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Help with double Wermacht

10 Jan 2018, 02:44 AM
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Hey all, how's it going. Long time lurker. I've been trying to play usf after the patch and have been having trouble. I'm no pro but I usually hover around 50/50 win loss. Maybe level 12 is my average. After this patch I dropped to nine. With the kubel getting it's armor needed I'm no longer getting dominated by double one. Now it's double Wermacht haha. They spam team weapons. I just played a game where I rushed a house on a new narrow map. They forced me out with mgs and mortars so I went double usf mortar. I held on for a bit till my Stuart came out but he got instantly killed by 3 at guns. I have no idea how to counter the massive amount of team weapons double Wermacht has. Mgs kept my infantry away. Mortars got my mortars cause they have longer range and I got surprised by three at guns maybe 6 or 7 minutes in. How do I counter this? I've given up on usf and allies in general and am on my way to switching over to Wermacht... I just like usf, and feel bad killing American soldiers cause I'm American lol. Any advice greatly appreciated.
10 Jan 2018, 07:22 AM
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First off, a game like that, you need to watch the replay. Second, try using the mortar halftrack instead of that crappy one from the hq. It has mostly the same stats as the wm one and it has additional ammo types that could be more useful. For example, you can use the phosphor rounds on MG's in buildings and their hp can be reduced to 1, So then you can either use a regular barrage, they have to leave, or you can send in an infantry force and it will pretty much instantly be destroyed. Once the MG's are gone or destabilized, your riflemen can break it all down. Just make sure your rifles all attack at different angles. WM has trouble with scattered forces attacking in unison. You want to keep that WM player going crazy re positioning teams or hearing casualty reports.
10 Jan 2018, 20:51 PM
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Scotts, and probably calliope.

Since this is 2v2, your ally's faction can be a big factor too.

Wehrmacht team weapons are strong but they fall like a house of cards if youve got superior arti or pull off a flank.

Wehrmacht absolutely cannot keep up the pace recrewing their team weapons, but absolutely CAN keep up with reinforcing them via unupgraded halftracks effectively.

So if you use calliopes, or have an ally katyusha, land mattress, or use an anti infantry skill plane loiter/etc you can often reduce a wehrmacht players army to nothing in one push.

And then you can turn their army against them.
11 Jan 2018, 17:37 PM
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The Mortar Halftrack is a good counter, but fighting the Wehrmacht is more about finding a weak spot in their camp and collapsing their position, some maps make this impossible and vetos are your best Friend when playing USF. Go for the flanks, smoke and you'll notice once you get a few wipes or weapon steals, it will be smooth sailing from there if you keep up in tech and counters.
16 Jan 2018, 14:34 PM
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...Go for the flanks, SMOKE and you'll notice once you get a few wipes or weapon steals, it will be smooth sailing from there if you keep up in tech and counters.

this is all you need to know
16 Jan 2018, 16:21 PM
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Play as 2 werm and see what enemy do at the moment when u star losin ur winstreak.

THis is the fastet way posible to understand
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