russian armor

(2) Neuville

12 Jul 2016, 13:07 PM
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Steam workshop link:

sga file here ;)

please give me feedback and i fix it ;)



ah jeah, happy mapping ;)
13 Jul 2016, 22:05 PM
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It seems to me that you havent used splats at all, or?
Splats are the best way to break the returning colors and structures in CoH 2.
14 Jul 2016, 16:13 PM
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Thx for feedback :)

There are splats, but the screenshots are made with an intel 4000 graphic card.

its possible that i have to less splats (pls look ingame)?
14 Jul 2016, 17:59 PM
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sga file would be better. it is more comfortable to look in worldbuilder - and easier to steal good ideas ;)
15 Jul 2016, 22:54 PM
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i have renewed screenshots :) look in the opener ;)

sga come as soon as possible ;)

gl hf
16 Jul 2016, 22:19 PM
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sga file here ;)


Edit: and its not nice to steal ideas, ask for using ;) thx

edit: back to theme, is there nothing to fix?
18 Jul 2016, 19:20 PM
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anybody know how to fix the ruines from the broken walls? only in worldbuilder they work and look good... :(
19 Jul 2016, 02:32 AM
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Could you submit this for review in this forum please? Do not include the screen shots so we can avoid clutter. TY. I will get to review your map in the coming week.
19 Jul 2016, 20:27 PM
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ok,done :) and there is an newer sga link ;)

all others feel free to test and give feedback too :p

gl hf
29 Jul 2016, 12:45 PM
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I tried it as an Ostheer player from the southern base and I noticed vehicles spawn from different sides of the map. Is this intentional?
Ostwind, Stug spawned east right next to the base, Panzerwerfer from the road south west of the base, Brumbaar very far north east closer to the opponent's base!
29 Jul 2016, 15:17 PM
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there are more then one map entry point, if you capture some territorys, this may be possible if you use spawn points.

can you send me a screenshot?

edit: i have fixed the default_ralley_points. does it now corectly?
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