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Sync Error Detected (Port of Hamburg)

18 Oct 2015, 09:22 AM
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Hello guys,

Yesterday, I suffered 2 sync errors when I was playing with my mates 4v4's in Port of Hamburg.

It was very strange because these sync errors appeared when we were winning these games clearly. Few VP's left and also some opponents were crying. :loco: In the other game it appeared in about 6 min of a game when we also controlled the entire map.

So,my question:

Is it intentional? :drool:

@SpaceBus Help! ;)

Crash Report #1126276
Crash Report #1126002
18 Oct 2015, 17:22 PM
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Yeah, the sync errors when you're team is winning and the enemy is raging are very strange :S
18 Oct 2015, 17:32 PM
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yes it is, happens to my mates and me also servial times. Now you wonder why this is happening the fist time? I's 4v4/3v3 in these modes are only scrubsy they think they are somthing. When you pwn them they getting mad and start to do what they do to you. :facepalm:
18 Oct 2015, 17:46 PM
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Apparently i kept saying it's some hack/cheat to force a damn Sync Error or Bug Splat, but people keep telling me it's coincidence.

I dont buy that.
19 Oct 2015, 00:11 AM
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i had it yesterday in 3v3, in early game, I double vicker and a IS with with help of USF teammate we crash the two OKW player in first encounter in my fuel point, they lost like 15-20 models no wipe though, then they change focus on mid, my flame wasp arrive and helped my SU teammate to fight off the OH he fighting at 2nd fuel point. then i flank the mid 2 OKW who is fighting my USF teammate with my flame burned most their troops since they were low hp already, so we have both fuel and mu point and all 3 VP, then I find a Mechanized Regiment HQ as trying to burn it down, they start vote surrender, vote failed, 2sec later, I got Sync Error.

another 2v2 game I play as OKW and was destroyed by their double team throw everything at me and air raid my HQs from UKF, it almost seems a for sure losing game, but my pak 43 saved the day where it take out a IS2, KV8 and comet when they pushing me, and my KT arrived helped my teammate killed another a comet and KV8 and a SU85, then panther arrived few min later, and my teammate have 2nd panther arrived (mean while, we destroy 1 firefly and 2 T34) so the table turned and we have 4 tanks they have only a comet and a T34, no AT (they got decrewed and our tank took them out) then we both got Sync Error as 4 tank together pusing their base with some infantry.

I seriously think those are hacks, because i never got Sync error when i am lossing.
19 Oct 2015, 01:02 AM
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Had it happen as-well, countless of times.

Heard some rumors of it being a new drophack type of thing, i just save the replays and steam-ids of my opponents and send them to relic. Hopefully they'll look into it and fix it.
19 Oct 2015, 18:23 PM
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Thanks for the response guys!

Let'see if a Relican can check these two crash reports.
1 of 2 Relic postsRelic 20 Oct 2015, 00:22 AM
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Asked a programmer to look into your crash reports but he needs more info.

Do your friends submit the crash reports too? If so, next time it happens to you could you gather and post all of the crash reports please?
20 Oct 2015, 08:58 AM
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Asked a programmer to look into your crash reports but he needs more info.

Do your friends submit the crash reports too? If so, next time it happens to you could you gather and post all of the crash reports please?

Hey SpaceBus, thanks for the reply.

I was the only one who sent it. Yes sure.

20 Oct 2015, 16:59 PM
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Chat usually lags the crap out of the game. When teams are raging there's often a flurry of text being thrown around, censored, and half hidden from view due to teamchat. I usually can note that my most predictable lag spikes are when the chat is getting heavy.

That said, chances are one of your opponents actually ragequit, and as a result, disconnected everyone from the game. Eight players are a lot to keep synchronized, and when one drops, especially during a laggy situation, I imagine it'd be hard not to get a Sync Error.
22 Oct 2015, 02:12 AM
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Bump this thread, 2v2, we were gardening them, they tried to surrender at min 5 and failed, 1 min later the game unsynced and the enemy started saying "u suc".

I'll leave 2 pics here:

2 of 2 Relic postsRelic 22 Oct 2015, 18:07 PM
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We are working on a MP de-sync issue for the Oct Patch. Thanks
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