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General Strategies That Can Be Applied for Every Player

28 Feb 2021, 13:24 PM
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  • Don't do engagements where you are outnumbered. If there are 2 Riflemen and you have 1 Volksgrenadier, do not engage them. Instead, look for a different engagement: sometimes you will see your teammate (or yourself) has another Volksgrenadier engaging 1 Rifleman, help him out to get the 2v1. Force Rifleman to retreat, then 2v2 the other Riflemen.
  • Don't do engagements where you are outgunned. For example don't fight a sturmpioneer with a conscript and don't fight a pioneer with a combat engineer at close range.
  • Its all about forcing enemy to retreat. This gives you map control. So if you see a sniper, put some damage on it so that it needs to fall back. If you outnumber a unit, a lot of players just retreat them. The more you can make your enemies retreat the more map control you will have
  • Stick to your lane, in mp games. Do not sacrifice your lane or keep off the pressure on your lane just so you can help your teammates. This almost never works out because you are giving the enemy free resources and then allowing flanks. Generally the only units you should be sending around the map are vehicles because they are fast. Either that, or you will help your teammates at mid. The reason why keeping your lane is so important is also because ignoring a lane creates holes in your frontline susceptible to retreat-wiping flanks.
  • Do not focus on Victory Points early game. If you focus on the resource points, you will eventually be able to get the VPs by mid game due to winning engagements from munitions and light vehicles.
  • Rush light vehicles. Although against some builds (like Puma builds) it is not as effective, it definitely punishes other kinds of builds such as MG42 + PG builds, AG builds, Infantry Section builds. Another benefit is they might need to make an AT unit instead of another infantry unit. And of course the final benefit is inflicting MP loss in return for repair costs.
  • Control mid = gg. Controlling mid in any gamemode is very important because it allows you to place a Pak and MG in it to lock down a huge part of the map, next to their cutoffs. This allows you to pivot your units to flank or capture either fuels or harass their cutoffs. Mid is also difficult to flank as it is usually close to your base. Placing a recon unit like a 222 especially with spotting scopes can secure you a very gg.
  • Watch replays of every one of your matches. Why is that some players have thousands of hours of gameplay yet they can't beat other players with ~750 hours of gameplay? Because quality over quantity. One reason is because in CoH2, micro can only get you so far (which in general is improved by hours of play). Players with thousands of hours of gameplay probably know how to min-max units, know how each unit performs at what range, has a good game sense, but they may lack strategy. For example, they may have tunnel vision and attack heavily defended positions with no smoke or flanks. They may not know about their flaws, nor do they improve. This is because they don't spend the time to watch their own replays to develop strategies. For example, a player with 2000 hours of gameplay may not understand that having a pioneer next to a MG42 is advantageous because this is strategy not micro. I think you can develop strategy only by thinking and observing your plays, other players, and replays. On the other hand, quantity of games may just improve your reflexes, micro capabilities, understanding of units. This is good, but not enough. A player with 5000 hours of gameplay may not know that it is advantageous to hold mid strategically, or to avoid certain engagements to avoid manpower bleed. He may not think that it may be strategic to slow down and stay put instead of attacking until the right army composition is achieved.

15 Apr 2021, 00:18 AM
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Great info, thanks!
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