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21 Dec 2018, 08:42 AM
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Now that the Puma is a bit delayed how can I counter t-70 or such... IMO there is no need to go 222 or smthng like that it just gets raped without a support of a Puma or Pak. Any advice? Thank you.
21 Dec 2018, 09:56 AM
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21 Dec 2018, 11:04 AM
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Yeah, maybe on some custom map with only one bridge between opposing armies, it could be considered a reliable counter

Otherwise, get a Pak and keep a snare around it
21 Dec 2018, 11:29 AM
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There is something called AT gun in the game, you don't have to use cheese like panic puma to counter light tanks.
21 Dec 2018, 12:21 PM
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Yeah, maybe on some custom map with only one bridge between opposing armies, it could be considered a reliable counter

Otherwise, get a Pak and keep a snare around it

He can bait him. He can also put the mines on retreat path. In case that he chases down a retreating squad, he will step on a mine. You can also expect mines to be placed at the most stupid places, but still take down a vehicle, or at least disable it.
4 Jan 2019, 14:25 PM
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I mean, it's not really THAT delayed as you should easily have your Leichte Mechanized by the time you reach 5 CP.

So the only real difference is that you now have to actaully wait for the build time wich means that you have to predict if and when you actually need the Puma. This is not unreasonable at all that you are not able to instantly call in a counter the second you need it.

Furthermore Wehrmacht has tons of soft and hard counters to the t70 like fausts, tellers, shrecks and Pak guns.
25 Feb 2019, 13:32 PM
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there is no point in go for puma., you just rush for a Pz IV or stug (depend about situation)., In the meantime you need to use your hands., always get Granadiers presence in order to avoid support weapons get screwed by Scout cars and T-70s, try to get covered and stay out of his line of sight. try to ambush it, normally soviet player want to push his adventage with his t70 momentum in order to end the game there.,if you are smart you can put one mine or two ( but always get 25 ammo reserve on) in order to have place covered without infantry presence. And finally bring a PAK40, is one of the best AT in the game. try to place it in "the second line" and push it to the desired position with anticipation, Like all the games having a good line of sight is key. ( Pioneers and snipers have a lot of Line of sight).

take care!
28 Feb 2019, 23:21 PM
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I typically opt for a fast Flamer HT and then rush for Tier 3 armor. If your Pak is struggling against the T-70 you can always opt for a fast Stug if needed. Otherwise only go for a single LV (flamer HT) and then rush a Panzer IV to apply pressure. 2 222's can defeat a T-70 but it's not worth the investment generally as you end up paying 400 mp and 60 fuel just to have a 50/50 chance at beating a 260 mp 70 fuel unit. That is if the T-70 is supported which it generally will be with either a Zis or Guards in most cases. Puma comes slightly later than the T-70 now and while it's a good counter it doesn't apply the same pressure Tier 3 armor can apply. Screen your Pak gun with fausts and try to lay Tellers with any excess munitions you accumulate. I generally with get a squad of P-Grens to help against the Guards or Shocks and maybe a 2nd MG-42 if his infantry is pushing me. If he gets a 2nd T-70 I would highly recommend a Stug in that case. ( I generally like Ostruppen Doctrine with this build but Grens with the Lightning War Doctrine will work as well, just go two P4's into Tiger instead of going for Tier 4 after your P4 or P4 + Stug)
28 Feb 2019, 23:36 PM
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1. a good mine but it's not guaranteed
2. AT gun easy to overwhelm especially with soviet infantry hurrah etc.
3. PG with schrecks will help keep the T70 at bay. Don't try to chase him to kill it, you will get kited. He will be very carefull with it which gives you time to get out a proper counter. Also PG scale good for later game.

I find #3 the most secure.
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