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6 May 2023, 14:28 PM
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Hi everyone !

So here is the thing : I'm tweaking around every bit of counter-barrage option, which include the one the Panzerwerfer have (well, used to). I decreased the fire-rate and rockets count, increase accuracy, things like that.

But here the problems starts : after the first counter barrage that work perfectly, the subsequent ones are totally out of wack ! It not only fire the slower, 5 rockets barrage as it's supposed to, but seems to also fire a regular barrage at the same time.

Nothing I tried changed anything, it still stubornly fire two barrage at the same time. At this point, I have no idea where to even look for.

I remembered something similar in CoH1, where a modded Nebelwerfer would fire barrage of 5 rockets instead of 6 vanilla end up firing only one rocket on the second barrage before reloading and firing the rest of the barrage later, thus why I picked 5 as the rockets count but to no avail.

Any pointer would be appreciated, thanks in advance !
25 Aug 2023, 07:56 AM
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Alright, so I managed to fix it on my own. For some reason, the parent_weapon was firing at the same time so enabling disable_parent_weapon in the artillery_barrage action fixed it.
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