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(4) Highway to Baku

27 Apr 2020, 11:51 AM
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Please help test my new 2v2 map. There is a new map patch coming up and maybe if people give enough constructive feedback it could be added to automatch. The map is in a very early stage at the moment, no actual player vs player tests have been done so don't expect a polished map.

It's set in the Caucasus and features a battle over a big, mostly destroyed highway (no red cover) leading to the oil fields in Baku. (fictional). It's split into a north/south segment by a river (not blocking movement but gives red cover)

The map is designed for mostly long-range combat in the middle and along the highway with some pockets of closer range combat on the sides. I made it so that teamplay is encouraged instead of two 1v1s, all the main battle areas (fuels and VPs) are contestable and not far away from each other. No strong cut-offs because of that. Also few garrisons and the ones that are in the map are mainly designed for the use of infiltration units.

Access and sight towards the middle VP is broken up by two bridge walls. It's still very spacious but should make it harder to just camp with Elefant and ISU and shoot across the map in the late game as these bridge walls are designed to last the entire game. This does allow to place a forward HQ pretty far forward but at the same time also allows indirect fire and rocket artillery against it from the other players perspective.

28 Apr 2020, 03:56 AM
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Good map, had great fun playing it. Highly recommend people play it.
29 Apr 2020, 10:24 AM
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V 0.2 Update

- Yellow cover spline added on the edges of the highway as suggested by NBTATER and Farlion

- Yellow cover objects added as suggested by YoungRutra

- Destructible sight-blocker turned into indestructible one so it remains during the game and another sight blocker added as suggested by Lipton

- River reworked to have less red cover in total and look more natural

- Visual effects added for FPS testing

- Optical improvements, slightly more details

- moved muni points slightly towards the middle as suggested by YoungRutra

- Base defences slightly reworked as suggested by Silvercat18

- Territory layout visually improved and changed fuel cut-off lay-out

3 May 2020, 09:46 AM
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V 0.3

- improved pathfinding and directional cover (green cover for player coming out of base) in north-east corner as suggested by Stormjäger

- general pathfinding improvements

- added sight blocker on highway in north and south to help with flanking (suggested by several people)

- added/changed sight blockers on base exits (suggested by Toyvendor)

- visual changes

22 May 2020, 10:13 AM
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Map has been further improved visually. New loading screen and improved mini map thanks to help by Rosbone.

Needs more testing.
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