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1v1 OKW vs Sov

25 Jun 2020, 20:59 PM
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I usually have a hard time against Soviets as OKW in any game mode, this being an example. I thought I had the upper hand until he destroyed my panther. Any tips?
6 Sep 2020, 07:20 AM
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Watched it from your perspective, fog of war on, etc.

Some points:

1:20 - Fuel not in supply

(Victory Points not secured)

4:30 - Bad positioning with Volks against penals. Trade space for unit preservation.

5:23 - Happened again

5:45 - Finally secured two VP's

6:20 - Saw the flank good retreat

6:50 - Bad engagement against Penals in red cover.

8:16 - Good engagements.

8:49 - First MG built. (A bit late, imo)

9:49 - T70 supported by 3 Penals

10:35 - T70 against lone Fusilers (non upgraded)

11:55 - Good engagement, should've pushed the Rak gun up under MG 34 Cover, might've shot the T70.

12:22 - Now that opponent knows where the MG34 is, does an obvious double prong flank to force MG34 off.

13:03 - Should've just retreated your AT fusilers against the shock troops instead of trying to garrison.

13:46 - STG Volks engaging in red cover against penals, forced retreat but bled you heavy.

14:30 - Lost first Volks, overextended near enemy base.

15:10 - Good use of AT Fusilers to push off T70.

15:30 - One of my favorite moves if I can pull it off. Vanilla Obers going behind cover, shocks come up as Obers surprise upgrade STG's, put a hurting on them across red cover.

16:53 - 2nd Volks gone, caught too far forward again.

17:50 - Got shocks, but lost your MG 34.

18:00 - No MG, Soviets have all 3 VP's, and your fuel is out of supply.

19:30 - Double shocks will make you bleed heavy. Pick and choose where you engage them.

21:00 - Panther has shown up, you're trying to blow it up, but a T70 is a bit too agile and ringing around the rosy with you. Because of the intensity of this micro, you have units not doing anything right now. You should have your AT fusilers with your panther.

23:08 - Double AT Penals show up, you know they are out there and going to be hunting for your Panther

23:45 - Took out T70, good work.

25:27 - No fuel in supply, that's your lifeblood.

26:07 - Poor microing with Panther, if you are away microing something else, have your tank pointed where the threat is coming from.

27:36 - Still no fuel income, and you're pushing too far forward. Secure your supply first.

28:24 - Great gamble with the deep dive panther, got the heavy tank. You tried backing directly up, which means:

29:06 - AT Penals got your tank, and they really shouldn't have. If your infantry blob came up 10 seconds sooner, you would've saved your Panther. If you had retreated your Panther to an obvious safe area then back to your base, it would've have run into the double AT Penal squads.

Some key points:

1.) Pushing too far forward with depleted infantry is a bad idea.

2.) Support your panther tank. It needs it.

3.) Secure your VP points and keep your fuel in supply.

4.) Would've used at least one more Pz Fusiler with G43, which will each Penals for breakfast.

5.) Don't push too far forward with your Shreck Fusilers. That's not what they are for, they are not Penals.
15 Sep 2020, 19:46 PM
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At 9:45 you put one of your squads into a small shack with only one window facing the enemy. This means that only one of your models if actually doing damage, making your DPS way lower for that unit.
15 Sep 2020, 20:00 PM
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Also, why did you surrender after you lost your panther? If you look at the end game stats you had a much higher army value. That could have been anyone's game.

I've seen many a game where I was getting trounced but through careful defensive play I was able to bleed out my opponent and take the win.
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