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15 Jul 2022, 22:57 PM
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I really hate the "X unit is OP, please nerf" posts. But at the moment, Scotts are waaaay too OP (specially Scotts+Pathfinder combo).

Scotts nerf could be:

- Deny the posibility to fire on the move.
- Remove smoke granade, so they cannot escape too easy.
- HP nerf, so they can be killed in 2 tank shells.
- Remove smoke shell.
- Damage nerf.
- Range nerf.

Of course, only one nerf.
17 Jul 2022, 02:04 AM
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There's a better nerf in you becoming better at the game
17 Jul 2022, 07:10 AM
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Its okay and nowhere near op. I seems op because its a bit harder kill and keeps chipping away at your inf. Usf cant imo trade as effectivly with rifles mg's or light vehicles/tanks vs inf.

This is what you get when you change/nerf the faction so much that it can only resort to a single strat/commender. The constant nagging for nerfs is what got usf to this state.

A buff elsewhere such as rifles getting smoke back so they can more easely get into fights and reduce bleed. Or the m20 gets its long range dps output back. Then scott would quickly fall out of favor.
17 Jul 2022, 08:36 AM
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ok, give us old Scott back. is that ok for u?
26 Jul 2022, 00:45 AM
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m20 is funny. It's weak af up close. If it can kite, then it's OP, so make it have to get into the instant death zone to be effective. Balanced.
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