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Infantry Combat Micro in order to pace into close range

6 Jul 2016, 23:39 PM
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I've been relying on this part of the forum at times to better my understanding of the game. Lately, I've been seeing a lot of talk on infantry and felt that sharing some of my insight on some particular controls might help those who are trying to improve their games as well.

What I will be sharing is particularly focused on improving micro when engaging enemy units that excel at longer ranges with units that fare better chances up close. Factions like USF and Soviet may implement this technique more often than others due to their stock infantry reliant on closing gaps to maximize their potential.

Say, for example, a common skirmish breaks out between Ostheer grenadiers and Soviet Conscripts. Both sides duck behind their appropriate cover in order to lower the risk of taking damage. Grenadiers will likely benefit should they hold their grounds and trade behind cover, while Conscripts would be forced to charge so they can negate the issue of their inaccuracy.

As a Soviet player, it is essential to understand the manner which models behave when told to halt behind cover. By default, these halted models will engage whatever unit is closest during the next chance to fire. So, should one conscript squad stand further up front than the rest, they will be the first to receive the Grenadier's attention. With this knowledge in mind, this should influence how you, the commander, dance and weave your squads in firefights to maximize the gap closing potential. With no MG around as a prerequisite, the pacing of close-range units against long-range ones should still be from cover to cover, but with the advancement based on attention dragging.

Say, Conscript squad A is in front of Conscript squad B by a few seconds, drawing the fire of the enemy grenadier squad A & B. By this point, it will be wise to move squad A into an approaching cover, allowing them to maximize their role as fire absorption while the following Squad B make the most of the opening to close the distance. Keep in mind that as soon as Squad B begins to take lead, they will draw the enemy's ire, which in turn gives Squad A the opening to proceed as well. Eventually, this will likely reduce the losses of gap closing, and successfully bringing the long-range units at a disadvantage.

I will leave a crudely drawn diagram to better illustrate the concept.

That is all. I wish you the best of luck on the battlefield, commanders!

7 Jul 2016, 03:41 AM
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30 Jul 2016, 22:36 PM
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Will try it out thanks
2 Aug 2016, 23:40 PM
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This is a real life concept called bounding. It's especially effective with Rifles, because with smoke they can block LoS of HMGs or other units that punish infantry movement.
22 Sep 2016, 20:21 PM
29 Oct 2016, 02:41 AM
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This is indeed bounding, but not bounding overwatch. Bounding overwatch is a movement technique used to ensure at least one element is in place and prepared to fire; it is used when contact with the enemy is expected. Bounding is alternating movement under fire.

Both are relevant to the game, since in most coh2 matches contact with enemy forces is expected.
29 Oct 2016, 08:13 AM
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When you have 2 cons vs 1 gren squad, just turn on OORAH and run up close Kappa
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