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9 May 2019, 12:21 PM
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Hallo Foxes,

Hope you guys going fine, either Unkle Sam's fellows, Gran' Father Stalin's conscripts, Queen's defenders, or Axis soldaten.

As a USF player, I usually goes for (spam) the Heavy Cavalry Commander, who can say "no" to Field's Defences (Sandbags spam, Mines + Fighting Pits), a decent Smoke Artillery, the Mighty Rangers a.k.a "Battlefields' Gods", the only Heavy Tank available by the USF, the powerful Land Raider hm M26 Pershing gunned in 90mm, and should I not forget effective Combined Arms.
Also got a longdate crush with Airborne, those scouts Pathfinders, extremely efficient AI Paratroopers, MG or ATGun drop to skip a Tier + P47 Strike (RIP).
Recon Support is fine too, but I think it was better with an ATGun on the Paras Force Drop, still love those stealth Parazookas tho', really fun to play, special mention to the M8 Greyhound and his Cannister Shot, plus the Clusters Bombs Drop ability.

But here's not the matter, I wanna hear more about your experiences, feelings and possibly tactics/strategies about the Mechanized Company.
I must admit that I really appreciate the recent rework, I didn't try this Commander so hard before the add of the Lightweighted Rangers, those Cavalry Riflemen are serious troubles when it comes to throw an AT Statchel or waving Thompon's up (and M3 Grease Gun).
They got also Smok'nade which comes out pretty useful in many scenarios, a good alternative to our standard Riflemen-6-pack, zbs on urban maps.
The extra ability as far as I understand act like kind of a suppresive/slow in exchange of acuracy ? Or maybe I'm telling sh*t
A pretty potent unit IMO, that can filled up both AT and AI tasks.
To conclude it's a great versatile unit, that suits perfectly in the USF mantra, able to go harass trough enemy lines, flanking Crew Weapons or damaged Armor, tough enough to hold their ground versus most units of the game when Vetted up.

The WC51 can possibly be your prelude to YellowSchoolBus, either another wreck on the field due to its fragility.
However it's as fast as it is fragile, with a bit micro, you won't let a rest to your opponment, scouting and cutting his lines off.
Can be upgrade with .50cal MG (is this the same as the M2HB?), it's like gambling, that said, it's always nice to roam on the field chasing retreating units while firing at them.
Plus it allows you to deploy the Dog alone, by giving it some self-defense fire power, in order to harass.
Even better when you hop'on some Cav'Rifles or Lt/Cpt, this way they can obliterate squads, untill there's no valuable AT support around.
Still works with standard Rifles even with RE's, those lasts are not the best pick, but hey when it's war everything is still better than nothing.
The Arty Barrage at 180 Ammu' is a lil'BigBang, that can took out buildings or static defence lines.
One thing exclusive to this 4*4 is the ability to mark enemy Armor, amplifying the damages taken.
It's also cool to see the good old Jeep from CoH1 coming back from West Coast Customs, pimped asf*ck.

M3 Half-track is a nice and fast two squad cargo, wellknown as "Bazooka Bus" thx to Twisted Tootsy (Big Up), if you don't know that guy, can be worth to check his replays out, really interesting moves and tactics, dare to be ballzy.
This Light Vehicle comes in with an MG on top to provide support, and most valuable thing to me, can serve as an auxiliary 3/4 Ton Ambulance + Medipacks drop.
It has a really good synergy with Infantry, to sustain your frontline and follow the bending of it.
Another versatile thing to our Arsenal, which allows to launch fast Raids/Flanks with squads on board, and react faster to enemy's moves by moving your owns faster on the field, but keep in mind to not roam in War Fog without being a bit aware of what's on your way, 'cuz a simple Raketen or any ATGun can be a serious threat, Puma's and Armor too if you don't get Bazookas inside (a Minesweeper is also very effective, not versus Armor ofc), or a Light/Medium Armor escort (the M5 Stuart suits perfectly to this task, the M20 is still a potent/valuable pick, Mediums Tanks simply f*ck da way).

The contested Mortar Half-track (M-Idontremember), some says it's effiecent as a Pinguin attempting Handjob, others claims it's a decent call-in of a mobile Mortar, which is a bit inaccurate got-to-say, however what I love most about this mobile support is the possibility to spread four differents type of Strikes/Barrages.
Ain't got so much to say about the regular one, not so accurate (again) so you never know how effiecient will it be, but it's steal an area denying tool.
Smoke,.. I mainly play USF because of Smokes, such a blessing, many uses availables except damage makin', in Armor fights you better remember to use Smokes, and think/react fast 'cuz they need a few sec to get deployed (from M4 Sherman) but it trully make a difference to me.
This applys also, as everybody should known, with Infantry moves, Lt/Cpt Cavalry Rifles RE's got them, and offcourse our Mortar Half-track.
Use theses without restrictions but wisely, for capping, cover approaches/flanks, caetera..
Let's speak about a lovely thing called White Phosphorous, simply terrific, perfect area denying effects, some MG's nesting in buildings?
No problem, bring them Hell in a rain of burning Phosphorous Gaz.
Want to totaly deny a VP for a moment or break an incomming charge ?
Let it go, Infantry won't be able to stay in position or go through the area.
At last but not least, H.E.A.T charges, when you spot Armor group or a damaged Armor getting repaired, strike with this efficient AT shells.
They deal a ton of damage IMO, enough to deny Medium, and in smaller proportions, Heavy Tanks.
Those two lasts specials shells are exculise to this Mortar unit, or you should go for Pack Howitzer.
In a few words, a potent indirect mobile fire support, the counterpart takes form by its chronicle inaccuracy and the typical Half-track vulnerability.

Here comes the M4 Sherman 76mm gunned, less AI power then the regular, great AT compared to his lil'brother, a strong add to your Armor, ja it cannot go toe-to-toe with Tigers but this is Mister Jackson's duty, to deal with Heavy Armor at maximum range, as far as possible.
Sherman 76 want to face off Medium Armor properly, those PIII / IV couldn't ignore its threat, cuz' it can deal serious damage with special AP round and got a decent rate of fire, enough to stand his corner, still preferable to support it with some AT or MG, at least give it Rifles or RE's.
With the .50 cal upgrade, it has some solutions to throw Infantry away from it, despite the lack of HE rounds "Squadkiller".
Same as on the 75mm (and most USF units), never underestimate the Smoke abilities, to cover your advance/flanks/retreat, block sightline, blinding Weapons' Team and Armor, these can stop an incoming attack/flank when properly used.
IMO it's a really good alternative to the standard M4, as many availables units by this Commander are, solids alternatives to regulars' ones.

I did forget to speak about the Dozer' Blade upgrade on the 75mm, which allows it to set up and destroy road blocks that can act as green cover, and go through trees/walls like if it was an Heavy Tank.
Pretty useful on forest maps to clear the way or either create news ones, still can be used on others maps to block a path, or provides cover to your Infantry.

At 4 CP comes Combined Arms, which with so much Light Vehicles, and Armor affordables, comes out incredibly strong for a quick hit hard raid supported by Infantry, in order to protect the flanks and cap the owned ground.
This sinergy get optimal with the two exclusives troops transports which when loaded with units still apply the effects to each others.
Just got to think about activate it, sometimes it's harder than it seems to remind it, but when you do, it provides really nice bonus either to your Infantry or Armor.
It's like the quintessence of the Mechanized Company, reliable to nearly all units.
I would said it's more an aggressive competence (designed for Assaults), but still works in defense.

That's almost an Introduction of what I got to say about the specifics units and aspects that brings this Commander in game.
Many Light Vehicles added, to work on your early/mid game to ensure late, plus a great synergy with Infantry and Armor.
Without omitting the awesome flanking potential provided by those lasts.
Here is the results from my personal feelings about Mechanized, which is currently my beloved pick.
Otherwise I know there is plenty more to develop, an that's what I'm lookin' for.

What about you Generals ? How do you feel about this Company ? Did you even tried it ?

And remember : "Chill out ! War is over".
9 May 2019, 12:54 PM
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Mechanized is the most popular doctrine at high level, mostly because of the WC51 and Cavalry Rifles.

Against Ostheer, the WC51 is a 200 MP 45 FU Universal Carrier that they can't really do anything about for a few minutes. Cav Rifles are CQC infantry with snares, something Ostheer struggles to fight off.

Against OKW, you stick the Cav Rifles in the back of the WC51 and wipe all their squads on retreat.
10 May 2019, 11:31 AM
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Mechanized is the most popular doctrine at high level, mostly because of the WC51 and Cavalry Rifles.

Against Ostheer, the WC51 is a 200 MP 45 FU Universal Carrier that they can't really do anything about for a few minutes. Cav Rifles are CQC infantry with snares, something Ostheer struggles to fight off.

Against OKW, you stick the Cav Rifles in the back of the WC51 and wipe all their squads on retreat.

First of all thx for the reply, and intels sharing.

Good to know that this Doctrine is among Top Picks atm.

Indeed Cav'Rifles loaded up in WC51, providing them a f*kin good green cover, plus those Thompsons' up, and MG upgrade, it deals a brutal amount of damages.
And then you find yourself playing Madmax Fury Road roaming up the field firing as a damned, pretty cool.

There you got a solid mobile AI firepower, dat can spit the sh*t out from many units and chase them to Hell (to wipe it as you say).
Still got to be careful about any forms of AT, Raketen, Panzerfaust,.. (even MG's bydaway).

In time of crisis or before you got 1CP to call-in Cavalry, you can still hop on some regular Rifles or even RE's, it can deals some good early trades with a bit macro.
Even if you got to decrew it in order to got an extra squad with MP before the MG upgrade.

It also allows us to diversify our early game's tactics, I mean, it's a one squad cargo T0, it gaves full green cover like a Fighting Pit.
Yes it's fragile, BUT it's mobile, and as you write it down, it get really low threats in the first minutes.

Oh ok it works as a snare, I didn't use it so much, mostly throwing AT Statchel or Smoke's.
Still a valuable thing to know anyway.
11 May 2019, 02:57 AM
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Don't get too attached to this Commander, it's gonna get neutered soon.
11 May 2019, 15:40 PM
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Don't get too attached to this Commander, it's gonna get neutered soon.

If by 'neutered' you mean 'can't wipe every squad that dares retreat' then sure.

It'll still be in the top tier of USF commanders.
11 May 2019, 18:18 PM
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If by 'neutered' you mean 'can't wipe every squad that dares retreat' then sure.

It'll still be in the top tier of USF commanders.

I certainly won't be using it anymore and won't miss it.
After all, the MHT is in another Commander more suited to use it, Dozerblades with the new hotness, CA is on HC and so on.
12 May 2019, 19:39 PM
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Don't get too attached to this Commander, it's gonna get neutered soon.

On this point (nerf), I couldn't agreed more, it's just a matter of patchs (weeks/month) before it get nerfed, however I hope not so hard, or it will go back to trash container, where lays wasted Doctrines.
I did forgot to point this out, maybe cuz' I dont wanna think about it atm cuz' I really appreciate this Company's design.
Better enjoy the possibilities this Commander brings us, when it's still a valuable load out (do Germans says OP?).

When the nerf will fall, still hoping for a soft/light balance btw, that Relic don't end the thing, maybe by a few minor adjustments if needed.
Either way, if it becomes really useless and not a bit viable anymore, I guess imma go back to the Old but Gold Heavy Cavalry/Airborne, solids picks.

That said, in case of a meant-to-kill nerf, I'll miss this awesome Doctrine, which fits perfectly in the USF mantra IMO, be aggressive on the field, adapt yourself to the circumstances, put pressure, don't let them breath, be on their back and ribs at the same time.
Be flexible, bend your frontline but don't break it, supported by your Light Vehicles (WC51, M3 & Mortar Half-track) while your Cav'Rifles, Team Gun and Mediums goes through.
Or gave your opponment some ground if it's worth for striking back/flanking or set up a trap.
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