me down with arty and rifleman blobs. The main problem at this stage is, that the USF player can afford much more retreating and is able to repair his tanks way faster, because he does not need engineers.

I have tried various builds and doctrines to find a good strategy against USF, but it feels like USF is much more forgiving than Ostheer right now. Do you have any good strategy,build or doctrine suggestion, which works well against USF?

Short Summary:

Main Advantages USF has:

-early grenades easily wipe mgs
-grenadiers can´t stand their ground against rifles
-lieutenant and M20 boost early game power
-forward retreat point when major approaches the battleground
-better indirect fire options (pack howitzer and doctrinal abilities)
-ranger squads with bazookas shred any german armour
-faster tank repair speed, because USF does not need engineers
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