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Performance and cost efficiency of massed SU76s vs SU85

3 Apr 2018, 15:48 PM
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Back in the day there were plenty of meme units in T4s on both sides, like the brummbar and katy. (Although I'm pretty sure relic increased the meme value of katy by making it almost instagib OKW HQs for a while)

The British AEC was never built either so the splash damage was boosted to ridiculous levels. After the re-nerfs you still see it in most games so a nerf doesn't mean the unit will never be seen again. :romeoMug:

(RIP CalliOpieOP)

Back in the day most non-doctrine soviet armor had trouble with axis tanks (SU76, SU85, T34/76) and that is part of the reason the call in meta was dominant in every mode.

That does not change the seemingly common consensus that the unit is in a peculiar spot right now.

I still got shudders from the time SU-76 have troubles fighting 222 and Ostwind can trade blows with T-34/76 frontally. OTOH, that was the time when glorious ISU-152 wrecks shit.
Current meta though, SU-85 is only good for sniping and getting cheap shots at Tiger / Panther from the focused vision, for everything else SU-76 can do at much cheaper price. Only problems with SU-76 is they are very vulnerable to AT inf, 1 faust and it's as good as death, also Stuka AT burst its health down ridiculously fast.
For Axis sides, Stug is still the best at killing tanks, chain-stunning IS-2 / Pershing with Stug / Pak combo never gets old.
3 Apr 2018, 18:10 PM
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The biggest problem with SU76 is that it rotates way too quickly. It can keep the pen if the rotation is nerfed. Try flanking a SU76 with p4, then try flanking Stug with any allied medium. You'll find it's far easier to flank the Stug as the Stug has slower rotation and all allied mediums are faster than the Stug. The Su on the other hand is faster and rotates faster so you have to be right on the ball with your p4.

It's so hypocritical that people said the StuG was op but they never considered that the Su76 was overbuffed from its initially terrible state. The StuG isn't the one with 200+ pen, 60 range, and self spot.
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