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26 Jul 2014, 03:38 AM
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I really like the trending section, but I wish their was a way to add a comment on them. ( example: from Steam, thanks Helpinghans.)I think this ability would be really cool to simple chat over pictures like steam. (example Ohme in this picture goes "I'm too blocky for my model, so blocky it hurts." Some dude says "i have the problem too what do i do" and Trialblob says "its because of this this and this" and everyone is happy.) you would simply click the picture to make it large and the comment scetion would rollover to the right side.

Please do you magic, jane, seb.

This is all just an example of what could be added in trending :/
26 Jul 2014, 03:40 AM
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30 Jul 2014, 22:59 PM
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We considered making TRENDING comment-able when we designed the feature, but decided against it. TRENDING items are meant to be a quick bite of this or that, not a thread. If whatever item is important enough, like when Relic launched their two new WFA trailers, they got their own threads in the forums and there were pages of comments. We're fine with it working that way.

I agree with you, sometimes I want to comment on them. But never enough to want to change the design of how they look.
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