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Asking for Tips! Confusion against okw.

11 Jul 2018, 05:26 AM
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It was my 1v1 game vs. okw on Crossroad, which is supposedly a soviet favoured map but I lost pretty hard to okw's map control. I'm already used to stronger and more infantry from OKW but Raketenwaffe put most confusion into my mind at this time for its damage, abilities and cost.

For the most part I played well with counterattacks and defenses. I only remember losing an engineer and a T70 due to mess in thoughts at times.

I'm currently at rank 500+, struggling to get better and I think this match best represents my strengh and weaknesses. So I'm here to ask for any critism and advices! Thanks a lot!

11 Jul 2018, 05:27 AM
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Aaaand apology for the taunt at the end.
RTS games get me stressed a lot.
13 Sep 2018, 21:40 PM
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I'm not as good as you are,

But from my perspective you got killed 80 troop by Volkgrenadier alone. 3 squads ended up vet 5 pretty rapidly.

I would replace thoses guard riffle for Shock Troops and make the volks always face the shock troops. Maybe make 1 less conscript squad.

You got badlucked on your t34 and he got some lucky shots with his walking stuka. But overall you did a very good job.

14 Sep 2018, 13:43 PM
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I think the right section for this replay and advices would be the Replay Review subforum but i'll give you my best:

The first problem that you didn't react to was the map - Crossroads has 12 standard territory points beside 2 fuels, 2 ammos and 3 vps. This leads to the issue that the okw player could outtech you and keep good map pressure even though he invested 390 mp and 100 fuel into a walking stuka that does nothing beside shooting every 90s (it had a great effect but that only because okw was ahead in tech). If you do not want to get outteched you should try to keep atleast half the map or even better more and outtech your opponent. If you are playing 1v1 you should keep in mind that a "fair" amount of fuel at all times after the 2.30 min mark would be a fuel tick of +26 (on crossroads +29) if you want to use more ammo or want to play a game with many tech units of a lower tier for a longer time then you should still aim for your opponents cutoffs or ressources to deny (delay) him the options and benefits of teching.

The second mistake you mad all through the game starting at the very beginning of the game was the inefficient capping order (you connected your til that point uncontested fuel only at the 2.40 min mark) and the coordinated defensive and offensive operations you carried out: You did fight almost every engagement on your opponents terms you faced more expensive or simply larger amounts of units in better or equal cover with lower numbers - which happened because you let some units idle (around min 7 1 at gun 1 hmg 1 conscript on your fuel not moving for a minute or longer while you got outnumbered and had to mass retreat) as a rule of thumb try to focus your units if you are behind (outnumbered or lower in tech if against light vehicles) and spread when you are ahead (just won engagements have a light vehicle to force retreats all over the map -> cap more efficient)

The third misplay was in the buildorder (you teched just before your cutoff was attacked and didn't really achieve anything before teching so were behind in army size at a pretty bad timing) at the start and the bad way at adapting what you are up against: against okw there are quite a few possible openings:
1. 2-3 CE (including the first) into penals and a clowncar if you want to harass early on open maps (works great because okw gets fausts at 4:40 min or 5:20 depending on medic or mech hq)
2. 2-3 CE (or Cons) with a fast t2 and 2-3 maxims then whatever you need maybe a mortar for smoke/he vs hmgs or more cons to flank or build cover positions.
3. 4 Cons molotovs then usually engineers and a t2 maybe a maxim
after any of this early game buildorders you should aim for a fast t3 and get a t70 especially when okw invested in a p2 as it is quite good for hunting or atleast scaring it away. A well microed t70 should colour the map blue for you so try to engage lone squads stay clear from raketens use sweepers if you are unsure about mines and stay away from possible fausts. Against mobile defense or okw mech hq you should be careful about pumas so maybe consider teching at nades or getting a Zis-3 at- gun as support.

The fourth point that might have not been a problem in this game as your enemy didn't use all his options were the commander choice as a single pak43 or LeFH could have countered your entire composition and your heavy mortar didn't really pay off as you were facing only a single hmg later 2 raks and the volks could always reposition or fall back after getting hit from your mortar.

I hope you can take something away from the post best wishes and luck in future games.
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