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BUG - COH2 Sight Around Objects

14 Feb 2022, 22:11 PM
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Coh2 has a bug where many objects in the game have vision issues.

Coh2 is based on a grid of 1 meter by 1 meter squares.

When an object is placed on the map, an area is painted as IMPASS. Meaning no units can go there. Another area is painted meaning that units have NO VISION. In Coh2, these two areas do not match each other. So you have areas around objects where units have NO VISION.

In the picture below the IMPASS area is painted RED. The NO VISION area is tagged with BLUE DOTS.

You can test these bugs in the worldbuilder using the LOS tool and moving your mouse around the IMPASS grid.

You can also test these areas in game by moving a sniper around objects.



When making a map for Coh2 you need to manually paint IMPASS on the areas where units can go but have no vision. This happens on many objects fuel tanks, stone walls, etc, etc, etc.

I recently saw this bug on Port of Hamburg and then tested on Ploiesti to make sure it was the Refining Tanks causing the issue.

Would be great if this bug did not persist on Coh3.
15 Feb 2022, 11:23 AM
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well, mr nasa should fix the fuel silo. that will be g8
15 Feb 2022, 12:42 PM
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well, mr nasa should fix the fuel silo. that will be g8

This happens on all maps around all sorts of objects. Including hedge rows that are prominent on every map. And you cant fix the problem on objects that are crushable. Because they will be gone at some point in the game.

I just opened Ploiesti because I remembered the refinery tanks being on it with not much else around them. So I could quickly see it was the tanks and not something else.

When we reworked Ettlebruck, we painted a lot of impass in the middle VP section because it was a huge problem there and the objects were permanent. So I was a little annoyed with myself when watching Port of Hamburg and having an MG setup by the fuel tanks only to never shoot. Even though it is clearly no where near a sight blocker.

So you see, I dont hate Relic. I hate everyone. Including myself :loco:
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