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Plz buff USF sound effects

Buff USF sound
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17 Feb 2019, 00:32 AM
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As an american I love big things even if they're dumb. Playing with USF in this game doesn't quite seem to capture the american spirit.

From a game mechanics perspective I think USF is just fine, but it feels like such a lame faction aesthetically. It's taken me a bit of time to realize quite what it is, but I think I've finally figured it out.

The soundscape for USF weapons is just lame. If I'm gonna play USF I want to hear the M2 thundering on the battlefield, but instead it gets drowned out by the MG42 and MG34. The BARs sound like silenced pistols.

Plz review the following shell size comparison: https://imgur.com/a/M4SrMqx

Hitler's buzzsaw puts out a lot of rounds, and the sound team did a great job of capturing it, but it fires the 7.92×57mm. There's no way in hell it should be drowning out the mighty 50 BMG (12.7×99mm for you sissy metric users). The ROF is lower on the M2, but if I'm playing USF I want to hear every single bullet it fires.

This is a clear and cut case of axis bias.

While we're on this topic, the BAR sounds awful. It too shouldn't be getting drowned out by MG42s as it fires a nearly identical round. It sounded so great in COH. What's with this pathetic thing we have now?
17 Feb 2019, 00:58 AM
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25 Feb 2019, 13:53 PM
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I’m all for the changes. I think that P47 should come with its own music - and of course it would be that famous theme “‘Murica - Fuck yeah!”
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