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$1000 1v1 Tourney Official Rules

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27 Nov 2014, 13:57 PM
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$1000 COH2.ORG 1v1 Tourney Official Rules

Getting Ready




Tournaments are open to everyone. Players are asked to register in the Sign-ups Thread with this info:
  • Steam Alias
  • Steam ID#
Sign-ups are taken on a first come, first serve basis. The first 128 sign-ups have secured spots. Additional players will be placed on a waiting list. You can check the progress of our Registration Spreadsheet on GoogleDocs.


Saturday, December 13th, 2014
  • 1500h - 1545h GMT: Check-in Period
  • 1600h GMT: Round 1 (128) Best-of-1
  • 1700h GMT: Round 2 (64) Best-of-3
  • 1830h GMT: Round 3 (32) Best-of-3
  • 2000h GMT: Round 4 (16) Best-of-3

Sunday, December 14th, 2014
  • 1700h GMT: Round 5 (Quarter-Finals) Best-of-3
  • 1900h GMT: Round 6 (Semi-Finals) Best-of-5

Monday, December 15th, 2014
  • 1700h GMT: Round 7 (Third Place Game) Best-of-5
  • 2000h GMT: Round 7 (Grand Finals) Best-of-5

Checking-in on Tournament Day

On tournament day, all players (confirmed and waitlisted) will have to check in.
How to check in:
After the check-in period, we'll make the brackets on Challonge. Once you find your opponent, you can make your match thread and start your games.


Prizes will be awarded via PayPal to the top 3 places.
  • First Place: $600
  • Second Place: $250
  • Third Place: $150
Sponsored by Dr. Wachs Rechtsanwälte


Livestreaming your games on Saturday is allowed and encouraged. Livestreaming on Sunday and Monday is forbidden. Those games (Quarter-Finals and beyond) will be broadcasted by shoutcasters via Obsmode. A Referee will contact you with a password that you should use when you are setting your Obsmode options before the games. A broadcast schedule will be released in the days leading up to the tournament.

Game on!

Name convention

Players' in-game names must match the Steam names that they used in their registration post. Smurfing and swapping accounts is strictly forbidden.

Game setup

  • Starting Resources: Standard Resources
  • Starting Locations: Fixed Locations
    • Allies play in the lower slots (1-2), Axis play in the higher slots (3-4) with one exception (see below)
    • On Langreskaya Summer, we will play in Reversed Positions, with Axis in the lower slots (1-2) and Allies in the higher slots (3-4)
    • Players may choose between the two slots assigned to their faction
  • Win Condition: Victory Point
  • Victory Points: 500 Victory Points

Commanders & Bulletins

All commanders are allowed with the exception of the two banned commanders listed below. No bulletins are allowed.
  • Banned Commanders: Elite Troops, Rifle Company
  • Banned Bulletins: All of them. Bulletins are not allowed

Faction Picking

Rounds will alternate between "Top Player Allies First" and "Top Player Axis First," which will be printed under the round names on the Challonge Bracket. "Top Player" refers to the player on the top of each bracket for that round. The picking process is as follows:
  • Game 1: Axis Player declares his Army first, then Allies Player declares his Army.
  • Game 2: Axis Player declares his Army first, then Allies Player declares his Army.
  • Game 3 (if necessary):
    • VP Leader from first two games declares whether he will play Axis or Allies.
    • VP Loser from first two games declares which Army he will play from his side.
    • VP Leader declares which Army he will play from his side.
The VP Leader has earned the right to counter-pick his opponent.


The default starting positions for all maps are Allies in 1&2 and Axis in 3&4. For Langreskaya Summer, we are reversing the starting positions to Allies in 3&4 and Axis in 1&2, in hopes for better, more-balanced games.
  • Round 1 (Best-of-1): Crossing in the Woods
  • Round 2 (Best-of-3): Kholodny Ferma Summer
  • Round 3 (Best-of-3): Faymonville Approach
  • Round 4 (Best-of-3): Langreskaya Summer Reversed (Allies 3&4 and Axis 1&2)
  • Round 5 (Best-of-3): Semoskiy Summer
  • Round 6 (Best-of-5): by veto
  • Round 7 (Best-of-5): by veto

Veto System for Semi-Finals, Third Place Game, and Grand Finals

The players take turns and veto maps that they don't want to play. The map pool will be reduced from 5 maps down to the 3 maps that will be played.

Before the match begins:
  • Top Player player vetoes first map.
  • Bottom Player vetoes second map.
  • Top Player vetoes third map. This map will be played in Game 5 if necessary.
  • Bottom Player vetoes fourth map. This map will be played in Games 3 and 4.
  • The remaining map will be played in Games 1 and 2.
Map Pool:
  • Crossing in the Woods
  • Kholodny Ferma Summer
  • Faymonville Approach
  • Langreskaya Summer Reversed
  • Semoskiy Summer

Faction Swapping and Ace Game Faction Choice

Best-of-1 matches: Mirror matches are allowed in the Best-of-1 series. This is to allow every player to play with his or her favorite Army. Starting positions can be worked out by the players, or "random" (Fixed Positions not ticked) can be used if no amicable solution can be reached.

Best-of-3 and Best-of-5 matches: These matches will be played in the traditional fashion where each player plays each faction (Axis or Allies) one time, then switches for the next game.

Best-of-3 match, after a 1-1 tie: In Best-of-3 matches, if there is a tie after 2 games are played, the VP leader gets to chose faction for the 3rd, and last, game. Remember to write down the VP standing after each of the first two games! It's a good idea to screenshot the endgame screen showing the VPs after each game.

The losing player will have zero VPs left. If a player is annihilated, their VPs are considered "drained to zero". The VP leader can be found by comparing who had more VPs left in the game that they won. If it comes down to the third game, it is up to each individual player to calculate who is ahead on VPs and therefore gets to choose their faction. If you agree to go ahead with the third game, you cannot change your mind after the game has been played.

Best-of-5 match, after a 2-2 tie: A similar system is used in the "ace game" of a Best-of-5. Faction choice still goes to the VP leader. The VP leader is calculated from the VP totals of the first four games.

Reporting & Adjudications

Result Submission

Save all Replays: All players must save every game played, even when losing. Only one player has to submit the replays, but the referees may ask for the other player's replay for any reason.

Posting the Results: Make a match-thread in the Tournament Forum after the brackets have been released. The threads have to be named like this: "R1: PlayerA vs. PlayerB." Use this topic to get in touch with your opponents and the referees. After your games have been played, post the result of your series in the same thread. Include the score, the winner, and provide the replay of the game(s).

Uploading the Replays and linking them in the thread: Once the match is over, one player must upload the replay(s) to our REPLAYS system on COH2.ORG. Give them appropriate names (it's always a good idea to say what Round & Game they're from). Once a game is uploaded, look at the URL in your browser. Example:


The number "6067" is the thread ID of the replay. You can use this number to "embed" the replay in a post, like this:


Once your victory has been confirmed, a Referee will put you through to the next round on the brackets.


If any problem occurs that isn't covered in the rules, the tournament Referees will have the final decision and all players must abide by their decision.

Fair play: We expect sportsmanlike conduct between players. Verbal harassment in any form between players or directed at Referees is not tolerated and will result in immediate disqualification from this and future COH2.ORG events. Use common sense.

Late arrivals: Please note that despite the best intentions of everyone involved, tournaments can sometimes take longer than expected. Therefore, we ask that players be available for the potential duration of the tournament and that they be patient. Players who do not check-in during the Check-in Period will be disqualified. Players who are more than 10 minutes late for their R1 match will be disqualified.

Exploits and bug abuse: Any player caught using an exploit or bug abusing will be immediately disqualified from the tournament. If you suspect your opponent used an exploit or abused a bug, please contact a referee before you start your next game.

Incorrect Settings or Server Crash: In the event that matches aren't played with the correct game settings, the server goes down, or a game drops for both players, the game will have to be replayed.

Connection issues: In the event that you absolutely cannot connect to your opponent due to NAT failures or other problems, the Referees may decide to shuffle you around in the brackets to try to find someone you can connect to. In the worst case scenario, if you cannot connect to any opponent after several attempts, you may be kicked from the tournament.

Cheating: We take intentional dropping/cheating very seriously. Any player caught doing either will be immediately disqualified from the tournament and barred from future COH2.ORG tournaments.

Unforeseen events: In the event of a drop, or any other problem, both players should take manual screenshots and save the replay. It is your job to provide us all the necessary information, and if you can't provide it, we will not be able to help you.

One minute allowance: If a player drops from the game before 1 minute for any reason, the game has to be restarted. There is a 1 minute allowance to make sure you all don't have a really bad connection to each other. In the event of this, restart your game and try again.

Late disconnection: If the game crashes after the one minute allowance, we are asking both teams to be as fair as possible regarding the situation and try to discuss and agree on the best solution for all. However, as previously stated, the final decision will rest with the tournament referees.

Questions and Answers

Ask questions about the rules in the Q&A Thread. They will be answered by an Admin or Referee.
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