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13 Nov 2019, 13:35 PM
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New Commander Update - June 14th 2019

Size: ~91MB

USF - Urban Assault

Urban Assault Kit

Support abilities for infantry fighting in Urban Environments.

Rear Echelon Rifle Grenades

This ability has been introduced as an interesting alternative to flamethrowers while serving a similar role of anti garrison/ cover positions.
  • Rear Echelons can be upgraded with Rifle Grenades as one of this commander's slot abilities.
  • Requires 60 munitions; locks out minesweepers
  • AOE distance 0.5/1.5/4 versus 1/2/3 of the standard Fighting Pit.
  • AOE damage 1/0.5/0.3 versus 1/0.75/0.25 of the standard Fighting Pit.
  • Damage modifier of 0.75 against heavy cover
  • Range 35, 20 minimum.
  • When suppressed, a scatter penalty applied
  • Take up one weapon slot

Rifleman Incendiary Grenades
  • Provides Riflemen with Incendiary Grenades; Same damage and damage-over-time as Molotovs, but is thrown faster. Shares a cooldown with Frags. 30 munitions.
  • Unlocked when Lieutenant or Captain are dispatched.

M4A3 Assault Package

Unlocks Dozer Blade Upgrade and White Phosphorous shells ability to Sherman Tanks.

The dozer blade will now increase armor to be in-line with tanks such as the Sherman 105.
  • M4A3 Sherman Tanks can now be upgraded with Dozer Blades. This now costs 50 manpower and 20 fuel
  • Now increases Sherman armour from 160/80 to 215/105
  • Health increase remains at 80 for a total of 720.
  • M4A3 Shermans can now fire a single WP shell at the target position for 20 munitions. Cooldown of 20 seconds.

Cover to Cover

New ability
  • Drops three smoke shells at the target position
  • Infantry within 60m of the ability will sprint for 20 seconds after the ability is cast.
  • Costs 70 munitions


Rangers are being more accessible, while their defensive stats are being adjusted to match all other infantry. Previously, they were the only ones to take less damage from all sources.
  • Reinforce cost from 33 to 32
  • Cost from 400 to 350
  • 0.9 Damage reduction removed.
  • Received Accuracy from 0.8 to 0.73.
  • Now have access to Paratrooper Bazookas from Weapon Racks or drops. UI indicator added to inform the player of this change.


The Calliope is being adjusted to provide more reliable damage to units within the target area.
  • Far AOE damage from 0.15 to 0.25
  • Cost from 380/140 to 380/115
  • Reload from 1.25 to 0.125
  • AOE from 4 to 5
  • Health from 480 to 400

USF - General Faction Changes

WC 51 Dodge and M3
  • Passenger moving accuracy from 50% to 40%.

  • Now start on initial cooldown.
  • Cooldown from 18 to 20.
  • Veterancy requirements from 340/680/1360; applies to both Airborne and Recon Commander Pathfinder variants.

Rear Echelon Troops

Volley-fire is having its received accuracy penalty reduced to increase its viability in combat.
  • Received accuracy penalty reduced from 1.4 to 1.15.

British - Lend Lease Assault

Assault Sections
  • Gives Infantry Sections the Assault Section Upgrade
  • Requires Platoon Command Post.
  • Costs 70 munitions.
  • Gives the squad 2 Thompson SMGs and arms the rest with Sten Guns and No.77 White Phosphorous Grenades, and removes their Out-of-Cover penalties; Sten Guns use Assault Engineer Grease Gun stats.
  • Grants -5% Receieved Accuracy to the squad.
  • Locks out other Infantry Section upgrades; takes up 1 weapon slot.
  • Unit is still affected by Bolster Squads when upgraded with this item.

81mm Mortar Team
  • Available from 0CP as a call-in.
  • Costs 240 manpower.
  • Same mortar as the USF 81mm Mortar.

M5 Half-Track
  • Available at 2CPs as a call-in.
  • M5 Quad Mount upgrade requires 15 additional seconds to research due to timing.
  • See Soviet section below for additional changes.

Vehicle Crew Repair
  • Same ability found in Mobile Assault, Vanguard Operations and Royal Engineers. Costs 40 munitions.

M10 Achillies I
  • Can be built from the Company Command Post.
  • Same stats as the USF M10.
  • Can affected by Hammer Tactics Tracking, but not War Speed.

UKF general faction changes

6 Pounder

With the addition of Anti-Tank Grenades on Royal Engineers, the 6-pounder no longer requires an artificial accuracy boost against light armor.
  • +50% accuracy versus light vehicles removed.

Universal Carrier

We have increased the price of the Self-Repair so snares that hit the Universal Carrier evenly trade in terms of munitions. Armor has also been decreased to make it easier to ward off early game with small-arms.
  • Front armor from 7 to 5.8.
  • Self-Repair cost from 15 to 25.

Infantry Section

Minimum range has been added to match other grenade abilities.
  • Mills bombs now have minimum range of 3.

Soviet - Airborne

Weapon Crate Drop
  • Requires 1 Command Point.
  • Drops a crate at the target position that can be picked up by infantry.
  • Grants the squad that picks it up with 4 Penal Battalion SVTs; takes up 1 weapon slot.
  • Engineer SVTs do not count as slot items; ensures the upgrade does not interfere with minesweepers or flamethrowers. Still takes up 1 weapon slot.
  • Penals picking up the crate replace their SVTs with six Shocktrooper PpsH-41s. Takes up 1 weapon slot.
  • Stealing a weapon crate as a non-Soviet faction will grant 45 munitions.

DsHK Paradrop
  • Paradrop costs 125 manpower and 50 munitions
  • Available at 2 Command Points

DsHK Changes
  • Penetration from 4.5/3/1.5 to 7/6/5 (now similar to USF .50 cal)
  • Arc from 30 to 34

Airborne Rally Point
  • Available at 2 Command Points
  • Costs 100 manpower and 15 fuel.
  • Reveals enemies on the mini-map in 60m area around it.
  • Can reinforce units in friendly territory
  • Can request a Medical Airdrop at the target position for 20 munitions. Heals all nearby infantry when picked up.
  • When the Mechanized Armor Kampaneya is deployed, it can act as a Forward Retreat Point; only 1 can function as a Forward Retreat Point at a time.
  • 320 Health, 5 armor.

Airborne Guards
  • Costs 360 manpower
  • Available at 3 CP
  • Can be called onto the field or be deployed from neutral ambient buildings like Stormtroopers - Due to root animation issues, we could not get parachuting to work with this unit in a satisfactory manner.
  • Equipped with SVTs and RGD-33 Grenade as standard
  • Grenade ability starts on cooldown upon.
  • Can be upgraded in neutral or enemy territory.
  • Veterancy 1 ability “IL-2 Suppression Strafe”: Calls in an airstrike at the target position within 40m of the Airborne squad for 60 munitions. Low damage, but will pin most targets. Shares a global cooldown
  • Upgrade route 1 - DP28s
    • Can be equipped with 3 DP 28s for 100 munitions.

  • Upgrade Route 2 - PPSH
    • Can also be upgraded with PPSh-41s for free; grants access to smoke grenade, fire superiority ability, and equips the full squad with the Shocktrooper PPSh-41s.
    • Fire Superiority ability same as Cavalry Riflemen Covering Fire ability.

IL-2 Rocket Strafe
  • Requires 10 Command Points.
  • Costs 100 munitions
  • Barrages the area with P-47 rockets. Effective against vehicles.

Soviets - General faction changes


To improve the performance of Conscripts, while retaining their role as utility infantry that excel at defense and supporting other units, we have added an upgrade to help them scale into the late game. The extra man and reduced reinforce cost will allow them to more effectively trade against opposing infantry while the veterancy bonus will allow fresh Conscript squads to gain veterancy.
  • New squad upgrade available after the Mechanized Armor Kampaneya is deployed.
  • Mobilized Reserves: Increases squad size by 1, reduces model reinforce cost to 17 and increases veterancy gain by 20%. Takes up 1 weapon slot. Costs 50 munitions.
  • When upgraded with Mobilize Reserves, weapon cooldown and reload on Mosin Nagant rifles is reduced by 30% when in cover.
  • Improved Damage Per Second (DPS) with upgrade:
    • Conscript Rifle: 3.61/2.6/1.98/1.346/1.0
    • Conscript Rifle in Cover: 3.91/2.87/2.21/1.54/1.22
    • At range: 0/10/20/30/35

Conscript AT Grenade Package

Due to Conscripts requiring expensive side-tech to fufill one of their primary roles as a utility unit, we are reducing the fuel cost of AT Grenades.
  • Fuel cost from 25 to 10.

M1910 Maxim

The following change is intended to allow the Maxim to better suppress massed infantry when the player is spotting for veteran Maxims using the Sustained Fire ability prior to engagments.
  • Sustained Fire ability now increases suppression by 25%.

M-42 Anti-Tank Gun

The range on canister rounds is being reduced to increase infantry-based counterplay against groups of M-42 ATGs. Cost is also being increased to better match its performance.
  • Canister range from 50 to 35.
  • Cost from 200 to 240

M5 Half-Track

The M5 is receiving number of changes to improve its role as a support vehicle when upgraded.
  • Cost from 270/30 to 240/30
  • M2HB Quad mount moving burst from 0.5 to 0.75
  • M2HB Quad mount far accuracy from 0.1 to 0.125
  • M2HB Quad mount burst duration from 1/5 to 1.5/2
  • M2HB Quad mount Cost from 100 to 90


The SU-76 is receiving a number of slight changes to improve its role against light and medium vehicles with only a slight reduction against heavy tanks.
  • Accuracy from 0.05/0.035/0.025 to 0.05/0.04/0.0375
  • Penetration from 200/190/180 to 180/170/160
  • Rotation rate from 30 to 32

M5 Assault Half-Track
  • Now available from 3 CPs, reduced from 5.
  • Cost reduced to 510 Manpower and 30 fuel.

Wehrmacht - Strategic Reserves

Assault Grenadiers

Assault Grenadiers are receiving a small number of changes to help them close the distance and increase their scaling in the late game.
  • Target Size from 1 to 0.95
  • Veterancy 1 Received Accuracy from -10% to -6.5%.
  • Can now be upgraded with a Veteran Squad Leader for 60 munitions, requires Battle Phase 2. Veteran squad leader increases capture and decapture rate by 20% and adds -5% Received Accuracy to the squad.

MP40 Changes

MP 40s are having their mid-range power increased to match SMGs like the M3 Grease gun used by Assault Engineers. This change also affects Assault Officer and Volksgrenadier MP 40s, but not other MP40 variants.
  • MP 40 Mid range cooldown from 1.25 to 1
  • MP 40 Mid accuracy from 0.24 to 0.375
  • MP40 reload frequency from 4/5 to 6
  • MP40 reload from 2.8/3.5 to 2.8

Mobile Observation Post
  • All non-upgraded 251 Half-tracks can deploy as a Mobile Observation Post; disables weapons and movement upon activation. Unit is granted camouflage and access to special abilities. Detected when within 20m of the enemy. Can be de-activated to restore movement and weapons.
  • Auto-detects nearby units within 60m on the mini-map and the tactical map when deployed.
  • Can launch Artillery Flares when deployed; similar to OKW Artillery Flares from Special Operations. Range 60.
  • Requires 3 Command Points.
  • Upgrading to the flamethrowers will disable access to the Mobile Observation Post ability.

Breakthrough Equipment
  • Panzergrenadiers can throw Smoke Grenades. Smoke grenades gain +25% range at veterancy 3 and share a cooldown with Bundle Grenade.
  • Pioneers can be upgraded with Breakthrough Equipment for 30 munitions; gives access to Destroy Cover; same as Royal Engineers. Also increases repair speed by 0.3.
  • Pioneers can now also throw satchel charges. Same stats and cost as the Penal Battallion satchel charge.
  • Breakthrough Equipment does not lock out the flamethrower or the minesweeper upgrade.

Panzer IV J
  • Gives Ostheer access to the OKW Panzer IV J; has identical stats.
  • Available from the HQ; requires either the Support Armor Korps or the Heavy Panzer Korps.
  • Has access to the Ostheer Blitzkrieg ability rather than the OKW version.
  • Veterancy levels 2 - 3 same as the OKW Panzer IV.

Tiger Ace

The Tiger Ace has undergone a rework with the intention to make the unit less frustrating to encounter and be less crippling to the player that keeps their Tiger Ace alive. Changes to its requirements are meant to make the unit rewarding for those who tech-up rather than as an emergency call-in.
  • CP requirement removed.
  • Now requires Heavy Panzer Korps before it can be called in.
  • No longer reduces income when deployed.
  • Now starts at veterancy 1.
  • Sight from 50 to 35.
  • Has 10% increased accuracy over the regular Tiger.
  • Now has access to Spearhead ability at veterancy 1 in addition to Blitzkrieg; similar to King Tiger's ability.
  • Has access to Emergency Repairs ability; same as OKW Elite Armor.
  • Population from 26 to 24
  • Cost from 800/150 to 800/250
  • Removed 1 time call-in limit.

Wehrmacht - General faction changes

A number of changes have been made to a small group of underused Ostheer units to increase their viability and increase composition diversity. More details can be found below.


We’ve made some significant improvements to the Ostwind to improve its viability over the Panzer IV which was generally chosen as the first tank for Ostheer thanks to its ability to fight both infantry and medium tanks. Its ability to destroy infantry and aircraft at a lower cost compared to the Panzer IV will allow it to find a place against certain builds.
  • Reload Frequency from 5 to 7
  • Scatter from 7.1 to 5.25
  • Cooldown from 0.5/0.7 to 0.35
  • Scatter offset to 0
  • Minimum range removed.
  • AA chance from 17% to 24%
  • Veterancy 2 AA chance from 24% to 40%
  • AOE can now only hit two models max per squad.


The StuG III is being given increased mobility and a reduced target size to improve its survivability on the field against AT-based units due to its lack of turret and range when compared to other tank destroyers.
  • Target size from 20 to 17
  • Rotation rate from 22 to 28


Panzergrenadiers are having their timing changed to allow them to gain veterancy sooner and increase diversity in Wehrmacht unit compositions before further changes are made to their performance. Adjustments to veterancy should also allow the unit smoother scaling as the unit levels up throughout the course of the game.

We also want to emphasize their role as mechanized infantry, despite removing them from the Leichte Mechanized Kompanie. As such, we have added the Infantry Doctrine Combined Arms passive as a stock veterancy 1 ability.
  • Now available from the Kampfgruppe HQ after Battle Phase 1 is researched
  • Population from 9 to 8
  • Infantry Doctrine Combined Arms now a veterancy 1 passive. Med-kits veterancy ability removed
  • Combined Arms ability now triggers when near allied vehicles.
  • Veterancy 2 now adds +16.7% weapon accuracy.
  • Veterancy 3 accuracy bonus from +40% to +20%; total accuracy value increase at veterancy 3 remains as the same as in live.
  • G43 upgrade cost from 60 to 25.
  • Reinforce time from 8.5 to 7.
  • Build time from 34 to 28.

250 Mechanized Grenadier Group
  • Now available from 2CP, was previously 3 CP

250 Panzergrenadier Group
  • Now available from 2CP, was previously 3 CP

OKW - Grand Offensive


The way Panzerfusiliers are deployed has been changed to better match their role as an alternative mainline infantry to Volksgrenadiers. They will be slightly weaker than Volksgrenadiers at the start but have access to the Anti-Tank Rifle Grenades, slightly better combat veterancy, and more powerful upgrades, giving them increased power in the late game. This should make for interesting choices and compositions.
  • Now cost 280 MP
  • Now available at 0 CPs from the Regimental Headquarters.
  • Flare cost reduced from 45 to 35
  • Initial squad size from 6 to 5
  • Grenade AOE distance from 0.75/1.5/2.25 to 1/2/3
  • Timed ‘Sprint’ ability replaces Passive Sprint at veterancy 5. Sprint lasts for 5 seconds
  • Upgrade route 1 - Panzershrecks
    • Can be upgraded with two Panzerschrecks for 100 munitions. Disables AT Rifle Grenades. Locks out G43s.
    • Requires Mechanized or Battlegroup Headquarters to be deployed

  • Upgrade route 2 - Recon Package (G43s)
    • Recon package now increases squad size from 5 to 6.
    • Now takes up 1 weapon slot from 0.
    • Requires Mechanized or Battlegroup Headquarters to be deployed

Infrared STG 44 package
  • Identical to Special Operations Infrared STG 44 package for Obersoldaten

Stuka Smoke Drop
  • Identical to OKW Luftwaffe doctrine ability

Panzer Commander
  • Ability identical to Elite Armour doctrine ability

Panzer VI "Command Tiger"
  • Command Tiger now available as a call-in at 0 CP; requires an operational Schwerer Panzer HQ on the field.
  • Costs 630 Manpower and 230 fuel
  • Veterancy 1: Command Tiger ability: Infantry near the Tiger will receive -25% weapon cooldown and -20% received accuracy. Increases the Tiger's reload time by 20% and reduces accuracy by 20%. Costs 15 munitions.
  • Veterancy 2: +5 range, +20% accuracy; Improved Command Tiger ability now also affects nearby vehicles; Reduces the reload of vehicles by 20% and the received accuracy of vehicles by 20%. Does not affect the Tiger itself. The same penalties for the Tiger itself are applied when the ability is cast.
  • Veterancy 3:-20% scatter, -30% reload
  • Veterancy 4: Combat Blitz; OKW version
  • Veterancy 5:+20% rotation, +20% speed, +20% ac/de-cel

OKW General Faction Changes


The Kubelwagen is receiving mobility and veterancy changes to allow it to escape from other light vehicles such as the M3 and gain veterancy without needing to be on the front-line where its light armor and low health are a liability.
  • Rotation from 40 to 46
  • Speed from 7 to 7.6
  • Now gains shared veterancy (the unit will receive a percentage of veterancy that is gained by nearby friendly units).

le.IG 18

We have reduced the significant veterancy requirements on the le.IG to match its current performance.
  • Veterancy requirements from 840/1680/3360/4480/5600 to 560/1020/2040/3060/3825

General Game Changes

  • "Ghost Sandbagging" is now no longer possible. A variety of buildable objects, such as sandbags and barbed wire, are now passable by infantry until the item is fully constructed. Light vehicles will now either pass through or destroy objects that are not fully constructed. Credit to Janne252 for implementing this fix.
  • Booby traps of all varieties can now be placed on VPs (the one exception being the Soviet Scorched Earth boobytraps as those disable capping for some time).
  • All vehicles from which units can fire from the hold have had their moving accuracy reduced to 0.4. Was previously 0.5.

13 Nov 2019, 13:35 PM
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Hotfix - June 19th 2019

Size: ~14.3MB

This hotfix aims to address the more problematic bugs introduced in the New Commander Update. Future updates will address more minor issues, and balance items.
  • Fixed issue where IL-2 AT Rocket Strafe was inflicting less damage than originally intended.
  • Fixed issue where P47 Rocket Strafe was doing excessive damage.
  • Fixed issue where the 251 Observation Post would act as a forward retreat point when activated
  • Fixed issue where the T70 would become camouflaged in recon mode
  • Tommy Mills Bombs now have a minimum range as intended
  • Fixed issue where USF soldiers would not fire from fighting pits
  • Fixed issue where Bunkers and Fighting Pits were passable by all unit types
  • Trenches should again be available for all units

Source: https://community.companyofheroes.com/discussion/comment/285292#Comment_285292
13 Nov 2019, 13:36 PM
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Mini Patch - July 5th 2019

Size: ~39.2MB

Single Player - Ardennes Assault

  • Addressed an issue where using the paratrooper ability in one of the Ardennes Assault Missions would cause a SCAR error.



Tiger Ace
  • Spearhead moved to Veterancy 2
  • Now requires 11 CP in addition to Heavy Panzer Korps
  • This change was made to accommodate resource inflation in big team games, where teams could acquire the Tiger Ace earlier than ideally intended.
  • The following change is intended to strike a balance between big team games and 1v1 and 2v2
  • If successful, a similar implementation will be applied to all heavy call-ins.
  • NOTE: Rushing a Tiger Tank is still intended to be a more viable strategy than in the past, especially when a team has extended map/ fuel dominance.

  • The Ostwind has had its price adjustment to match new performance
  • Costs now increased to 300MP and 100FU

Assault Grenadiers
  • Now start on initial cooldown


  • Now requires 9 CP in addition to Schwerer Panzer HQ
  • This change was made to accommodate resource inflation in big team games, where teams could acquire the Tiger earlier than ideally intended
  • The following change is intended to strike a balance between big team game and 1v1 and 2v2
  • If succesful, a similar implementation will be applied to all heavy call-ins.
  • NOTE: Rushing a Tiger Tank is still intended to be a more viable strategy than in the past, especially when a team has extended map/ fuel dominance.


  • Tommy Assualt package cost reduced from 70 to 60 munitions


Rear Echelon Grenade Launcher
  • Riflegrenade range reduced from 40 to 35

Sherman WP Rounds
  • Range reduced from 40 to 30. This ability was too potent in countering anti-tank guns.

Assault Engineers
  • Now start on initial cooldown. Cooldown reduced to 35 in compensation. (to standardize with all other 0CP call in infantry)


  • Panzerfusilliers should now be able to upgrade to another panzershreck if one has been picked up.
  • Single Shreck upgrade has added localization
  • Fixed issue where 251 Half-Track could capture points in observation mode
  • Fixed issue with British M5 Quad suppressing on the move
  • Fixed issue with Guards Airborne Strafing Run hotkey conflict
  • Fixed bug where PPSH Penal troops could still upgrade to PTRS and Satchel
  • Fixed bug where Bofors Emplacement did zero AA damage
  • Trenches are now impassable once built
  • Standardized Panzer IV rear armor across variants (90)
  • Fixed issue where the M2hB 50 Cal received decreased penetration at Vet 2

Source: https://community.companyofheroes.com/discussion/comment/285539#Comment_285539
13 Nov 2019, 13:37 PM
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Mini Patch - July 18th 2019

Size: ~38.1MB


  • Addressed bug where Panzerfusilliers could purchase Panzerschreks in addition to their G43 upgrade

Source: https://community.companyofheroes.com/discussion/comment/285621#Comment_285621
13 Nov 2019, 13:37 PM
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September 2019 Balance Update - September 10th 2019

Size: ~77MB

This update is now live! Major thanks to the wider community for their continued interest in this great game. We're both grateful and impressed with the continued passion this community has for the franchise. If you have playtested or given forum feedback it has helped shape this update, and is very much appreciated.

A major shout out goes out to the community balance and mod team. Miragefla, Sander93, Jae4Jett, Tightrope, Sturmpanther, Momo4sho, with modder support from Janne252, Nachocheese and Planetsmasher.

Many of these chaps have invested a serious amount of their own time in this update. Whether it be building mods, taking part in detailed design discussions, testing builds, or scouring forums for feedback and sentiment. Without them, this update simply would not be possible.

This is the third major update this group have delivered inside of a year, and on behalf of Relic and the community, a massive thanks goes out to them.

Additional thanks to Osinyagov, SneakEye and Kasarov for UI support this udpate.

If you have been following the mod process, you can scroll to the bottom of this post to view the changes added since mod 1.3.

All changes are reflected in the main post.

Game Wide Changes for all Factions

Heavy Tank Call-In Changes for all Factions

We felt the strategy of stalling for a heavy tank call-in without teching stagnated gameplay and was too punishing for players who did tech. In addition we felt that certain heavy tanks came too late in team games. The following changes have been made to all other heavy tanks:
  • Heavy tank call-ins will now require a reduced amount of CPs but require final tier tech in order to be called in. This includes: IS-2, KV-2, Command Panther, Sturmtiger, Tiger, Pershing, Churchill Crocodile and Churchill AVRE.
  • Call-in requirements for the heavy tank destroyers Elefant, Jagdtiger and ISU-152 remain at their old values but now also require end tier tech.
  • The majority of heavy tanks have had their AOE values standardized to deal more reliable damage to infantry. Additional rebalancing has also been done to a number of heavy tanks.


In order to make autonomous medics more responsive, they will now move around at a higher speed, for all factions that have them. The radius in which they follow or walk up to squads has been slightly reduced to further prevent long healing queue times. Player controlled medic squads have had a quality improvement as well.
  • All medics now sprint towards wounded infantry models
  • Medic chase range standardized to 20 for all base and forward structures
  • USF and UKF medic squads now have a timed area of effect heal ability that automatically heals squads around them when activated

  • All howitzers start on cooldown after their barrage finishes or is interupted
  • All barrage cooldowns reduced by 20 seconds


Teching & Faction changes

We feel OKW is in a very dominant position in the very early game, which made them feel a bit too oppressive towards other factions. Changes have been made to reduce their early game power in exchange for a stronger mid-game. This has been done with the intent to maintain their overall strength as a faction, whilst maintaining some of their identity as early game aggressors. The graph below visualizes these intended changes to their power curve:

Starting resources

Starting manpower has been reduced to tone down the rate at which OKW is able to produce squads from the start.

To counteract the lower rate at which they will now be able to cap the map, starting fuel has been increased. Additionally, the cost of SWS trucks have gone down to make up for the manpower changes.
  • Starting manpower reserves from 340 to 320
  • Starting fuel from 5 to 10
  • SWS truck cost from 100/15 to 70/15

Schwerer Panzer Headquarters

The Panzer Headquarters is being split into two parts to allow certain units to arrive sooner while maintaining the time it takes for OKW to deploy their armor in the mid-to-late game. The adjustments should also make strategies involving Battlegroup Headquarters more viable by allowing units like Obersoldaten to arrive sooner.
  • Cost from 200MP/120 to 100/60; unlocks Obersoldaten; Obersoldaten upgrades locked behind Panzer Authorization.
  • Can now be upgraded with ‘Panzer Authorization’ for 100 manpower and 60 fuel. Unlocks Jagdpanzer IV, Panzer IV Ausf. J, and Panzer V Panther as well as the doctrinal Flakpanzer IV Ostwind. Also unlocks Obersoldaten weapon upgrades.
  • Flak cannon disabled until Panzer Authorization upgrade is purchased.
  • Panzer Authorization must be repurchased if the Panzer HQ is destroyed and is required for all heavy tank call-ins.
  • Obersoldaten weapon upgrades only need Panzer Authorization to be purchased once.

General unit & abilities changes


Volksgrenadiers are slightly too cost effective for their price point. Their base cost has been increased to better suit their power and timing.
  • Manpower cost from 250 to 260
  • Reinforcement cost unchanged.


While Sturmpioneers are strong starting units, they did not scale very well against the increasing strength of Allied infantry as the game progressed. The following changes to their veterancy should help them in the combat role in the mid-to-late game.
  • Veterancy requirements from 580/1160/2320/2900/3770 to 480/960/1920/2600/3150
  • Veterancy 4 accuracy bonus moved to veterancy 3.
  • Veterancy 3 construction bonuses moved to veterancy 4
  • Concussion Grenade ability now requires to Veterancy 1 rather than Veterancy 3


The MG 34 performs well in its role as a suppression platform, but its lower damage compared to other HMGs makes it difficult to gain veterancy. Requirements have been lowered to compensate.
  • Veterancy requirements from 400/800/1600/2132/2666 to 360/720/1440/1918/2400


Despite the recent changes to the Kubelwagen, the unit still isn’t very popular. In order to reduce the demand on Sturmpioneers, the unit has received adjustments that reduces the time required to be repaired.
  • Health from 240 to 192
  • Received damage modifier of 0.8 added
  • This will decrease repair times, without changing the durability of the unit (which is still 192/0.8=240 effective hitpoints).

Raketenwerfer 43

Due to the frustrating mechanics of its short-range for the user and its camouflage for the opponent, the Raketenwerfer is being adjusted to function more like a standard anti-tank guns. Range and crew size is being improved, while the camouflage now only works when stationary and requires veterancy 1.
  • Cost from 270 to 290
  • Range from 50 to 55
  • Crew size from 4 to 5
  • Camouflage ability now locks the unit in place unless revealed. Cannot move, but can rotate
  • Requires veterancy 1 for camouflage
  • Retreat function retained
  • Population remains at 7

Sd.Kfz. 251/17 Flak Half-Track

The Sdkfz. 251/17 is gaining slight price and veterancy adjustments to incentive the use of Battlegroup Headquarters.
  • Fuel cost from 55 to 50
  • Veterancy 5 mobility bonuses moved to veterancy 3
  • Veterancy 3 and 4 bonuses have been moved to veterancy 4 and 5 respectively.
  • Smoke cost from 35 to 25; veterancy reduces smoke cost from 25 to 15

Tiger II

Changes have been made to make its main gun more reliable at forcing off enemy infantry by increasing the amount of health damage dealt, while reducing the radius where it can kill full health models. Furthermore, to help define its unique role, the Spearhead ability has been moved to veterancy 1.
  • Fuel cost from 280 to 270
  • AOE distance from 1/2/3 to 0/1.25/4
  • AOE damage from 1/0.35/0.05 to 0.75/0.25/0.15
  • Scatter angle from 7.5 to 5
  • Spearhead to veterancy 1, Combat Blitz to veterancy 3
  • Veterancy requirements from 4040/8080/16160/20200/26866 to 3630/7260/14560/18928/24606

Opel Blitz

The Opel Blitz lacked a proper role and had came too late in the game to serve as a reinforcement platform. CP requirements have been reduced with boosts to mobility. It will also provide a healing aura to infantry to further its role as a forward reinforcement platform.
  • CP requirements from 3 to 2
  • Now has access to the Ambulance's healing ability
  • Acceleration from 1.5 to 3
  • Rotation from 30 to 38
  • Fuel cost from 25 to 20

Le.IG 18 ISG Incendiary Barrage

The Incendiary Barrage was underperforming for its cost due to its lack of damage, low accuracy and slow rate of fire. The following changes have been implemented to correct these issues:
  • Incendiary scatter angle from 8 to 7.
  • Incendiary scatter max from 10 to 8.
  • Incendiary reload from 2.3/3.6 to 0.75/1
  • Incendiary shell garrison damage modifier from 0.5 to 0.75; only affects impact damage
  • Number of Flame DOTs dropped per shell changed from 1 to 2; this effectively doubles the damage of its DOT

Flammpanzer 38t ‘Hetzer’

We feel that the Hetzer is in a good spot™, but have slightly lowered its veterancy requirements due to its inability to harm vehicles.
  • Veterancy requirements from 1560/3120/6240/7800/10375 to 1240/2480/4960/6440/8370

Overwatch Flares

This ability had become too powerful amidst the other improvements to the Overwatch Doctrine, as it provided the doctrine with strong reconnaissance for minimal input. The flares must now be placed on points manually. In return, the ability can be used on territory points captured by allied players.
  • Must now be planted by Volksgrenadiers, Sturmpioneers, Obersoldaten, or Jaeger Light Infantry.
  • No cost. Can be planted on territory captured by allied players.
  • Takes 7 seconds to plant.

Radio Silence

In order to give this ability more tangible during an assault, the ability now lets infantry move at a slightly higher speed. Ability cost has been increased accordingly.
  • Added 1.2 movement speed for infantry during ability
  • Cost from 25 to 40

Command Panther

The Command Panther will now be tied to tech like all other heavy call-in tanks. In addition, its vision has been adjusted to match standard recon units. To compensate for this loss in scouting power and tech requirements, cost has been decreased.
  • CP requirement to 9; requires an operational Schwerer Panzer HQ upgraded with Panzer Authorization to be called in.
  • Sight range from 55 to 50
  • Cost from 560/225 to 520/200
  • Aura sight bonus from 20 to 15

Infiltration Grenades

We feel that the price of Infiltration Grenades was too low for their chance at inflicting heavy damage or wiping out squads. Cost has been slightly increased.
  • Cost from 15 to 20

  • CP requirement to 8; now requires an operational Schwerer Panzer HQ upgraded with Panzer Authorization to be called-in.


Fallschirmjäger have not been very popular due to their high cost, timing and being outclassed by Obersoldaten. Changes have been made to allow them to arrive sooner and scale better with veterancy and tech, at the cost of having less firepower upon deployment.
  • Deployment cost from 380 to 320
  • CP requirement from 3 to 2
  • Now drops in with two FG42s
  • Can now be upgraded with 2 FG 42s once Schwerer Panzer HQ is deployed
  • FG 42 Mid range from 16 to 21
  • FG 42 Rate of fire from 6 to 7.
  • FG 42 far cooldown from 2 to 1.35
  • Now has a First-Strike Ambush bonus of +25% when attacking from camouflage.
  • Veterancy 3 accuracy accuracy from 1.15 to 1.3
  • Veterancy 5 accuracy bonus removed.
  • Veterancy 5 now provides a +20% boost to their First-Strike Ambush modifier.


To better reflect their performance and the changes to OKW's starting manpower, we have reduced the unit's manpower and upgrade costs slightly.
  • Manpower cost from 280 to 270; reinforce unchanged
  • G43 upgrade cost from 90 to 80

Sector Assault

The anti-infantry airplanes of the Sector Assault ability were too effective due to their ability to instantly pin multiple infantry squads in a large area. The suppression on these planes has been significantly toned down to minimize their ability to suppress multiple infantry squads in a wide area. Squads should no longer get pinned on the first pass.
  • Sector AI plane suppression from 0.25 to 0.0125
  • Nearby suppression radius from 20 to 12

Assault Artillery

Due to the way Assault Artillery functioned which restricted the barrage to 35m radius around a capture point, the ability often did minimal damage in larger sectors. The ability has been reworked to function as conventional off-map artillery.
  • Ability is no longer bound to one specific sector.
  • Can now be targeted on any location with sight; except base sectors.
  • Now drops 20 artillery shells in a 45m radius; 10 artillery shells in a 25m radius; ends by launching 15 smoke shells in a 40m radius
  • Artillery Shell delay from 0.75/1.25 to 0.5/0.75
  • Mortar smoke delay between shells from 0.75 to 0.375

Sturm Offizier

The Sturm Offizier has been completely reworked to be an effective combat unit with the addition of veterancy and his retreat-on-death mechanic being removed. To promote his role as a combat unit and to reduce blobbing, his aura has been removed.
  • Target size from 1 to 0.91
  • Passive aura removed; bulletin still functions
  • Retreat on Offizier model death removed
  • CP Requirement from 1 to 2; matches other officer units
  • Now has access to Model 24 Smoke Grenades. 15 munitions.
  • Grenade benefits from Veterancy 1 cost reduction and Veterancy 2 ability range. -5 munition cost, +5 range.
  • Mark Target Received Accuracy penalty on targeted unit from 1.5 to 1.3
  • Mark Target tool-tip adjusted; ability does not boost the effectiveness of nearby enemies.

  • Veterancy 1: Reduces cost of all abilites by 10 munitions
  • Veterancy 2: Increases squad size to 5, +10 to ability range
  • Veterancy 3: +40% Accuracy
  • Veterancy 4: -29% Received Accuracy
  • Veterancy 5: -25% Weapon Cooldown, Offizier switches to an StG 44 (Panzergrenadier variant)
  • Gains shared veterancy

Command Tiger I

The Command Tiger will have its main gun anti-infantry damage standardized to deal more reliable damage. Veterancy requirements will be slightly reduced in line with changes to Ostheer’s Tiger I.
  • AOE distance from 1/1.75/2.625 to 0.25/1.5/3
  • AOE damage from 1/0.15/0.05 to 1/0.25/0.15
  • Scatter angle from 7.5 to 4.75.
  • Veterancy requirements from 3440/6880/13760/17406/20259 to 3090/6180/12360/15400/18150

Thorough Salvage

The time it takes to complete Thorough Salvage has been reduced. Being a doctrinal ability slot that replaces regular Salvage, we feel that it should not force players into more risky situations.
  • Time required to complete Thorough Salvage from 20 to 11


Adjustments have been made to the Jagdtiger mobility to make this unit more responsive on the battlefield. In exchange, some of it combat stats are being reduced to make it a heavier Elefant that can support an attack with HE rounds. The unit has also been adjusted to require tech.
  • Requires all SWS trucks to be converted; CP requirement unchanged
  • Fuel cost from 280 to 260
  • Population from 23 to 22
  • Frontal armor from 525 to 450
  • Health from 1280 to 1120
  • Acceleration from 0.5 to 1.2
  • Rotation rate from 12 to 16
  • Range from 80 to 70
  • Accuracy from 0.055/0.045/0.033 to 0.06/0.05/0.035; applies to standard and piercing shot
  • 128mm Horizontal tracking speed from 6 to 12
  • Engine upgrade bonuses now only apply when out of combat
  • Veterancy 5 now grants 160 health; removed description about Jagdtiger being Dazed as this was never the case since more recent patches
  • Piercing Shell Cost from 90 to 70


Infantry Sections

With the introduction of anti-tank grenades on Royal Engineers, Infantry Sections have been identified to be slightly overperforming.

Infantry Section Lee Enfield damage is being adjusted to maintain its current DPS, while reducing their chance to burst down models in a single volley. Previously, Lee Enfield damage, combined with five man squads, allowed the Infantry Section to quickly kill off infantry models which led to them winning most infantry battles.

The low target size of Infantry Sections also made them difficult to kill with damage and manpower bleed being negated thanks to their medical kits. To address this issue, Infantry Section target size is being increased when the unit is out of cover. This change will make the unit more vulnerable when in the open which should also reduce the power of Tommy blobs.

Pyrotechnics have also received a slight adjustment due to the sight bonus Sections get when in cover at veterancy 1.
  • Lee Enfield Accuracy from 0.598/0.564/0.529 to 0.676/0.637/0.598
  • Lee Enfield Damage from 16 to 14
  • Received Accuracy from 0.8 to 0.9
  • Squad models gain 0.89 Received Accuracy when in cover. Restores original value back to 0.8
  • Assault Tommy Upgrade removes the cover bonus and grants it as a passive instead; upgraded Received Accuracy Bonus from 0.95 to 0.8444.
  • Pyrotechnics Supplies upgrade sight range from 50 to 42


In order to counteract the slightly reduced performance of Infantry Sections and improve UKF build diversity, the Vickers HMG suppression has been increased.
  • Suppression from 0.00785 to 0.008


The British .50cal Sniper had a disproportionately long aim time compared to the other snipers. The aim time has been standardized to match the others, to make the British sniper less frustrating to use. Rate of fire between shots remains slower than other snipers as intended.
  • Ready aim-time from 1.5 to 1.
  • Wind down increased from 4 to 5.25.


The Comet underperforms in its role as a premium late game tank due to lack of combat scaling and weak anti-infantry capabilities outside White Phosphorus shells. These issues have been addressed with the changes below.
  • Manpower cost from 500 to 480
  • Scatter from 7.5 to 5.25
  • AOE damage from 1/0.4/0.2 to 0.75/0.4/0.2
  • AOE distance from 0.25/1/1.5 to 0/1.15/2.5
  • Veterancy 3 now speeds up reload by 20%
  • Now has Heavy Crush


We feel that the Cromwell does not stand out compared to other medium tanks for its price. To reinforce its role as a fast cruiser tank, we are slightly increasing its mobility and survivability.
  • Acceleration from 2.6 to 3
  • Target size from 22 to 20

Sherman Firefly

We believe that the Firefly performs well as a tank destroyer, but is slightly too expensive for its low rate of fire and mediocre mobility.
  • Fuel cost from 155 to 145
  • 60-Pound Tulip Rockets upgrade cost from 50 to 30; firing cost remains the same.

Churchill Mk.VII

Because of its grenade ability and high health, the Churchill Mk.VII has been slightly overperforming when used against anti-tank guns or when deployed in numbers. In order to make the unit less effective in either scenario, the following changes have been made:
  • Population from 16 to 19.
  • Grenade ability moved from veterancy 0 to veterancy 1.
  • Fuel cost from 160 to 165


All emplacements can now be torn down by Royal Engineers once they no longer serve their initial purpose, to free up population cap for other units. This should allow British players to deploy emplacements in locations as needed without them eventually becoming a liability.
  • Deconstruct Emplacement ability added to Royal Engineers; allows Engineers to remove owned Emplacements after 15 seconds. Emplacement weapons are disabled during the duration
  • Refunds 100 manpower upon completion

Churchill Crocodile / Churchill AVRE
  • CP requirement to 9 CP; both require either Anvil Tactics or Hammer Tactics to be called in

Advanced Emplacements Regiment
  • Forward Assembly Repair Sapper range from 30 to 20
  • Repair Sappers should no longer instantly respawn if killed
  • Advanced Fortifications upgrade cost from 70 munition to 100 manpower and 10 fuel


The following changes are designed to give the Bofors less alpha strike damage versus light vehicles, while remaining very effective at stopping infantry assaults.
  • AOE from 1 to 1.5
  • Rate of fire from 4 to 2
  • Reload time from 1.5/2 to 1
  • Reload frequency from 1 to 2
  • Suppression from 0.0006 to 0.0015
  • Nearby suppression radius from 0.8 to 1
  • AOE suppression from 0.1 to 0.75
  • Target suppressed suppression multiplier from 0.5 to 1



Riflemen are solid infantry that scale well, but we would like to put more emphasis on their mid-to-short range capabilities versus those of the long-range focused Axis squads. Their near range has been increased to slightly improve their performance between 3 - 16m.
  • M1 Garand Near range from 3 to 6; affects USF Officer squad members

Chart amended from https://coh2db.com/stats/

Riflemen Flares

The cost of flares is being matched to those used by units such as Panzerfusiliers to incentivise its use.
  • Cost from 40 to 35

Rear Echelon Troops

Previously, Rear Echelon carbines were far too inaccurate, yet dealt somewhat high damage. This made them unreliable in most cases, even at point-blank. To make their carbines perform more consistently, damage has been reduced while accuracy has been increased.
  • M1 Carbine damage from 10 to 8
  • M1 Carbine accuracy from 0.403/0.288/0.23 to 0.51/0.3456/0.276


We think the Jackson is slightly overperforming for its cost, but we also recognize it is the backbone of USF's late game anti-tank. Fuel cost has been slightly increased to better match its performance.
  • Fuel cost from 140 to 145

M8 Scott

The M8 Scott is having its rate of fire reduced as it dealt too much damage for the lack of input required. In return, the unit is having its barrage times reduced to reward those who use its abilities.
  • Auto-fire reload from 2.75/2.9 to 3.5/3.65
  • HE barrage recharge from 75 to 55
  • Smoke barrage recharge from 60 to 45

Pak Howitzer

Similar to the M8 Scott, we felt that the Pak Howitzer performed too well when given minimal input. This has been toned down slightly by increasing its low scatter during auto-attack. To compensate, barrages will be more readily available.
  • Auto-fire scatter from 6 to 8.5
  • HE, HEAT, and WHite Phosphorous barrage recharge time from 60 to 50.

M21 Mortar Halftrack

The White Phosphorus shells dealt too much damage for how cheap the ability was. The shells have been adjusted to deal less damage over time.
  • DOT Frequency tick rate from 0.2 to 0.5

M4 Sherman 105mm Dozer

Like many other call-ins, the M4 105mm Dozer now requires tech to be built. In return, its CP requirements have been reduced to reward those who tech.
  • Now requires Major tech
  • CP requirement from 10 to 6

M26 Pershing

With the requirement of tech, the Pershing has received a durability adjustment to improve its survivability. The unit now has more hitpoints, but has reduced frontal armor. The anti-infantry performance of its main gun has also been standardized with all other heavy tanks, although it will still deal the most damage.
  • Now requires Major Dispatched to be deployed
  • CP requirement to 9 from 13.
  • Armour from 300 to 270
  • Health from 800 to 960
  • AOE distance from 0.75/1.5/2.25 to 0.25/1.25/3.25
  • AOE damage from 1/0.4/0.2 to 0.75/0.375/0.175
  • Veterancy 3 reload from -50% to -30%
  • HVAP shot from 90 to 50 Munitions

Time On Target

In order to make this ability destroy enemy howitzers or other stationary defenses reliably, changes have been made to the last three shells to ensure they land directly in the center of the ability.
  • Final 3 shells no longer scatter.

Rifle Company

We felt that Rifle Company was underused because it had some very mediocre abilities out-weighed the benefits of the good ones. Small changes to the doctrine have been made to make the commander a more attractive choice.
  • ‘Fire Up!’ ability exhaustion debuff removed
  • Riflemen Flares have been merged with Flamethrower slot; ability is now called 'Advanced Infantry Equipment'
  • Riflemen Field Defenses added to the doctrine.

Riflemen Field Defenses

The speed of mines being planted by Riflemen is being increased to be quicker.
  • Riflemen M6 Mine max number of engineers from 2 to 4

Paratroopers / Paratroopers Support Squad

Paratroopers are receiving some minor changes to further solidify their performance. Some of their received accuracy from veterancy is being moved into their target size to improve their survivability when they first arrive. Demo charges will also destroy full health team weapons, allowing Paratroopers to deny them.
  • Paratrooper Timed Demolition Charges are now guaranteed to destroy abandoned team weapons
  • Target size from 1.0 to 0.95
  • Veterancy 3 Received Accuracy bonus from -29% to -25.3%


Leichte Mechanized Kompanie

Ostheer tech is more manpower demanding than other factions as the faction is required to tech up battlephases and then build its structures. The following change is designed to alleviate this and allow Ostheer to field Lieichte Mechanized Kompanie units sooner.
  • Manpower cost from 200 to 100


In order to give the Eastern Front factions repair times that are more in line with those of the Western Front armies, the minesweeper upgrade on Pioneer squads will now give additional repair speed.
  • Minesweeper upgrade now improves repair speed by 0.3 per model


We think Grenadiers are well-priced for their combat performance, but with only 4 models and reliance on being stationary to deal damage, it made them very susceptible to artillery and AOE attacks. Their veterancy has been adjusted to allow late game Grenadiers to resist explosives better, while retaining their current survivability against small-arms.
  • Veterancy 3 -23% Received Accuracy replaced by -20% damage reduction

GrW 34 Mortar

The Counter Barrage ability is having its ranged increased to allow mortars to engage targets that would attack forward elements of the Ostheer line and not just the mortar itself.
  • Counter Barrage range from 80 to 100

Sd.Kfz. 222

The coaxial machine gun of the 222 is having its penetration values increased to match the OKW Sd.Kfz. 221/223.
  • Coaxial MG penetration from 1/1/1 to 1.3/1.2/1.1

Sd.Kfz. 251 Halftrack

We would like to make the unupgraded Sd.Kfz. 251 Halftrack more integrated into Ostheer’s core support weapons and combined arms gameplay. An increases in sight range will allow it to spot for team weapons, while in-hold healing will allow the smaller Ostheer squads greater field presence. Its new veteran ability will also allow the Half-Track to lay mines that can help blunt incoming attacks.
  • Sight range from 35 to 42
  • Flame Projectors upgrade reduces sight range back to 35
  • Infantry squads that are garrisoned inside the halftrack’s hold will heal 0.4 health per second. Healing is disabled when the halftrack is in combat.
  • Sight range multiplier from the Spotting Scope upgrade has been reduced to 1.667 when not upgraded with Flame Projectors.
  • Veterancy 1 Infantry Awareness replaced by Schu Mine. Allows the Half-track to plant a Schu Mine for 30 munitions. 10 second plant time.

Panzergrenadier and Stormtrooper G43s

G43s for Stormtroopers and Panzergrenadiers are being improved to improve their capabilities at longer ranges.
  • Panzergrenadier G43 cost from 25 to 50.
  • G43 Mid accuracy from 0.624 to 0.65.
  • G43 far accuracy from 0.564 to 0.61.
  • G43 Far cooldown from 1.5 to 1.
  • G43 Far aim time from 3 to 2.75.

Bunker MG 42 upgrade

The MG 42 upgrade’s sight range is being reduced to be slightly below its firing range as its role is to deny attacks into key areas or support a defensive line.
  • Bunker MG sight bonus from 25 to 5; total sight from 55 to 40

Tiger I

Along with the changes to heavy tanks, the Tiger is receive adjustments to its main gun. The Tiger is the most accurate of the heavy tanks against infantry with a high rate of fire, but lacks raw AOE power. Veterancy requirements have also been reduced to help the Tiger into later stages of the game.
  • CP requirement from 13 to 9; now requires Battlephase 3 researched to be deployed.
  • AOE distance from 1/1.75/2.625 to 0.25/1.5/3
  • AOE damage from 1/0.15/0.05 to 1/0.25/0.15
  • Scatter angle from 7.5 to 4.75.
  • Veterancy requirements from 3440/6880/13760 to 3090/6180/12360

StuG Ausf. E

The StuG E is being moved into tech like other call-in vehicles. In return, we have reduced the amount of CPs to compensate to encourage teching.
  • CP requirement from 7 to 5
  • Now requires Battlephase 2

Spotting scopes

An activiation delay has been added to spotting scopes as the immediate vision boost allowed vehicles to quickly get shots off on targets outside of their sight range almost immediately.
  • 1.5 delay before sight range is increased

Supply Drop - Osttruppen Doctrine

The weapon drop has been slightly reduced in cost, in order to better match costs with similar weapon drops like those in USF Airborne Company. CP timing has also been adjusted.
  • CP requirement from 4 to 3
  • Manpower cost from 450 to 400

Command Panzer IV

The Command Panzer IV will now require either tier 3 or tier 4 in order to be called in. Additionally there will be some changes to its performance.
  • CP requirement from 9 to 7; now requires either Support Armor Korps or Heavy Panzer Korps built in order to be deployed.
  • Fuel cost from 125 to 100
  • Aura damage reduction modifier from 0.8 to 0.9, as previously intended.

Jaeger Command Squad

The CP timing of this unit has been adjusted to better match the power of other units arriving at this time.
  • CP requirement from 3 to 2

Target Weak Point Ability

In order to make the Target Weak Point abilities less confusing, as they have different effects on different units, the ability has been renamed on several units to help distinguish them. New icons will be placed later for clarity.
  • StuG III ausf. E. and and StuG III ausf G “Target Weak Point” renamed to “HEAT Shell’’
  • Sd.Kfz. 234/2 Puma’s ‘Target Weak Point’ replaced with OKW Puma ’Aimed Shot’ ability.

Sdf.Kfz 250 Mortart Half-Track

Adjustments have been made to the mortar half-tracks abilities to improve its ability at area denial and countering hostile indirect-fire.
  • Incendiary Barrage now matches those fired by the LeIG. Fires 4 rounds over the target area
  • Incendiary Barrage cost from 45 to 35
  • Counter Barrage range from 80 to 100


Support Weapon Kampaneya

The cost of the structure has been reduced to improve its pick rate over the Special Rifle Command as a starting building, and make back-teching for team weapons slightly cheaper.
  • Fuel cost from 20 to 15

Conscripts Mobilize Reserves - 7th man upgrade

Due to popular sentiment on this upgrade arriving too late, we are allowing players the option to invest in their Conscripts sooner at the cost of additional resources. If players do not want to invest in Conscripts heavily or are looking to rush into medium tanks with Conscript support, Mechanized Armor Kampaneya unlocks the upgrade as normal.
  • Can be purchased once Tankoviy Battalion Command is deployed for 100 manpower and 20 fuel; requires Molotov and AT Grenade tech to be researched.
  • Automatically grants for free if Mechanized Armor Kampaneya is built


The Maxim is having its performance improved against groups of massed infantry, while retaining its current performance against individual squads. These changes will allow a Maxim to suppress multiple squads faster and in a larger radius.
  • Nearby suppression radius from 13 to 15
  • Nearby suppression multiplier from 1 to 1.1

Combat Engineers

In order to give the Eastern factions repair times that are more in line with those of the Western front armies, the minesweeper upgrade on Combat Engineer squads will now give additional repair speed. Furthermore, Combat Engineers are having their Mosin Nagants match those of Conscripts to improve their reliability in combat.
  • Damage from 16 to 12
  • Accuracy from 0.518/0.449/0.334 to 0.757/0.660/0.557
  • Minesweeper upgrade now improves repair speed by 0.3 per model

Airborne Guards

We are reducing the drop-rate on the DP-28 due to how quickly they can drop their weapons when the squad losses members.
  • Airbourne DP-28 drop rate from 0.33 to 0.1

ZiS-3 and SU-76 76mm HE Barrage

The barrage ability on the ZiS-3 and SU-76 has been changed to have reduced raw killing power and deal more reliable health damage instead.
  • HE Barrage AOE damage from 1/0.15/0.125 to 1/0.375/0.125
  • HE Barrage AOE distance from 1.5/3/4.5 to 0/3/5

Guards Rifle ‘Hit The Dirt!’ Ability

Ability renamed to prevent confusion with Conscript Assault Package’s “Hit The Dirt!” ability, since either ability has different effects.
  • Guards ‘Hit The Dirt!’ ability renamed to ‘Firing Positions’

Conscript Assault Package

Doctrinal PPSh-41 upgrade for Conscripts has been changed to be available earlier to match other weapon upgrades.
  • CP requirement from 3 to 2


The grenade cooldown on Shocktroopers is being increased to reduce how quickly the unit can use its abilities during combat. This was particularly noticeable with their veterancy 1 bonus that improves their grenade cooldowns.
  • Frag and Smoke cooldown from 20 to 28

Assault Guards

Due to popular demand, we are giving Assault Guards Thompson SMGs. These changes in performance will better reflect the cost and timing of the Half-Track Assault Group.
  • Comes equipped with 3 Thompson submachine guns in addition to their SVTs
  • PPSh-41s removed

Partisan Troops

Partisan units have received several changes to solidify their role as infiltration, harrasment, and ambush infantry.
  • Sight from 35 to 42
  • Capture/Decapture rate from 1 to 1.25.
  • +50% first-strike accuracy modifier at veterancy 2 when attacking from stealth.
  • Veterancy 1 now gives a Concussive Trap ability that can be planted on captured territory points. 10 munitions. Temporarily stuns an enemy squad that enters the capture circle. Trap takes 10 seconds to plant.

Partisan Tank Hunters

Reinforcement cost and timing reduced to match those of anti-infantry Partisans.
  • Partisans reinforce cost from 33 to 26.
  • AT Partisan reinforce time from 7 to 5.
  • Affected by Partisan changes above.


The KV-1 has received changes to make it better suited as a defensive tank at later levels of veterancy, and threaten infantry that attempt to bypass the tank.
  • Added Hulldown mode for veterancy 1
  • Hulldown grants -15% reload time, and -20% received damage
  • Increased performance on the hull and coaxial machine guns to match those of the T-34/76


Along with the heavy tank changes, the IS-2's gun has been altered to have the largest AOE out of all heavy tanks, but is the least accurate and slowest to fire. Furthermore, veterancy 1 has been changed to improve its role at smashing team weapons and groups of infantry. CP requirement is higher than the Tiger due to its heavier armor.
  • CP requirement to 10. Now requires Mechanized Armor Kampenya to be deployed.
  • Scatter from 7.5 to 5.75
  • AOE from 4 to 5
  • AOE distance from 1/2/3 to 0.25/1/3
  • AOE damage from 1/0.35/1 to 1/0.35/0.175
  • Fragmentation shell replaces veterancy 1 ‘Capture Point’ ability. Range 40. 45 Munitions
  • AOE of 8.
  • AOE damage 1/0.5/0.2
  • AOE distance 0.15/2/8
  • Deals 120 damage
  • Deals a mini-stun critical to vehicles on hit or deflection.


Like all heavy tanks, the KV-2 has been adjusted to require teching in exchange for lower CP requirements.
  • CP requirement to 10 CP. Now requires Mechanized Armor Kampenya.

Defensive Tactics

To improve the viability of this commander, two of the commander's abilities are being merged to make room for Anti-Tank Overwatch. This will give the commander improved performance in the late game.
  • Tank Traps and PMD Mines abilities have been merged
  • Anti-Tank Overwatch ability added


  • Fixed an issue where the M4C and M4A3 76mm moving scatter did not match those of other Sherman variants
  • Fixed an issue where 'See the World, They Said!' bulletin did not properly reduce weapon cooldown
  • Fixed an issue where Panzerfusilier single Panzerschrecks was available for purchase when G43s were being upgrade
  • Fixed an issue where the Pack Howitzer barrage dealt less damage to units in light cover over auto-fire
  • Fixed an issue where the 250 Half-Tracks did not have Hand-Brake commands or obeyed them
  • Fixed an issue where the Hetzer did not have the Hold-Fire command
  • Fixed an issue where the Ostheer Puma dealt less damage than the OKW Puma at veterancy 3
  • Fixed an issue where the Ostheer Puma movement stats did not match the OKW Puma
  • Fixed an issue where the Assault Grenadier deployment ability did not start its recharge until a commander was chosen like other call-in abilities.
  • Fixed an issue where UKF players could not use the Command Vehicle ability if the command vehicle was abandoned
  • Fixed an issue where the 251 gained a sight bonus when in 'Observation Mode'
  • Fixed an issue where OKW Flare Traps generated negative cover; finally
  • Fixed an issue where certain demo charges created heavy cover
  • Fixed an issue where skins did not apply to the USF M10
  • Fixed an issue where Forward Assembly Repair Sappers respawned instantly
  • Fixed an issue where Panzergrenadiers could get stuck during their 'Mark Target' ability when used on retreating units
  • Fixed an issue where Volksgrenadier healing was enabled at veterancy 4 rather than veterancy 5
  • Fixed an issue where the Wehrmacht Mortar used in the incorrect weapon during counter barrage
  • UI Fixes and adjustments

Changes since 1.3

  • Decrease Health from 1280 to 1120
  • Decrease Range from 80 to 70 (as ele)
  • Increase Accuracy small higher than ele
  • Decrease Armor from 525 to 450 (more than ele)
  • Decrease fuelcost to 260
  • Decrease popcap from 23 to 22
  • Increase Gun traverse / horizontal speed from 6 to 12 (less than ele)
  • Increase Accel from 0.5 to 1.2 (less than ele)
  • Increase Rotation from 12 to 16 (same as Elefant, but Ele has -15/15 gun traverse while JT only has -8/8)
  • Decrease Aoe from 3.008 to 0.294 (as Ele)
  • Increase Hull MG to the lv from Ele
  • Replace vet 5 ( it does nothing, because there is no stun anymore)
  • Piercing Shell Cost from 90 to 70
  • Accuracy to 0.06/0.05/0.035


In order to maintian the Perhings role as the most lethal anti infantry havy tank, we have added the following change to it's near AOE.
  • Near AOE from 0 to 0.25

Mobilize Reserves
  • Now unlocks after tier 4, while remaining an option for earlier purchase.

Source: https://community.companyofheroes.com/discussion/comment/286289#Comment_286289
13 Nov 2019, 13:39 PM
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Hotfix Patch - September 11th 2019

Size: ~30MB

Note - future balance tuning will happen in a later mini patch once the community has had time to adapt and objectively assess the live changes.

This hotfix is for problem bugs only.

  • Fixed issue where OKW Assault Artillery could be targeted in fog of war
  • Fixed an issue where ISU-152 could not be called in. Now requires Mechanized Armor Kampaneya as intended
  • Fixed an issue where Sappers would repair any item as default action
  • Fixed an issue where Comet pathing type was not set to heavy crush
  • Fixed an issue where Sturmtiger pathing type was not set to heavy crush
  • Jagdtiger range reduced to 70 as intended (was still set to 80)
  • Fixed an issue where the Priest was firing extra shells
  • Reduced timing on Panzer Authorization upgrade from 45 to 15, as originally intended
  • Reverted changes to Panzerfusilier weapon upgrade requirements, that were allowing for mixed G43 and Panzershrecked squads

Source: https://community.companyofheroes.com/discussion/comment/286302#Comment_286302
13 Nov 2019, 13:40 PM
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Hotfix Patch - September 24th 2019

Size: ~34.1MB

  • Fixed issue with Company of Heroes Campaign Mission 8 where the Tiger would not spawn or would spawn decrewed.

Source: https://community.companyofheroes.com/discussion/comment/286302#Comment_286302
13 Nov 2019, 13:42 PM
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Hotfix Patch - September 25th 2019

Size: ~10.9MB


  • Fixed issue where falls were receiving first strike bonus at Veterancy 2 as opposed to Veterancy 5
  • Cost increased to 340 from 320
  • Falls veterancy requirements increased to: 750/1500/3000/3900/5010

Valiant Assault
  • Troops will no longer sprint when in combat (This change will also apply to For Mother Russia in the next mini patch)


  • Resolved bug with UKF Command Vehicle abandon.
  • Fixed issue with Scavenge Doctrine thorough salvage
  • Jagdtiger will now only require Panzer Authorization as originally intended
  • Resolved Command Panther requirements conflict, unit can now be called in
  • Terror Officer will now receive shared veterancy as intended
  • Fixed hotkey conflict issues with Panzergrenadiers
  • 250 half-tracks should now have hold fire ability

Source: https://community.companyofheroes.com/discussion/comment/286479#Comment_286479
13 Nov 2019, 13:44 PM
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Tourney Map Update and Balance Tuning Update - October 8th 2019

Size: ~xMB

Tourney Maps

The following maps have been improved for the 1v1 World Championship 2019 tourney. Originally, these maps were supposed to be included as part of large and exciting community mapping update coming later this month. A big thanks to all involved in getting these maps ready for the tourney!

  • Nexus – Major rework by Whiteflash with input from A_E to make this map ready for tournament level play.
  • Langreskaya – Major rework by Wuff with input from Sturmpanther to improve this map for tournament level play.
  • Kholodny Ferma Summer – Rework by Whiteflash and Sturmpanther to improve this map for tournament level play.
  • Faymonville Approach – Major rework by Rosbone and Sturmpanther with input from A_E to improve this map for tournament level play.



Sturm Offizer
  • Decreased target size from 0.91 o 0.8
  • In turn, reduced Vet 4 received accuracy bonus from 29% to 20%

Flak HT
  • Suppression increased from 0.15 to 0.2


The following changes have been made to moderately reduce USF's overly manpower efficient early game, while allowing for slightly faster officer deployment, but with a small delay to M20 and Stuart timings.

Lieutenant and Captain
  • Both officers now cost 250 MP. Previously cost 200 MP.
  • Build time reduced from 70 seconds to 55 seconds

Platoon Command Post Upgrade
  • Research time from 25 to 45 seconds

Company Command Post Upgrade
  • Research time from 25 to 35 seconds (intentionally 10 seconds less than platoon, as AAHT timing is not problematic).

M20 Utility Car

The M20 has repeatedly been reported as a problem unit by top players, particularly in 1v1. The Bazooka has been removed, as it was seen to make the m20 too difficult to counter, given it already has mines, high speed, smoke, and potential Lieutenant bazooka support in its favour.
  • Build time increased by 10 seconds (M20 will now arrive 20 seconds slower when taking the above tech changes into account)
  • Crew no longer has a bazooka.

  • Vet requirements increased from 2720/5440/10880 to 3090/6180/12360 (same as Tiger Tank)

Riflemen Mines
  • Riflemen mines are now only planted by three of the five squad members, making them plant 25% slower.

50 Cal Machine Gun
  • Added 10 seconds to build time as compensation for a quicker lieutenant tier.


  • Cost from 280 to 270
  • Vet 3 accuracy bonus increased from 20% to 25%

  • Fuel cost reduced from 185 to 175
  • Hull MG accuracy increased to 0.7/0.55/0.35/from 0.6/0.45/0.25/
  • Hull MG burst duration increased to 1.5/1 from 1/0.75 seconds
  • Hull MG damage increased from 4 to 5

Infiltration Commandos
  • Call in price reduced from 380 to 320

  • Rotation speed increased from 60 to 80 degrees per second


  • m5 Halftrack (all variants) now have 14 hold spaces
  • Mobilize reserves now costs 20 fuel as intended. Was previously 25
  • Fixed OKW thorough salvage
  • Stormtrooper Panzershreck reduced to 60 muni as intended. Was previously 75.

Source: https://community.companyofheroes.com/discussion/comment/286577#Comment_286577
13 Nov 2019, 13:48 PM
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Hotfix - October 8th 2019

Size: ~33.9MB

  • Bugfix for broken minimap on Kholodny Ferma

Update - The wrong version of this map is currently live. This map will not be used for the first round of the tournament.

Source: https://community.companyofheroes.com/discussion/comment/286580#Comment_286580
13 Nov 2019, 13:52 PM
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Mini Map update - October 23th 2019

Size: ~xMB

  • New version of Kholodny Ferma now live
  • Minor bug fix to Nexus

Source: https://community.companyofheroes.com/discussion/comment/286705#Comment_286705
13 Nov 2019, 13:56 PM
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Major Community Map Update - November 1st 2019

Size: ~417MB

Attention Troops!

We’ve just released a fantastic community map update! Time to rethink your Vetos! Enormous credit must go out to the dedicated Community members that made this happen.

So what’s all the fuss about? 4 new maps have been added to the game and 34 maps have gotten a rework! Besides that, 3 Maps will be leaving the automatch pool. While there is a tone of great content in this update for everyone, 3v3 and 4v4 players will be especially pleased. Much of the work in this update was designed to benefit those modes.

This update was spearheaded and organized by Sturmpanther and Rosbone, who have had a major hand in a significant number of the changes listed below. For them, this is the culmination of months of hard work. A massive thanks is in order.

Mapmakers Whiteflash, Spanky, Siphon X and Wuff have also made contributions by lending their time and skills to this patch. Big props to these fellas too!

Last but not least, a big thanks goes out to Sander93, Aerafield, and A_E, who have all lent creative input and given great feedback throughout the process.

Other players have also given their feedback on individual maps during the process, so a final thanks to them as well.

Without further ado, the changes!


  • 1v1 - Bayeux – Created by Spanky
  • 1v1 - Novgorod Outskirts – Created by Rosbone
  • 3v3 and 4v4 – Whiteball Express – Created by Rosbone, Sturmpanther, and Sander93
  • 4v4 – Road to Arnhem – Created by Rosbone, Sturmpanther, and Sander93


  • Westwall

  • Ponary Forest
  • Bialystok Market


  • Nexus – Major rework by Whiteflash with input from A_E to make this map ready for tournament level play (Already updated in recent mini patch)
  • Langreskaya – Major rework by Wuff with input from Sturmpanther to improve this map for tournament level play (Already updated in recent mini patch)
  • Kholodny Ferma Summer – Rework by Whiteflash and Sturmpanther to improve this map for tournament level play (Already updated in recent mini patch)
  • Faymonville Approach – Major rework by Rosbone and Sturmpanther with input from A_E to improve this map for tournament level play (Already updated in recent mini patch)
  • Angoville – Major rework by Rosbone and Sturmpanther
  • Crossing in the Woods – Rework by Rosbone and Sturmpanther
  • Arnhem Checkpoint – Major rework by Rosbone and Sturmpanther

  • Fields of Winnekendonk – Rework by Siphon X.
  • Eindhoven Country – Rework by Rosbone and Sturmpanther
  • Alliance of Defiance – Rework by Whiteflash
  • Crossing in the Woods – Rework by Rosbone and Sturmpanther

  • Across the Rhein – Rework by Rosbone and Sturmpanther
  • Angermunde – Rework by Rosbone and Sturmpanther
  • Essen Steelwork – Major rework by Rosbone and Sturmpanther
  • Ettelbruck Station – Major rework by Rosbone and Sturmpanther
  • Fields of Winnekendonk – Rework by Siphon X.
  • General Mud – Major rework by Rosbone and Sturmpanther (dedicated 3v3 version created)
  • Hill 400 – Rework by Rosbone and Sturmpanther (dedicated 3v3 version created)
  • Lienne Forest – Major rework by Rosbone and Sturmpanther
  • Oka River – Major rework by Rosbone and Sturmpanther
  • Port of Hamburg – Major rework by Rosbone and Sturmpanther
  • Rhzev Winter – Rework by Rosone and Sturmpanther
  • Redball Express – Major rework by Rosbone and Sturmpanther
  • Steppes – Rework by Rosbone and Sturmpanther

  • City 17 – Rework by Rosbone and Sturmpanther
  • Essen Steelworks – Major rework by Rosbone and Sturmpanther (same version as 3v3)
  • General Mud – Major rework by Rosbone and Sturmpanther
  • Hill 400 – Rework by Rosbone and Sturmpanther
  • Lazeranth Ambush – Major rework by Rosbone and Sturmpanther
  • Lienne Forest – Major rework by Rosbone and Sturmpanther (same version as 3v3)
  • Lorch Assault – Rework by Rosbone and Sturmpanther
  • Port of Hamburg – Major rework by Rosbone and Sturmpanther
  • Redball Express – Rework by Rosbone and Sturmpanther (same as 3v3 version)
  • Steppe – Rework by Rosbone and Sturmpanther (Same as 3v3 version)

Source: https://www.companyofheroes.com/blog/2019/11/01/major-community-map-update
5 Dec 2019, 16:41 PM
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Christmas (Sort of) Mini Community Map Update - December 4th 2019

Size: ~141.8MB

Snow is falling... all around us.... Soviets slayyying.... having fun! Tis the season.... war and much comandinnnng, merry Christmas... everyone!

Awesome community members strike again! This time, map maestro MononlithicBacon brings us a brand new winter (AKA Christmas) 4v4 Map called Nordwind, for all to enjoy!

Not only that, but intrepid mappers Rosbone and Sturmpanther have been busy bug fixing and balancing various maps from the November update. You can see the full list of changes below.

MonolithicBacon's new map has been specifically designed with no deep snow, and limited snow FX, so that performance will be much better for all players compared to other winter maps.

Here are a couple of screenshots to whet your appetites.


New Map
  • Nordwind - 4v4 Map by MonolithicBacon. Credit to Sturmpanther, Sander93, and Redt3rror for their input throughout the process.

Map fixes and Balancing (By Rosbone and Sturmpanther)

  • Arnheim Checkpoint - Updated to correct version.
  • Crossing in the Woods - Balance changes and correct minimaps restored
  • Novogrod Outskirsts - Fixed winter skins for units

  • Crossing in the Woods - Balance changes and correct minimaps restored
  • Fields of Winnekendonk - Bug fixed, returns to automatch

  • Angermude - Small bugfix
  • General Mud - Updated so that 3v3 version has fixed spawns
  • Fields of Winnekendonk - Bug fixed, returns to automatch

  • Road to Arnheim - Middle area balance adjustments
  • Hill 400 - Bug fixed, returns to automatch

Source: https://community.companyofheroes.com/discussion/comment/287038#Comment_287038
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