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Any guide or build order still around?

14 Feb 2019, 02:07 AM
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Quitted COH2 since late 2016, is there still some guide around?
100% forget how to play this game.
14 Feb 2019, 02:59 AM
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Haven't seen many guides lately. I'd suggest watching streams, spectating top level games and looking for interesting casts to find good strategies.
14 Feb 2019, 09:01 AM
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Go recon as usf, overwatch as okw, royal artillery as ukf, something with guards or if map suits shocks (really strong atm) as soviet and as ostheer you kinda have a choice, no real powerhouse doctrine for them
14 Feb 2019, 10:40 AM
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Specific answer would need some more information on what u want to do, which faction, infantrie, support weapons etc
14 Feb 2019, 15:58 PM
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Specific answer would need some more information on what u want to do, which faction, infantrie, support weapons etc

UK and OKW I suppose, Ostheer seems like COH1 wehr which should be fine.
A two years gap seems like things were changed a lot.

- Infantry not spawning out of the map border, come out from the buildings
- Elite Ostheer commander cannot buy vet
- OKW truck systems changed a lot
- Was Kubel changed?
- Volks have no screck !?
- WTF happened to penals? PTRS? sticky?

22 Feb 2019, 12:22 PM
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OKW Shreck was dropped as the shreck blobs negated light vehicle play and vetted them up too fast for you to really counter effectively. The shreck was handed off to the Sturmpio and replaced by the STG44 package (you know the things Overs would get for picking Special Ops).

OKW tech was shuffled as was Soviet and USF tech. USF can now pick to pay the fuel cost to unlock the vehicles so they aren't forced to go without an AT gun or an MG unlike the axis factions. But, they MUST pay for a research to unlock the vehicles before getting the major so the fuel cost is the same practically it just gives you more control. Want AT guns but a flak track? go for it. AT guns and Stewie? sure, your choice now. Plus USF has a mortar now as being the only faction without one sucked D.

Brits have a mortar as a call in for 1 specific doctrine but im not sure anyone uses it. Emplacements were heavily nerffed and received a slight decrease (400 manpower to 350 for mortar pit). They're pretty easily countered if they are placed aggressively.

OKW Flak bases got nerffed and so did OKW flak emplacements as they hard counters any recon play in smaller games. The flakks emplacements do alright, they are far more sturdy, cant be decrewed easily. But the OKW Flak base you have to activate the flak everytime you want it (its free) its not as effective as it was, but it's decent and far more balanced.

Rakenten got a buff, highly accurate now, only ever see it bounce on heavies if it does. They removed ground collision from its trajectory so it never seems to hit the ground and increased its accuracy. It still remains more fragile, but it's still got stealth, moving in stealth, can be in a building, and can retreat (unlike any other AT gun).

Soviets got a HUGE tweak if you were gone for 2yrs. They slowly fell into being the worst faction what with the OKW buffs/nerfs and the OST getting buffs to tanks (their panther is now as good as the OKW). Panthers lost armor, but gained HP so they were more reliable to murder but still very hardy. Soviet Su-76 got nerffed hard, but they buffed the SU-85 to be a formiddable tank destroyer, he can counter tanks well just like a Jagpanzer and STUG, while not being able to duel german TD's its still very reliable. They made it very accurate, higher pen, but it fires probably slower than any other TD. They also removed its Vet2 bonus of 35% reload speed. Basically, you had to vet an su85 for it to not be a garbage 150 fuel investment, now it's good.

T-34 is hot garbage vs any tanks, but its like a big boy T-70. T-70 became meta and godlike for awhile, but tweaks have it now just a very good unit. Guardsman got a buff, Shocks got a buff, Penals got a buff, and all machine guns got changed a bit. The maxim isn't hot garbage, but its still the worst MG out there, all firing arcs for MG's got homogenized. Maxim cant sprint anymore tho, but can sustain fire...

T3 Soviets doesnt have the T34, its in T4.... uhh.. it sounds like from your comments you mostly play axis asall your comments are related to axis tech. Elite infantry got nerffed because spamming vet3 squads was too insane, it costed fuel but you got the whole map so who cares. Kubel can detect vehicles now, is a scout, caps faster but they gave OKW an MG to build to give them a suppression platform. Obers got cheaper and far more durable, gun upgrades cheaper (cause they were too fragile, too high cost, and died easily).

A really big change you'll notice the more you get back into it is that losing squads is much harder. Nades wont often wipe squads unless it's a bundle, or a rifle nade, Shock nade, etc. It tends to be the more elite grenades that pack a huge punch. But mostly squads will limp away with a man or two left. This has made axis a bit more durable, the 4 man squads can take a beating. Though, this has also made it harder to wipe retreating squads. Landmines can only murder a max of 2 entities, I believe that is hard coded.

I'm mostly an allied player, but thats because I prefer the playstyle of weaker, less specialized units using combined arms to take down monstrous tanks like the elephant, tiger, king tiger. It's a feel good moment for me to take down these big badass tanks. Playing axis isn't the same, it's more of a.. elite few against a horde which is somehow less appealing. But that's slowly shifting, the balance has made the IS-2, ISU-152, Churchill Crocodile and the Pershing a real menace. Allied Anti-tank is probably the best it's ever been, and so swapping the sides of the coin more often than not now it's starting to feel the same way.

Though, queing as allies is always so much faster, whether or not axis or allies having a slightly larger win rate, I've always found it much faster to find a game as allies. I mean, we all must remember the 90% axis, 10% allies search queues from days of old ? Every friend I get into the game wants to play Wehrmecht because they are easier to pickup, just harder to master. But to each their own.

Hope those quick notes helped. It's a very different game but almost no unit this patch feels gimped.
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