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Changes not appearing in game.

12 Feb 2017, 16:53 PM
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Having a weird issue that just started last night with my mod.

I load it up in the editor, make some changes, save it, build it, but when I get in game, there are no changes.

I'll exit the game, reload my mod, and yes the changes are there, so I re-build, load into the game, still no changes.

I'm at a loss of what happened, and I've verified my pathing (even though it worked fine before).
I don't know what Re-build and Clean do in the editor.
I've checked the actual folders on the drive and they are writable.
I have no errors or warnings, and my AttributeEditor Log is clean.
I've also build mod, then published it just to "force" it, but still it's not loading changes.
I've searched google and the forums for CoH2 mods not changing, but don't get anywhere.
I've even ran ModBuilder.exe as administrator, but hell if I can figure out what's going on.

Please assist :)
12 Feb 2017, 17:05 PM
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Just read the output on Build line per line and notices it's moving my sga to some Company of Heroes Alpha folder... oye.
Did search and found:

So it's not me then.
Made a batch file to move the sga to the correct folder.
Ran game and my changes do appear now.
14 Feb 2017, 14:58 PM
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This happens after last tool update.
Maybe they will fix it in a future update. But right now you need to copy paste manually your mod file in the follow location:

C:\Users\"your user"\Documents\my games\company of heroes 2\mods\tuning

My comment comes a bit late by the way :)
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