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Shock Troop Producrion in HQ

3 Jun 2019, 05:09 AM
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I am trying to add shock troop production from the HQ building. Here's the function:

function Mission_SetupRestrictions()

-- // Player 1 //

--Player_SetMaxPopulation(player1, CT_Personnel, 30)

-- // Abilities //

Player_SetSquadProductionAvailability(player1, SBP.SOVIET.SHOCK_TROOPS, ITEM_DEFAULT)
Player_SetSquadProductionAvailability(player1, SBP.SOVIET.PENAL_BATTALION, ITEM_UNLOCKED)

--Player_AddAbility(player1, BP_GetAbilityBlueprint("frontoviki_conscript_dispatch"))
Player_SetEntityProductionAvailability(player1, EBP.SOVIET.TANK_DEPOT, ITEM_REMOVED)
Player_SetEntityProductionAvailability(player1, EBP.SOVIET.MOTORPOOL, ITEM_REMOVED)
Player_SetEntityProductionAvailability(player1, EBP.SOVIET.WEAPON_SUPPORT_CENTER, ITEM_REMOVED)
Player_SetEntityProductionAvailability(player1, EBP.SOVIET.BARRACKS, ITEM_REMOVED)

Modify_AbilityRechargeTime(player1, ABILITY.SOVIET.BASE_CONSCRIPT_DISPATCH, 0.7)

-- // Units //
--Cmd_Upgrade(player3, BP_GetUpgradeBlueprint("mission01_upgrade"), 1, true)
--Player_CompleteUpgrade(player1, UPG.SOVIET.SHOCK_TROOPS)

-- // Resources //
-- Starting
Player_SetResource(player1, RT_Manpower, 1000)
Player_SetResource(player1, RT_Munition, 1000)
Player_SetResource(player1, RT_Fuel, 1000)
--Player_SetResource(player1, RT_Command, 100)

-- Rates
Modify_PlayerResourceRate(player1, RT_Munition, 1.5, MUT_Multiplication)
Modify_PlayerResourceRate(player1, RT_Fuel, 1.5, MUT_Multiplication)
-- Caps
Modify_PlayerResourceCap(player1, RT_Manpower, 1501, MUT_Addition)
Modify_PlayerResourceCap(player1, RT_Munition, 501, MUT_Addition)
Modify_PlayerResourceCap(player1, RT_Fuel, 201, MUT_Addition)


I've been able to remove individual troops from base buildings as well as removed the ability to build the buildings, but haven't been able allow Shock Troops be produced like they are in the campaign.

Any help is appreciated!
3 Jun 2019, 21:35 PM
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Keep in mind that there are separate single-player and multi-player entities and squads. So, I would guess that those SP squads are not in the MP entity's spawnable squads.
4 Jun 2019, 08:40 AM
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Yeah, I made sure to not use the mp version that was showing in the Attribute Editor, but they still won't appear in the HQ. I was able to get shock troop dispatch to show with the following:



But unfortunately it won't actually spawn the troops when I press the dispatch button for some reason.
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