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Guide to beating Sim City in 1v1 as OKW

3 Jan 2019, 17:39 PM
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Because of a certain streamer, I've seen Advanced Emplacements being used more often in 1v1 automatch. I doubted its effectiveness at first, but it can actually be very strong. Especially on maps where a single Bofors can cover 1 VP and 1 Fuel or 2 VP's. Think of Langreskaya or Angoville as an example. The particular Advanced Emplacement strat I'm talking about combines atleast a Bofors, Mortar pit and Forward Repair Assembly with trench spam and a Vickers, followed up with tanks. A Universal Carrier, Sapper blob (low pop cap) and AT gun wall are also common. After some trial-and-error I came up with this guide to counter Advanced Emplacements even if it has reached its critical stage. You can identify your opponent going Sim City early on if you pay attention to the following red flags:
- The enemy has the Advanced Emplacements doctrine.
- The enemy has emplacement bulletins.
- The map you're playing on works well with Sim City.
- Your opponent isn't pushing as hard as he can; you suspect he's building up his city.
- He keeps his main force around the center.
- There's no AEC on the field around the 6-7 minute mark.
- You feel you have more units on the field than your opponent.
- You see Tommies making trenches in suspicious areas.
This guide focuses on OKW, which IMO has a harder time of dealing with this, because of the lack of strong tools like snipers, flame units, 60 range AT-guns and reinforce halftracks, among other things. The guide is mostly meant for 1v1, because I lack the experience for team games. When well-executed, it should counter Advanced Emplacements when up against a lower or equally skilled player, while giving a fighting chance against higher skilled opponents.

Basic army composition
1 Sturmpio. Optionally upgrade them with a shreck, this saves manpower instead of going for another Raketen. Sim City players don't tend to build mines early on, because they need to spend their munitions on fortifying and slot weapons to maximize their defense. Get them in a nearby garrison once the Bofors braces, to help killing it. Can also help harassing if the shreck is not needed.
3 Volks. They don't trade well with units in trenches, so you have to waste flame nades. Therefore, save your resources until you get 1 CP for Jaegers. Use the Volks to harrass the flanks, defend/grab
Raketens and throw flame nades when needed. Generally don't prioritize STG's over G43's, lava nades, FTFL or Goliaths.
2-3+ Raketens. Get these as soon as you see an emplacement being set up. 2+ Raketens combined with 1+ Jaegers becomes a really effective combination to deal with emplacements. Place them manually to stay out of the (attack ground) range of the Bofors. They will slightly outrange it. A good guideline is having the third arrow of the arc touch the 40mm gun inside the emplacement. Reposition them immediately if the enemy uses the suppressive barrage, which has a long cooldown. They can also be used to destroy trenches, but make sure they are ungarrisoned or they'Il have low accuracy.
2-3 Light Jaegers. Can scout for the Raketens because of their long sight range and trade somewhat favorably with Tommies in trenches if you soften them up with a LEIG and use FTFL. Try making use of the ambush bonus.
0-1 HMG. Get one if the enemy likes counterattacking your Raketens. Use it conservatively at first, then use it more aggressively after the biggest threats are down, to solidify your advantage.
1 LEIG. Put it on hold fire and use the barrage ability to soften up enemy units in trenches. This way the Jaegers can easily take them out with their crit bonus. Always place a shift-move command to avoid the counterbarrage and mortars. You can also use the smoke barrage to counter the Vickers. Don't use it against emplacements if it can be used against other targets, the repair automatrons will nullify its low dps. I strongly prefer Raketens over LEIG's when facing emplacements, which can't be counterbatteried and can counter tanks.
Either Panther or JP4 + P4 combo. The Panther is a great match for any tank the British can field. It can survive almost any engagement with superior armor, HP and speed. The JP4 can also work if you favor a more cautious approach. The P4 doesn't really cut it as a breakthrough tank against Sim City and gets countered by the Firefly/Comet/Churchill, so consider if it will help you. You could also get Obers from the Schwerer if you lose a squad, but keep in mind that Jaegers are more manpower efficient against Tommies in green cover, (but less efficient against Bren blobs).

Overwatch doctrine abilities (early-late game counter).
I argue this to be the superior doctrine against Sim City throughout the match. Jaegers solve both the sight problem and the trench problem. The flares and forward receivers are always useful and the other abilities can be really strong too. Scavenge could also work as Jaeger doctrine, but the infiltration nades, Ostwind and howi are IMO less useful than the Overwatch abilities against Sim City.

Goliath. Instakills any non-braced emplacement and does great damage to braced emplacements (40% to 80%). Bait a brace on the Bofors, then advance the Goliath with the cover of smoke from the LEIG. Often, the enemy has no way to react outside of attack grounding with PIAT's or AT guns, which is unreliable. Very much worth it, if you're able to pull it off. If not, upgrades and other abilities are probably a better idea.
For the Fatherland. Reduces received accuracy by 35% in friendly territory. Great when fighting against trenches near the frontline or when defending. Improves your numerical advantage even further.
LeFH. IMO unreliable because of counterbarrage and precision barrage. I'd say, get a second LEIG if you need more indirect.
Sector Assault. Great ability that forces the enemy to spread out or risk losing everything.

Alternative doctrines
Feuerstorm (early game counter). Probably the second-best doctrine to actively fight Sim City. Requires another, riskier approach than Jaegers. Upgrade 1-2 Volks with MP40's to throw smoke nades on trenches, then attack ground the trenches with flamer Sturms to force the enemy out and take them for yourself. Use the LEIG incendiary barrage on trenches and emplacements, which fires 4 flame shots for great DOT. The reinforcing halftrack is an option. The flame Hetzer is probably OKW's strongest unit against trenches (destroys them in 2 bursts). The off-map Stuka barrage is decent. Mind that you need an alternative way to scout if you want to use the Raketens effectively, so use a cloaked raketen, Kubel or maybe a Puma (if you go Opel Blitz with T2) to scout.

Fortifications (late game counter). The safest, most hassle-free way of dealing with Sim City. Avoid attacking the Sim City until you unlock zeroing arty, which will kill everything in its circle. Mind that you need an Infrared Halftrack or other unit to spot for zeroing arty. Your opponent will most likely avoid going Advanced Emplacements if he sees this commander in your loadout, simply because of this ability, which ironically is why this isn't higher on this list. The PAK43 can help sniping the emplacements/tanks, altho it's easily countered by base arty or the precision barrage. S-mines, flaks and bunkers can protect your own territory when outside of mortar range.

Elite armor (mid-late game counter). Sim City players are generally passive, so get a 223 on your fuel point to farm extra fuel. Avoid attacking the Sim City like with Fortifications, rush to tanks and give them Panzer Commanders to obliterate the Sim City with armor superiority and multiple 80 muni arty strikes. HEAT shells will make your tanks even stronger against enemy emplacements and tanks. Emergency repairs further increase your vehicle pressure. I don't recommend the Sturmtiger.

Other doctrines. IMO not as effective as aforementioned doctrines, but could work well in team games or if it fits your particular playstyle. You could use Breakthrough for Pfussie flares, force retreating squads/HMG with officer, assault artillery (mediocre against Sim City) and the late-great Jagdtiger (almost uncounterable with Advanced Emplacements). Spec Ops obviously has the off-map flares and Command Panther, which are always strong, and anti-cover STG's for Obers. The infiltration nades also do decent damage against emplacements. Luftwaffe is arguably the worst option and doesn't offer much against emplacements, outside of smoke recon and Valiant Assault.

Harass the flanks. Because of the emplacements the enemy has less squads on the field than you, so he can barely miss any if you're pressuring the center in the meantime. Make sure your retreat path is not covered by the Bofors.

Go for the Forward Assembly('s) if you can. This is the most expensive manpower building the enemy has (400 mp) and by far the weakest. Destroying it will indirectly weaken all the other emplacements and reduce the staying power of his infantry. Try to flank with tanks or Raketens to take it down. 2-3 LEIG barrages can also finish the job.

Use the trenches against the enemy. These, covered by the Bofors/mortars, will probably be your greatest obstacle and are huge force multipliers for the enemy, so getting your own squads in it will greatly reduce the defensive strength of the enemy. The Bofors is weak against trenches (needs about 3 magazines to destroy one), so prioritize getting a Sturmpioneer with Shrecks in it if there's an opportunity. Once the area is safe, get an HMG in. Sim City players have little way of dealing with an HMG outside of their emplacements and a flame carrier.

Place the T1 Med Truck nearby. You need a way to deal constant pressure, so being able to reinforce on the field will help greatly. The Sim City player has a Forward Assembly and medkits to replenish, so you would be at a big disadvantage if you can't yourself. Place it somewhere safe where observation Tommies (60 sight) can't see it. Also essential for getting the LEIG and saves muni for healing. You could also get a Flak HT for defensive use, altho I'd advise getting an extra HMG instead, to avoid slowing down tank production. The role of the Infrared Halftrack is mostly covered by the Jaegers, but remains as an option.

I'm not a fan of T2 against Sim City. The Puma only has little wiggle room to damage the Bofors, because the enemy will have an AT gun nearby. The Stuka Zu Fuss barely makes a dent against emplacements (altho can bait a brace and deal with the Vickers and AT gun). The Luchs is only useful on the flanks.

Play smart.
- Only push when you're well prepared. Reckless aggressiveness will be punished by the Bofors and the mortars.
- You want to be able to retake a Raketen if it dies, so keep some healthy squads in the vicinity (not too close, wait for the mortar barrage to end if you can).
- Scout for the Raketens instead of using attack ground.
- Stop enemy counterattacks by keeping enough forces and an HMG near your Raketens.
- Flank the emplacements if there's the possibility, head-on attacks will bleed you out. If you do have to attack head-on, then attack from multiple directions to reduce the effectiveness of the emplacements (Bofors and Mortars have to turn. Mortars/HMG/Bofors will do less damage when you're not blobbed up).
- Keep moving around with team weapons.
- Be extremely careful around the Bofors. Lone squads get eaten instantly by it. Don't forget your opponent can use attack ground to nullify shot blockers and smoke.
- Avoid losing unnecessary manpower. Only attack trenches if you have a number advantage or can throw an incendiary grenade on it.

If all else fails: baserush
Altho an equally or higher skilled player will most likely be well-prepared for a baserush, a Sim City player has a large amount of pop cap locked up in emplacements. Your army will probably be bigger than his and win in a straight-up engagement. Destroy the MG bunkers with tanks/Raketens and rush your army in. Make sure to keep some units behind to avoid wipes on the retreat. The British base is arguably the easiest to destroy. Target either the Platoon Command post or Company Command post first to stop the enemy from making additional PIAT Sappers and AT guns or tanks. Be aware of trenches used as tank traps, the enemy ghosttrenching to obstruct vehicle pathing, the enemy camping infantry in trenches in his base and of mines at the base entrance. If the enemy has a 17 Pounder, he probably made it able to cover his base too.

Additional resources
Hans' Tip of the Week on this topic has many useful ideas in it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkVxsYNab0s
4 Jan 2019, 14:29 PM
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Good points! you should really consider submitting this as an actual guide so more people will get the benefit of this, and hopefully people will stop degrading themselves with the Sim City (Thanks Stuve, you Ikea-assembling, lingonberry munching Jävla :rofl: ).

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