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USF Real Echelon only viable with doctrine ?.

27 Dec 2021, 02:28 AM
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As title. Unlike orther engineer units, RE hadn't any fight power because:
- ACC is too bad even in CQC.
- Supressive fire ability is unpredicted.
- tank trap is questionable green cover. You had to make 2 and pay more time to wire than normal sandbag.
- Re's Vet. And that is a most important part:
+ Vet 1: +20% acc, Vet 2: -23% received acc, -20% weapon cooldown, vet 3: 5 mens squad.
That why RE actually work best with doctrine weapon like M1919, Flamethrower and rifle nade. Giving it BAR is a choice but BAR wouldn't give RE enough firepower until it drop all of model. Zoo RE in another hand is safe solution ...
My build for RE follow by those commander: Tactical Support, Rifle Company, Infantry/ Urban company.
- RE - RIFLE - RE - MORTAR > Officer.

+ This army should give you enough fire power - flexible manpower bleed to fight against WeH 2 MG openning, OKW kubel spam. If not then run away. 20 mp per model is really cheap compare to 28 mp for rifle. During this state, mortar barrage is your fire power source. I know USF mortar is trash but it is tier 0 so why not use it ?.
+ Depend on how your team handle Ammu point. If thing gone wrong then Capt is the best solution.

After First Officer to Mid game:
- Ambu - Rifle/tech up - M20/second Officer - Weapon support - Troop replacement.

+ At this time, I would pick Commander depend on map, too open ? > something with M1919, map with shotblocker and Shock value > Flamer RE, Cover to Cover map ? > Urban .
+ Bringing ambu to the field is always approved. Every enemies model drop is a win especially against Flamer RE. You better master Flamer move trick.
+ Thanks to crews, RE is free from repair duty. That why I recommend Go 2 or 3 RE ( 1 for minesweeper ). If you dont care about lose 40 mp for 1 mine then use RE as a minesweeper himself. Always make tank trap, RE love green cover more than anyone. 2 Re with Flamer could 2 Shot K.O a squad, like I said, 20 mp is cheap.
+ Rifleman, Officers become supportive fire and flanking unit as it intented. I am not a fan of the horde rifleman charging in muti front at all because it always stressful and big mp paytax if you fail.
+ M20 is the most important unit, It give you intel, where is enemies MG location, view for accuracy mortar barrage and MIGHT M6 mines. Keep it live to whole game is a key of my build.

13 MINUTES MARK TO LATE GAME: LIKE VERY BORING USF, go m36 and calliOP/ m7 priest or git gud.

honestly I am the only guy go with Ez8 in 2v2, i guess.

Also BAR RE is bad since:
- RE still lose at long range.
- RE still cant trade properly in mid/ close range.
- RE is terrible fire on the move.
Every idea is welcome beside cherry pick comment.
27 Dec 2021, 03:01 AM
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RE are designed for weapon upgrades and recrewing and supporting role. Even the game text states that
27 Dec 2021, 03:11 AM
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Yep, I feel that would no benifit USF theme. Even the campaign took part in the battle of Bulge, RE unit was on the frontline in the first stage of battle. They fought well indeed.
RE is a kind of harden troop, not pure enginner through
18 Jan 2022, 05:23 AM
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RE are indeed a terrible combat unit. The problem is, a terrible combat unit shouldn't be 200 mp. There are so many garbage-teir units that cost way too much with USF.
14 Feb 2022, 20:05 PM
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jump backJump back to quoted post18 Jan 2022, 05:23 AMCODGUY
RE are indeed a terrible combat unit. The problem is, a terrible combat unit shouldn't be 200 mp. There are so many garbage-teir units that cost way too much with USF.

Rear Echelon used to cost I believe 150 or 160 MP back in the day. The issue is that the unit got spammed and it was common to see them spammed.

Making it cheaper is not really an option since it would bring back RE spam which no one wants.

A better solution would be to make RE cost 300 MP but start with 5 man initially instead of 4 and would instead get a reduction to reinforcement cost with Vet 3.

This would help with MP bleed mid to late game once they get to Vet 3 while not overshadowing or Replacing Rifleman as they would still be worse and be a better support unit. Especially as Bazooka holders which would normally bleed your MP pretty hard due to how expensive it is to reinforce Rear Echelon.
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