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Rename penals + commander suggestion

11 Jan 2019, 05:08 AM
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Rename the T1 penals to strelki and change the visual of the model to that of frontoviki... retain all stats...(maybe) benefits from conscript bulletins or rename the only existing penal bulletin...

Purely cosmetic changes...

Commander suggestion:
Penal battalion tactis

This commander functions as a real penal bat to unleash the desperate horror of the red army against the fascist invader!

0cp shtraftniki/penal bats...

6 man squad 3 with freely tranferable conscript mosin nagants... can merge cap and recrew weapon teams but no other ability...
150mp squad

3cp NKVD commissar...
requisitions an nkvd commissar

3cp commissar execution...
commissar executes a soldier... all soldiers near commissar gets for the motherland like stat boosts...

5cp comrade vasily zaitsev...
A special sniper with longer sight and higher rof is requisitioned... special ability reveals cloaked units within firing range...

8cp victory or death...
All retreating units are killed for 30 seconds... no unit can get suppressed and gets for the motherland stat boosts...

11 Jan 2019, 11:29 AM
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I would lke to remind about possible UI and visual support.

Variant 1:

1. We take model of guards without green coat and give it to "penals". It looks like on the screens below:

2. Rename them in the "Strelky" (Riflemen in russian), or Riflemen, or Regular Infantry Squad.
3. Change their portrait to match with new model.
4. Give them neutral voicelines. Before neutral voicelines, but for tanks, get Soviet Sherman.

Variant 2:

1. We take model of guards without green coat and give it to conscripts.

2. Give model of conscripts to "penals".
3. Rename "penals" in the "Strelky" (Riflemen in russian), or Riflemen, or Regular Infantry Squad.
4. Change portraits of "Strelky" and conscripts to match with new model.
5. Give neutral voicelines to "Strelky".

Design stuff for this change (portraits by Kasarov):

P.S. I don't like this commander suggestion. It's extremely stereotyped. My post only about penals and strelky change.
11 Jan 2019, 11:43 AM
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Id like to see the old Penals anti-garrison make a comeback.

Unfortunately some Relic friends dont like them.
11 Jan 2019, 11:47 AM
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Like it. Do it.

Edit: instead of the killing ability it could be a suppression-ramove ability. One squad-member get shot by an officer to motivate for a new engagement. Removes the suppresion for 3 sec.

I also want so see:

- Assault-pios get the ptrs-upgrade.
- Cons get AT-grenade and Molotov.
- New Riflemen are long-range only, get a MG-upgrade.
- New Penals (commander) get the explosive.
11 Jan 2019, 12:28 PM
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i like option 2 Osinyagov... make it happen!
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