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How was your free weekend?

22 Jan 2014, 08:17 AM
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uninstalled and no plans to play it again
22 Jan 2014, 08:24 AM
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^ Such a shame. :)

Sadly I wasn't that much able to play. So it was mostly few games and getting some easy levels. I managed to sell the game to one of my friend.

Hope to see something like this also in future.
22 Jan 2014, 09:06 AM
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I enjoyed playing commanders that I have not bought. I also used the chance to gain several ranks through the extra experience, now I am nearly at 100.

What I didn't enjoy during that weekend is the quality of matches I got. I am glad when the game gets additional players, however this weekend revealed again that the game doesn't take enough measures to ensure that single players don't ruin the experience for everyone.

In a lot of cases, more than usual, enemy players were lagging the game so badly (often because of too high settings) that it was nearly impossible to play. A lot of players also just left the game at the beginning or shortly after, or they drop even during the loading screen, or they just go away so their units are not even controlled by the computer.

And then we also got to play a lot of new players whereas we had already, in comparison to them, significant experience with the game, which lead to very onesided games (which can still be very dragged out because of lag etc.).

I think some of these issues could be helped with some measures:

-obligatoric FPS test before first multiplayer game to find settings which are not too high
-allowing to change graphics settings in the middle of game if possible (what else is the warning "player x settings are too high" good for if they cannot do anything about it during this game?)
-removing players who go away in their game after some time so that at least the computer can play for them, or just let the computer control their units temporarily until they come back
-better matchmaking for more even matches (I know, this works better with a bigger playerbase...)
-allowing to kick players who lag the game because of too high settings much earlier (you have to wait ages before you get to kick those players, although their settings will obviously not get lower during the game anymore...)
22 Jan 2014, 09:26 AM
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To be honest, with the way you're doing MP DLC, just make the MP free to play, but stop it with the overpowered DLC commanders. Make all commanders available free, but you only get fabulous commander specific skins and models if you buy the commander pack.

Going free to play would also really let you ramp up skins and skin sales, instead of unbalancing commanders.

I know that internally you probably have sessions where people are saying your money comes from these casual whales. But let's be frank here, this game cost millions to make, if you want to recoup it all and keep getting money, to free to play, balance the game, and keep selling us skins, ToW packs, and fun cosmetic changes.
22 Jan 2014, 15:47 PM
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I think I enjoyed the fact that there was an event. There's still a few balance issues for both faction but having events can really bring more people online to play. I'm sure you guys can come up with events that aren't just extra xp and access to commanders then your defiantly have more people wanting to take part.
24 Jan 2014, 04:47 AM
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Got to try out Ostuppen and AssGrens to see what they are like, may buy them as they've some interesting options

Did not do much with the Sov CounterAttack as I already know the KV1 is nice from TOW.

Did not use Luftwaffe at all

I think 10x XP is too much though
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