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4 Feb 2014, 16:48 PM
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For anyone that has read my super long post about my goals for the clan you'll know that I'm hoping we can build a group that sticks together over multiple different game titles. While we all play and love CoH2 plenty of us enjoy other games as well. I've thought about making this post for a while but some talk in clan chat the other day finally motivated me to do it. Basically I just want to give everyone a chance to list some other games that they play so that we can all have a better idea of what everyone likes and open up more opportunities to play together. (PS - it was really cool seeing a bunch of you guys playing Civ 5 together the other day too).

Anyways, I'll just get started by naming a few other games I've enjoyed recently:

1 - Age of Empires 3 - AoE 3 is probably my favorite RTS of all time, there are just so many things I love about the game. I played a bit with Milka/Wifi a couple weeks back when his video card was shot and had a great time. Unless I'm practicing CoH 2, I'm probably in the mood for AoE 3.

2 - DoTA 2 - I have been playing the DOTA "series" for as long as I can remember. I've always enjoyed the games and that is no different when it comes to DoTA 2. I personally think that it is the best MOBA on the market at the moment and frequently play it with a group of RL friends. Anyone is more than welcome to join us.

3 - Hearthstone - I'm a long time fan of TCGs/CCGs so it only made sense that I'd give Hearthstone a try. I don't like it as much as MTG/L5R but it is fun/enjoyable in its own right. It is in open beta now and is a great way to burn small amounts of free time since each match usually doesn't last too long.

Other games I'd consider playing again:
Civ 5, Diablo 3, Path of Exile, Age of Empires 2.
4 Feb 2014, 17:19 PM
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DotA 2
Red Orchestra 2 / Rising Storm
Europa Universalis IV
Shogun 2 / Rome 2
Borderlands 2
Natural Selection 2

Yea, that's basically it D:
4 Feb 2014, 17:20 PM
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Games I would most likely want to play other then coh2:
Civ5, sins of a solar empire, hearthstone
Other games I own that I might play:
AoE 3 vanilla, AoE 2, CS:go, TF 2, Natural Selection, and WIC
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